Anyssia (anyssia) wrote in bloodclaim,

[FIC SEARCH] In which Ethan eventually shacks up with Gilles.

Hi people! ^^

I was thinking about a fic that I'd like to re-read, but I'm not sure which one it is.

I remember that Spike came to Sunnydale and set up court, and became Xander's lover. Of course, that could be a lot of fanfics.

What I remember particularly is that for some reason Spike had to deal with Ethan at one point (taking out the chip?) and then Ethan more or less stayed around and eventually shacked up with Giles (Ethan ran the Magic Shop?).

I'm currently re-reading Nothing the same by Orchidluv, and I think that this fic might be the one I'm looking for, but since it's so long, I wanted to be sure. Can anyone confirm that I'm reading the right fic?

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