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The Fable

TITLE: The Fable

Paring: Spander
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Bad language and M/M sexual situations.
Disclaimer: The Bee owns none of the characters used
in this story.

Summary: A new take on the old fable of Rumpelstiltskin.
Xander is held in the tower prison of the evil King Liam and has
been ordered to spin a roomful of straw to gold. Can he do
it? Is there someone who can help?

Author's note: This story is not betaed or spell checked by anyone but me.
If there are errors that you simply have to point out, feel free but don't be upset
if I don't care.
Other than grammatical errors, comments are greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Naughty Fae for the pre-read and encouragement

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"Holy Cow!" Xander stood with his head down and his arms hanging limply to his sides.
His legs wobbled like jelly and his dick hung droopy and damp. He was still shaky from
the wave of heat and pleasure that had swamped his body at the hand of another man and
it was taking longer than usual for the function of his brain to return to normal.

In contrast, Spike had already reclaimed his seat at the wheel and although he too was rattled
by the power of the connection between them, his mental capacity had fully resumed and he
was already suffering doubts about what they had done. Originally, he had come here out
of curiosity. To twine together the coincidences of his past dream with the gossipy
information Oz had brought and see if anything fit. Spike knew it was a long shot. The
promise of a boy with innocence and the power to restore a kingdom. It was ludicrous.

Almost as absurd as Liam believing Xander could spin straw to gold.

Where would the King have gotten such an idea? And why, of all the young men in the
kingdom did he pick Xander? Was it because the lad was yet untouched? Spike scowled
as he considered this and still none of it made sense. One thing, however was crystal
clear. Spike had found much more within the walls of this castle than he imagined.
Despite his resolve, Spike had to acknowledge that with a little more nudging, he could
easily fall in love with this commoner and the prospect scared the shit out of him.

While all of this turmoil bubbled within the creature working at the wheel, Xander stood
silently off to the side. His pants were still tugged down and his dick was now soft, limp
and content. Xander not so much. He was alone in the dark. He knew the rule. He was
not allowed to touch any other part of the stranger but still, deep down inside, after an
earth shaking orgasm like that, Xander had thought possibly a small cuddle or even a peck
on the cheek would have been appropriate. Wasn't there some sort of an after-glow

Apparently not and now the young boy was feeling rejected, befuddled and ashamed.

"Spike? Are you mad? Did I do something wrong?" The questions were so soft and quiet
that they could barely be heard over the whooshing of the wheel.

"What? No!" Spike again stopped spinning. He began to rise from his seat, then
stopped. What could he do? Throw his arms around the lad. Clutch him to his bent and
twisted frame while the boy's hands explored all of the deformities that made Spike into
the monster that he was? Spike could just imagine it all now, Xander would scream at
the realization that he had shared pleasure with a disfigured and repulsive beast. He would
shove Spike away and Spike knew that that rejection would kill him.

And worse, what if Xander was so sickened that he refused to allow Spike to continue to
assist him? The magic of the gold was the only thing keeping his boy alive right now and
until Spike could figure something else out, the situation between them had to remain on
good terms.

"Don't be silly Xander. It was wonderful but we are very short on time. Besides, it felt so
good that I had to remove my hand from your manhood or else I would have begun again."

Xander blushed hotly and giggled as the warm sensation of well-being returned and again
infused his body and mind. It had terrified him to think that Spike might have been angry
or worse, disappointed in him. "Yeah, I don't think that's a problem. I might be young but
I still need a few minutes to.... Oh, wait maybe I don't."

Spike laughed at his silly boy and the tension seemed to melt from the room. With a
false sternness to his voice, Spike growled. "Put that weapon away you scandalous lad
and get back to work! We have but a few hours of moonlight remaining and we still
have mountains of straw to go so use your hands for more than my pleasure. Scoop up
the grain and bring it to me."

