acaranna (acaranna) wrote in bloodclaim,

*sneaks out of her hiding place*

Hey guys!

I guess you could say that I'm back again and it seems that my muse is back, too. She's still being a bit bitchy and occaisonally tries to give me a hard time but all in all I can say that I'm on my road to recovery.

Finding my way back to Spander and all the other lovelies from the fandom is not as easy as it seems and so I decided to use the little idea that kept flitting through my head. The thing is that unfortunately the lovely whichclothes is currently very, very busy with her real life. I'm wishing her all the best and some time to relax though now I'm in need of a Beta for everything that has to do with Spander, Xangel and the rest of the fandom. Drabbles, Ficlets, One-Shots and my baby Thy Human Sire ...

Anyone there to help me out? Please? *big puppy eyes and a plate of homemade cookies*

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