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FIC: From Hellfire to Redemption 6/14 (William/Xander)

AUTHORS: Salustra and Naughty_Fae
E-MAILS: Salustra: ; Naughty_Fae:
TITLE: From Hellfire to Redemption 6/14
RATING: NC-17, Adults only,
PAIRING: William/ Xander
SUMMARY: Willow and Xander are orphans taken as servants to the household of William Foster and his aging mother. William takes an interest in Xander. This Chapter- Xander has to fetch William at his club for an emergency; later, William takes Xander dancing.
Distribution: Various lists, Wierd Romance Yahoo Group- ;
My livejournal - ; and the website Weird Romances- . No posting elsewhere without express permission please.
SPOILERS: None. This is a human period AU set in the Victorian era.
CONTENT: m/m sex, mutual masturbation, oral sex.
DISCLAIMER: We adore playing with the boys, but we’re just having fun. No money made, don’t sue us!
FEEDBACK: Yes please.
Length: 4545 words.

From Hellfire to Redemption 6
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