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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
These Nights (Spike/Xander, R)  
9th-Dec-2012 07:05 am

Title:  These Nights

Author:  baudown

Pairing:  Spike/Xander

Rated:  R-ish
Summary:  Post-series, living together

Disclaimer:  I love but do not own them

Feedback:  Yes, please

Written for:  fall_for_sx

Note:  Due to an RL emergency (parent, hospital, ongoing), the piece I’ve been working on for fall_for_sx remains, unhappily, unfinished.  But I appreciate how difficult it is to keep communities like this going, and am so grateful for the work of the mods and contributors, and I really didn’t want to bail.  So I wrote something very, very quickly, and  I’m passing it off as a series of connected ficlets.  It’s not something I’d typically consider ready for posting; in fact, I’ve barely had time to proofread.  I hope you enjoy it anyway.

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