Debris K. (debris_k) wrote in bloodclaim,
Debris K.

Looking for two(?) Spander + Xander's mom fics

I'm (re)watching the show and some of the eps have reminded me of old fic favorites, but these two (or three? I can't be sure) fics have proven elusive:

The basic premise of both is Spike and Xander getting together, and Xander's mother rooting for them. I'm thinking one fic is more cracky and the mom actually assumes they're together but they're not (yet) and goes all LGBT supportive parent and hijinx ensue. The other one I recall being more hurt/comfort feel-y and the mom staying with Xander's abusive dad to keep him from going after Xander (and Spike?) and Xander and Spike asking her to move out/in with them, or something like that...

It's possible I'm condensing (read: confusing) more fics into just these two, so pointers to any even similar would be very much appreciated!
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