Xander jerked his trousers up and he secured the woven, hemp belt at the waist. He then
snapped his heels together and whipped his hand up to his brow in a sharp salute that he
knew Spike could not see. "Aye Sir! Your orders are my command!" To prove his
point, Xander dropped to his knees and using his hands, scraped and scooped blindly
around the small circular cell in an effort to retrieve all of the scattered mounds of straw.
When he had stacked a sufficient amount at the feet of his companion, Xander sighed
happily and again settled in to sit at Spike's side.

Spike smiled down at this boy as he pushed stalk after stalk through the spindle and felt the
thin, valuable thread roll silkily onto the spool. "Tell me about your life, Xander. Where is
your home? Do you have a large family?"

Xander stretched his legs out in front of him. He crossed his feet at the ankles and he rested
back on his elbows as he sighed thoughtfully. "I live in a small cottage far from here. A
full three day's travel. It is outside a village near the Sunny Dale. I live with my mother
and father although everyone tells me that I am of age that I should be selecting a wife
and building my own cottage."

"And you are not ready to do that?"

Xander snorted. "Well, there is the obvious reason which I think we just explored."

Spike nodded. "True, but there are a lot of men who share our desires and they still do their
duty to marry and have children who will work their lands with them. A man does not
always marry for love. He takes a wife for convention, for the gift of land or simply because
it is what is expected."

Xander sat up and crossed his legs in front of him as he considered that. "I don't think I could
do that. It seems wrong. When I marry, I want it to be to someone I like. Someone who
really knows my heart. I want to love passionately and when we..... you know, I want it
to be desire and not duty. I don't think I could make my willy rise if I did not love the
person I was tumbling with.

Spike held his tongue and did not point out that they had just done that very thing. Instead,
he returned to the subject at hand. "So, if you were free tonight and away from the confines
of this cursed tower, would you go back to your family in the cottage of the Sunny Dale?"

Xander shrugged. "Yes, I guess so. My mother needs me desperately. I supply my home
with meat for the soup pot and wood for the fire. My father has a taste for the brew
which makes him sometimes absent and he is old and unable to do for her. When the
soldiers first came for me they told me that they had slaughtered my family just to gain my
weak compliance. Later I found that was a lie. At least I think it was. It is all
very discombobulating. Now, I'm not sure but I know I need to return to the forest to
find out. I could never be settled anywhere until I knew the fate and well being of my family."

Spike seethed. "The bastard! Liam has always been so cruel!"

Xander wiped away a tear from his eye. "Yeah, it was mean but maybe he isn't so bad. He
told me that if I do this one more roomful, he would let me go and with you helping, I might
be free tomorrow."

Spike's face scrunched up in disbelief at the lad's naivety. "Why would you believe him when
he has offered you nothing but deceit?"

Xander's face lit up hopefully. "He promised. He came to see me himself. Can you imagine.
I stood right next to the King. His Royal Highness. He said that the royal coffers were
low which is why he made me stay another night but if I do all of this, there will be enough
gold that I can take my leave."

Spike wanted to tell the boy what a fool he was. That no amount of gold is enough and
that rather than securing his freedom, Spike is, in fact spinning this straw into
impenetrable golden shackles that will bind the boy to the castle dungeon for life. At
least until Spike finds another way out. For both of them. "So you met the King, did
you? And what did you think of him?'

Xander frowned as he tried to put his impressions into words. "It's hard to say. He is very
big but I guess I would have expected bigger. His face is hard and his eyes seem empty
and dark. Unlike his guards, the king carried no saber and yet, all the time he spoke to me,
it felt as though I had the sharp point of a blade pressed against my throat."

Spike had been alert all the while Liam had been in the cell and he silently agreed with
Xander's assessment. He had not seen his cousin in the long twelve years of his exile in
the enchanted forest and the King's appearance had been startling. Liam was everything
a wealthy man would be. He was well-fed, extravagantly dressed, oiled, perfumed and
adorned. He was expressly opposite of what Spike knew he would have been had he worn
the crown. "Yes, I understand his Highness can be a formidable opponent. You are
well to remember that if you have any further dealings with him."

