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Fic Search Please!

1) Spike wooing Xander after the episode School Hard. I think it was in 4 parts. In the first or second part Spike sends Xander a gift of roses, a poem and a head. Yes, it's a dark fic.

2) I can't remember how this one begins, but there are two scenes that stand out in my memory. Also, Spike is un-chipped in the story.

The first scene is where Spike and Xander are run off a road in Scotland by a drunk driver and Xander is seriously injured. Spike kills the driver, but refuses to drink his blood.

The second is where the baby slayers (Spike refers to them as Slayer-wanabees). They came into Spike and Xander's apartment during the day while Spike was alone. They sprayed holy water trapping Spike in the room and away from weapons. Xander returned and injured them so that they weren't a threat, but that Spike could eat them later.

Thanks in advance. :D

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