Dusty (dustandroses) wrote in bloodclaim,

Beta, anyone?

I'm looking for a Spander beta with a strong grounding in canon, as well as a solid background in grammar/spelling/sentence structure. I need someone who can be objective enough to spot it when I get lazy, but can go with the flow and understand when I intentionally bend a rule.  I also need someone with a quick turnaround time as I need to post every Saturday for tamingthemuse.

The main project I'm looking for help on is my WIP: Xandercles the Mighty. Here's a link to the story already in progress: Xandercles in tags at my journal or you can read it all in one piece here: Xandercles at AO3

If you're interested, please email me at: dustandroses at livejournal dot com

Note to Mod - I'll be cross-posting this to DW.
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