Xander gave thought to Spike's warning and he had to agree. "You sound as if you know
him personally. Do you, Spike? Do you know the King?"

Spike grunted his displeasure. "We have met but that was many years ago. I know him
more from the things I have been told and from that, I know not to put too great a stock
in the promises he makes."

Xander blinked in the darkness and wished he could read the intent in Spike's face and
eyes. "You don't think he is going to let me go, do you, Spike?"

Spike sighed. He wished he could lie but he had too much respect for his boy for that.
"I think we need to plan for other options."

Xander felt a cold rush of terror surge through him. "But what can we do? I don't want to
die here, Spike. I mean, yesterday I would have thought it didn't matter and I didn't care
but now I do. I want out of here, Spike, please. You come and go. You have found a
way in and out. Why can't you take me with you? I'll be quiet. I can be quick. How do
you do it? How?"

Spike tried to block the effect the pitiful boy's begging was having on his heart. Clearly,
Spike's physical transformations was not a possibility for Xander but there was no way
to explain that without shattering Xander's trust. "Believe me, Xander, I would if I could.
It is just not feasible but I vow to be here for you and somehow, I will protect you."

Hot tears coursed down Xander's cheeks. It wasn't that he doubted Spike's sincerity but
without the benefit of sight, all Xander could go on was his sense of hearing and the mood
he determined from that. And Spike definitely sounded worried and tense.

Spike glanced over and he studied his boy. He knew Xander was scared. Spike was scared
too but, dwelling on it until a solid, viable plan could be formulated was pointless. "Now,
now. Let's put all of this out of our minds. For now, we are keeping his royal shithead
happy and you and I are spending time together, yeah?"

Xander sniffed and swiped at the dampness on his face as he conceded to that one upside of
the situation. He smiled and he scooted close again. From the feel of the floor, he knew
that most of the straw had efficiently been consumed and that their work would soon be
finished for the night. Because of that, and in order to insure Spike stayed as long as
possible, Xander subtly squiggled a small mound of straw away from his companion's
reach and he tucked it behind him. "Yeah, I guess. Can I ask you something else?"

Spike let out the exasperated sigh of a put-upon man which elicited a giggle from his
inquisitor. "What now, my young friend?"

Xander bit his lower lip and hoped what he was about to ask would not ruin the fragile trust
that was attempting to build between them. "Why can't I touch you? After what we
did together.... I just thought...."

Spike shook his head but, for some reason, he didn't want to be intentionally deceptive.
Still, when he answered, there was no self-pity in his tone only a level of fact and reality.
"I'm an ugly man, Xander and I didn't want you to know that."

It was a response that left Xander totally flabbergasted. It was something that he had
never considered. In all of his internal speculations, Xander had only thought himself to
be the reason for the unwanted connection. The idea that Spike would be undesirable
was out of the realm of consideration. "I... Are you sure?"

Spike wrinkled his nose. "Am I sure? What the hell kind of question is that? For God's
sake, Xander I know what I look like and I can assure you that I am hideous."

Xander calmly gave that a moment's thought but knew in his heart that Spike's
physical appearance carried no weight in the balance of how Xander felt about him.
"I see. Hideous how? Do you have a long, crooked nose with a big wart on the end?"

Spike huffed indignantly. "Certainly not! I have a very nice nose, thank you."

"Uh huh. Well, you aren't bald. In fact you have wonderfully soft hair. I don't care for
bald men so we have no problem there. So, what is it?"

Spike fed the last of the straw through the spindle and his foot stilled. His shoulders slumped
in resignation and his hands rested in his lap. The lack of background noise in the room made
his voice and statement more pronounced despite the soft and quiet voice he used to explain.
"It is my body. You would find my body repulsive and grotesque."

Xander tipped his head and he cursed his poor night vision as he strained in Spike's
direction hoping to identify something about the man that would clarify the undefined
comments. He could tell that this was a delicate subject for Spike but it was one Xander
could not yet let go.

