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Mad, Bad, & Dangerous To Know....

Below the cut for those interested info about the forthcoming Spander Epic: Mad, Bad And Dangerous To know.


We're still alive and I've been unchained from the computer to make this joint post. We had hoped to begin posting the Spander epic Mad,Bad And Dangerous to know (MBDK) on 1st Dec. (Saturday) but that's not going to happen. Quite simply I can't type fast enough and even averaging 10 hours writing and research a day (I kid you not) I'm still only managing 1 chapter a day (3000-4500 words) + graphics. That's the bad news........

The good is I'm up to chapter 122 and still on course to bring it in at around 150 chapters. We've decided NOT to post over Christmas/New Year so the new post date is definitely Monday January 7th 2013

Rated NC17+ and based squarely on the 50 Shades Trilogy (but obviously not the same) it is NOT work/child safe throughout. It will be posted in the following communities:

Eternal_Spander (Members Only) eternal_spander
Nekid_Spike (Link to journal) (Members Only) nekid_spike
Basementofdoom (Link To Journal) (Members Only) basementofdoom
Blooclaim (Flagged Adult)

And my LJ (Unlocked but flagged as Adult Only.)

To keep you going here is some fun artwork linked to MBDK

Darker & Naughty Fae
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