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Just a friendly reminder that the award/ challenge site Raison d'etre9 opens it's doors for it's first round of Awards on Thursday 1st Nov 2012 00.01 PDT. We are a SPANDER ONLY award site. To participate simply join the community (only members can post, all can read/vote) and post your new , completed fic in one of the categories during the month of November. There are no dates to apply for, no limit on the number of posts you can make. Voting on the fics is by poll and will begin on Dec. 2nd 2012 at 00.01PDT and end Jan 2nd 2013 at 00.01 PDT. See rules/ dates for further information.

Only categories with 2 or more entries will run.

Buttons available from Nov.1st

Awards made on Jan. 10th

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