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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
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19th-Dec-2012 03:16 pm
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This is very vague, but does anyone remember a story where Spike has a court, and Xander is (I think) his pet, maybe his consort, and does wood-carving that everyone in the court loves? I think it was considered a mark of favor to receive one of his carvings. And that is, literally, all I can remember.

Thanks for any and all help, folks.

Found - Yup, it's Toys, by Litgal. Thanks to everyone for all their help. I truly appreciate it. You're the best.
19th-Dec-2012 09:42 pm (UTC)
Ulterior Motives possibly? Xander translates demon languages, wood carves, has a meditation garden, does martial arts, etc.

19th-Dec-2012 09:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks, but that's not it, although it's a wonderful story.
20th-Dec-2012 12:08 am (UTC)
I just finished reading that, Toys, and it has to be the one! So I agree
21st-Dec-2012 03:34 pm (UTC)
Would you happen to remember which part holds the wood carving reference? I remember reading Toys, but it isn't my usual cup of tea, so I don't really remember the story that well.
28th-Dec-2012 12:26 am (UTC)
just about any time in Toys that Spike holds court, Xander is at his feet carving. So starts occurring after Spike establishes a formal court, so maybe about the middle onward? I know he starts one of Buffy after Spike helps her kill Glory and she dies in that battle. And uses it much later after Angel is part of Spike's court, every time Angel is in the room, Xander brings it out to bother him that it was Spike that fought with Buffy against Glory and not Angel.
28th-Dec-2012 12:27 am (UTC)
another time he is working on a carving of Spike in a battle pose. So you could skim for any formal court scenes, and look for them there.
20th-Dec-2012 08:57 pm (UTC)
Could it be Prior Claim by Skargasm?


The wood carving thing is only mentioned late in the story, but it is there.

21st-Dec-2012 03:34 pm (UTC)
Nope, but thanks for the attempt. Prior Claim is another wonderful story. :)
21st-Dec-2012 05:14 pm (UTC)
Could be Nothing The Same by Orchidluv

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