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Rides a Pale Horse 19

Author: Rayne Jelly
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: S/X ... I feel like that's an equation. S of X, but I know it's F of X, and I've never really managed to forgive Faith for never apologizing to Xander on-screen, no matter how stinkin' cute Eliza Dushku is. 
Disclaimer: Ownership is, like, soooo passe. 
Summary: What would life be like if you couldn't die? Xander Harris is about to find out.
Rating: Overall R. This chapter is like... PG13 I guess. 
Warnings: Er... nope. If you've been with me thus far, you know the deal.
Feedback: I studiously check my email every 30 minutes. Read that as you will. 

General Stuff:  Okay, so it's a godawful hour of the morning here, and, strictly speaking, I'm not up, I just haven't gone to bed. But I decided I couldn't wait. I find that I am really excited about this story. Where it's been, where it's going, the bits I haven't written yet... all of it. So hopefully my enthusiasm is catching and you'll forgive the hour. Previous bits can be found  here.

(Rides a Pale Horse 19
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