darkwish3 (darkwish3) wrote in bloodclaim,

Forever Young part 4

        Title: forever young
        Pairing: Spike/Xander(gen)
        Disclaimer: not mine
        Summary: Xander is forever young

Xander rubbed his socket under the eye patch for the fifth time in the last two minutes.
"Xander is something wrong? You keep rubbing your eye." Willow asked marking her place in the book she was reading with a finger.
"It feels strange. Like I put the artificial eye in but I haven't. It's been bugging me all day." Xander replied.
"Well did you try rinsing it out? Maybe you got something in it?" Willow asked.
"Would you mind taking a look? I can't ask the others..." Xander asked.
Willow put the book down and went over to where Xander was sitting. A small serious frown tugged at her lips as she slipped the eye patch off her friend.
Willow studied the closed eyelid. " Open your eye Xander" she said.
Xander opened his eyelid and gasped as light speared his eye.
"OH MY GOD, Xander! You have an eye! It's green...why is it green? How is this possible? When did you start noticing something happening?" Willow babbled.
Xander's hand came up and he slapped his palm over his new eye. "Willow, what is going on here? Eyes don't just regrow!"
"We have to talk to Giles right now. Can you actually see with it?" Willow asked.
Xander took his hand away from his face and looked at Willow. "Yeah I can see everything fine, some stuff has a glowyness to it but yeah it works." He said.
They both hurried out of the room to find Giles.


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