"Repulsive is a very strong word. Have you no teeth? Has your skin been ravaged by the pox?"

The boy was like a dog with a bone and would not let this go and in a strange way, Spike
was glad. He had longed, especially in the beginning to speak to someone about this but
other than the creatures of the enchanted forest, who had issues of their own, there was no
human to listen or understand.

"My story is not a pleasant one, Xander but I will tell it as I can. As you can understand."

Spike's lead-in sent a shiver of anticipation coursing through Xander's body and he
settled himself in for what promised to be a captivating tale.

Before Spike could reconsider the advisability of what he was about to do, he began with
an explanation that carefully omitted the words 'magic' or 'cursed'.

"I was born into a very wealthy and influential family. Unfortunately, from the beginning of
time money and power have always been met with greed and treachery and because of this,
I fell victim to an evil that lived within my own house. When I was a very young lad, I
had embarked on a journey with several others who I believed to be trustworthy and honorable.
I soon realized that I had been blind and naive. When we were far from my homeland, I was
set upon by these very men. They left me in a place that had no roads back and they
did considerable damage to my body. My legs walk with a bowing and my back is bent
and hunched. The darkness saves you from the churning that would surely occur in your
stomach at the clear sight of me."

"Oh." Immediately, Xander dismissed his earlier promise and he reached out into the
blackness that surrounded them. His heart and soul cried for a small boy who Xander's
mind's eye saw being beaten and abandoned in a broken mess of bones and blood.
When his hand brushed over the length of Spike's leg, Xander felt the precision of Spike's
words and a small cry left the boy's lips.

"Oh, God, Spike. No!" The truth and horror of reality jolted in Xander's brain and he pressed
his face against Spike's pant leg dampening it with hot salty tears.

Spike involuntarily cringed as he fought the urge to shove the boy away. The shame he felt
at his physical condition could not compete with the amazing sensation of warm human
contact. It caught his breath in his lungs and, oddly, it caused a fierce shuddering of the
Dibbuk demon that resided within him. In fact, it was such a peculiar sensation that for
a moment, he didn't realize that Xander had asked him another question. "What? What
did you say?"

Emboldened by Spike's confession and lack of rejection, Xander separated himself from
the man at the spinning wheel and he rose to his knees. "I said, can I feel?'

Spike swallowed hard and blinked as he decided, what the hell. In for a penny, in for a
pound and once again, Spike swung his leg over the wheel and he gracefully rose to stand.
With his unwavering stare focused on the boy, Spike stood stock still with his arms extended
in a position of prostrate offering. With his head held high, he nodded. "Yes."

Tentatively, Xander clambered to his feet and he hesitated for only a second before he
eased forward. Cautiously, he reached out. He internally braced himself and swore that
no matter what he found, he would not display any reaction that would hurt Spike further.

He took a deep breath and he felt around in the pitch black until his fingertips made contact
with the soft palms of Spike's hands. From there, Xander's touch became more confident
and purposed. He ran his hands up the man's arms and was put a bit at ease to find no
extreme deformities in the wrists or forearms. Unfortunately his relief was short lived when
he reached Spike's shoulders and back.

As Xander's flexing fingers mapped the horrible terrain of bumps and humps that comprised
the smaller man's frame, Xander's mouth gaped open and his eyes bugged ineffectually. Even
as he cursed his blindness, part of him was glad that he could not see the horror that his
hands were feeling.

Spike remained stoic and immobile during the inspection and while he fought the urge to
flinch and jerk away. His eyes burned with unshed tears and Spike did allow himself the
small concession of turning his gaze away so that he could no longer see the aversion on
his boy's face.

Spike knew that he was repulsive and that at any moment now, he would be shoved away
both physically and emotionally. Surely, someone as sweet, innocent and pure as Xander
would be sickened and repulsed by a beast such as this.

But then, in a move that left Spike stunned and speechless, Xander threw his arms around
the contorted, damaged man sweeping Spike into a tight embrace of compassion, affection
and empathy. "Oh, Spike. My Spike. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry."

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