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Fic Search BtVS/Highlander Crossover 
18th-Mar-2012 08:05 pm
I've been looking for this fic on and off for quite a while. I've seen searches for similar fics, but not this one. I know it was Spike/Xander, and there were a lot of other pairings. It's a Highlander/BtVS crossover set in Sunnydale.

I'm almost positive I read it before 2009. I didn't know much about Highlander at the time, and I remember I had to look up Richie's picture to see who he was. This fic got me into reading Highlander.

What I'm fairly certain of:
-Richie and Methos are in the fic, and I remember a scene where Richie has sex with someone in a room at the mansion (showersex?) - I'm thinking another male character.
-Xander is just learning he's immortal.
-Angel not only gives Xander a really cool and old sword, but he helps Xander learn how to use it.
-The AtS/BtVS and Highlander crews stay at the mansion in Sunnydale while Xander trains and they figure out what to do about a major plot point.
-It's pretty long.

What I might be mixing up with other fics:
-Methos and Spike meeting up for a one night stand (may have known each other before), and having sex in Spike's crypt. I'm pretty sure there's another fic where Methos and Spike have a quickie, but it seems to me that the fic I'm currently searching for had this as the beginning/opening scene.
-The opening scene may also be Richie killing another immortal, but the Methos/Spike bit would be pretty close to the beginning too.

I really don't think it's Immortal Convergence by Kay, and that's usually what the fic searches result in.

The characterization was good in this fic, and I really liked the way the author wrote Spike and Xander's relationship/interactions.

I'd really like to find out what this fic is even if it's no longer online. It would be great to re-read, but just knowing what it was would be cool, and I might even have it on an old HDD, so a title and author would be a big help.

19th-Mar-2012 04:20 am (UTC)
I've been looking for that fic (Angel trains immortal Xander) for a few years, but I think it's Xangel, not Spander. And it's not Xanfan's White Knight, White Light (which is Xangel with a bunch of different pairings). I haven't seen it in a long time, and I keep getting the idea that Xanzpet wrote it and then yanked it offline.

The one that starts with Methos/Spike and ends up Spander is probably Kiristeen's series Things
19th-Mar-2012 05:43 pm (UTC)
Hmmm... I really thought it was Spander -- I thought that Xander was still grumbling about Deadboy, having a relationship with Spike, but then surprised by Angel giving him the sword and helping.

I've never read a whole lot of Angel/Xander, but I could be wrong, especially since it was years ago.

Thank you for suggesting Kiristeen's series! I lost that one as well!

***If it's okay with the mod, I'd like to leave this up a bit longer in case someone else remembers this fic and it turns out to be Spander, but I'll take my post down per the comm rules in either a couple of days or if the mod asks for it to be taken down now, no problem :)
19th-Mar-2012 07:22 pm (UTC)
Okay, I feel rather silly right about now. I checked out the link you gave for Kiristeen's fic, and it's the fic I was looking for! Thank you SO VERY much!!

The quickie Methos/Spike fic I was referring to in the original post was a PWP, and I thought you meant Kiristeen's was that PWP, which was cool since I lost that one too, but when I went there, the word count was a bit longer than a PWP would be.

It turns out Kirsteen's series is the fic I was originally searching for! And for a long time (off and on)! My brain must have made more of Angel's involvement than there was with Xander's training in Things, which probably messed me up in my search of this fic all this time. Also I must have read it in 2009 instead of 2008 according to the publish date.

The showersex scene was Richie/Buffy - another thing that probably threw me off in my search since I was searching for Richie/Male.

I wish I could help you find the Angel training immortal Xander fic. That sounds interesting.

Thank you SO MUCH!! This has been bugging me since I lost a huge amount of fic a couple years back!
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