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Notification OF Posting A New Completed S/X Fic

On Monday 6th August I shall begin posting the classic Pride & Prejudice. (Spander style) The story will be posted bi-weekly MONDAY and THURSDAYS ONLY until completed. It consists of 12 very long chapters (8000-10000 words) and a short Epilogue.

Title: Pride & Prejudice An S/X (W/A) version of the plot of Jane Austen's Novel/Movies/TV series. Any dialogue you recognize is either from the book, movies or series. Be warned that it's not an exact adaptation!
Warnings:Historical(Rengency)/ Hau/Romance / comedy, this is a period piece so very little, delayed, graphic M/M sex. BTVS/ATS characters OOC. British English spelling and vocabulary used.
Unbeta'd: Pre-read by Bmblebee and Salustra
Rating: PG-NC17 individual chapters
Pairing: 100% S/X(W/A) With (Wes/Fred, Liam/Buffy, Warren/Tara) NO het sex featured.
Status: Complete. 122,000 words approx.12 long chapters + Epliogue
Author: Naughty_Fae
Comments: Comment if you wish. It is nice to know someone's reading.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize, but this version of the story and original characters and characterization are mine.
Distribution: NOT to be archived please.

Summary: You may never think of Mr Darcy the same again!

A/N Set in 1796 I have strived for historical accuracy. However this is a work of fiction and I may have altered history to suit my version of the story. 'Affectionate' displays between men were quite open, because they were assumed non-sexual. This was the era of 'the male companion' or 'life-long friend'. But sodomy was a capital crime. Darcy and Xander would only get away with their relationship because of Darcy's wealth and social position and because they had sisters to take on the traditional female roles for them.

Prologue & Chapter1/


Alexander (known affectionately by family and friends as Xander), Giles was the only son of Mr Giles and Mrs Giles and the second of their five children. He was possessed of four sisters. The first, Winnifred (called affectionately by family and friends the pet name, Fred), a year his senior and three younger. In chronological order: Willow (called affectionately by her family and friends the pet name, Wills), Faith and Elizabeth Anne. (Known by the affectionate 'pet' name of Buffy. Though goodness knows why.) He is at the beginning of this narrative approaching his eighteenth Birthday. Perhaps not the happy occasion it should have been, as we shall see.

He was in every way to be considered a handsome young man, possessing only two minor physical flaws. His ears tended to prominence and his chin was a little too long. These defects however could be safely overlooked when compared to his attributes. He was in height approaching six feet, his back and limbs were straight and he possessed a pleasing turn to the thigh and calf. His shoulders were a masculine width and he was slender enough not to require the most efficacious of male garments, the corset. His hair was black and in a fashionable, shaggy style known as the owl, much favoured by young men of the time. Though it has to be said this was a natural turn of events rather than by any great design of Xander himself. He had thick, dark eyebrows, a straight nose and his mouth was in the shape of a delicate cupid's bow. His chin was noble, though a trifle too long as previously stated. However it has to be said that it was perhaps his eyes to which the observer was first drawn. He possessed two large, dark brown orbs that betrayed his every thought and feeling, completely without guile. They were delicately framed by the thickest, longest black lashes. They softened his face entirely. Made him the envy of most women and raised him from the status of merely handsome to almost stunningly handsome..

His disposition and personality, like his physical appearance had few flaws. He was good tempered, friendly and with a lively, playful nature. Quick witted, intelligent, honest and forthright, sometimes imprudently so. Encouraged from an early age by his Father to speak his mind truthfully, he did so and was sometimes judged impertinent because of it. He was inclined to make hasty judgements and towards stubbornness, which often meant that once his mind was made up about a person or thing, it seldom changed. He was gregarious among his small circle of friends, loyal and caring. He did not suffer fools easily and found many of the manners and constraints of society, amusing. He drank little.

His accomplishments were sadly, few. He rode, but not to hounds. He could shoot, but did not enjoy the activity. He neither fenced nor boxed. He fished and swam, though not at the same time. He enjoyed a game of battledore with his sisters on the back lawn, croquet less so. He played quoits, dominoes and cards, but not billiards. He enjoyed walking, was a good sprinter and read avidly, a habit acquired from his father. He could both paint and play the harpsichord a little. (The latter he was forced to learn when Buffy would not and the lessons were already paid for.) He spoke French and less Latin. He was knowledgeable on a wide range of topics and therefore was considered an interesting conversationalist.

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