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The Fable 
31st-Dec-2012 05:55 am
TITLE: The Fable

Paring: Spander
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Bad language and M/M sexual situations.
Disclaimer: The Bee owns none of the characters used
in this story.

Summary: A new take on the old fable of Rumpelstiltskin.
Xander is held in the tower prison of the evil King Liam and has
been ordered to spin a roomful of straw to gold. Can he do
it? Is there someone who can help?

Author's note: This story is not betaed or spell checked by anyone but me.
If there are errors that you simply have to point out, feel free but don't be upset
if I don't care.

Thanks to Naughty Fae for the pre-read and encouragement

Link to previous chapters HERE

In his moment of initial shock, Spike floundered and flailed about in a manner
wholly undignified for a blood-thirsty, demonic monster. He had the weight of the boy
pressing down and wriggling on top of him while a hot, wet tongue licked, slurped,
probed and tickled the inside of Spike's mouth.

He was startled when Xander orally examined the shape and tips of Spike's sharp,
elongated canines and if the moans and increased movement of the boy's hips was any
indication, Xander did NOT find the fangs repulsive in the least.

Finally, Xander drew back and gasped for air. "Holy Zeus on a zebra, Spike. I've never
felt this way. My whole body is tingling and I swear there is snakes a'squirmin' in my
pants. Play with me! Show me what it is that folks do to one another in the dark. Take
me, Spike but please. Be gentle. Remember, I have no experience in the ways of love."

Concurrently, even as he professed his virginal innocence, Xander's hands contradicted
his hesitancy as his probing fingers scampered up and down Spike's sides in a manner that
could only be described as a thorough, ten fingered grope. As he did, Spike grew bold by
the fact that the boy did not seem even slightly put off by the deformities that twisted
his body.

All the time Spike was swimming in a pool of in-depth self-examination and awareness,
Xander was busy lining up their two rigid, hard erections to bounce and bump against each
other while kicking Spike's legs as far apart as possible. The craving and need that
wrenched within him had Xander galloping towards a goal of pleasure and satisfaction
and Spike's body was the tool to achieve that.

Spike lay momentarily compliant, allowing himself the luxury of acceptance while all of
the boy's flexing and contortions seemed to assure that Xander would be pretty much on
board for whatever Spike had in mind, Spike plans were somewhat undefined.

Temporarily overwhelmed by the assault and the passion of his attacker, the fact was, for all
his swagger, Spike's sexual history was only slightly more extensive than Xander's. Oh,
sure, there had been a few Pans who could blow a mean flute and the random, spontaneous
orgy with a gaggle of fairies now and then but an actual one on one with a human being
had never occurred.

He had dreamed of it often enough though. He had nearly decimated the forest of aloe
plants which he snapped and squeezed for their jelly-like oil as he slicked himself up and
rubbed himself off to the thoughts of phantom young men on horseback.

Under the moon and stars, while lying on his bed of moss, Spike would imagine them
galloping on huge, snorting, stomping steeds, crashing through the trees and trampling
the underbrush of the forest. In some fantasies, Spike would crouch in the high branches
of the huge oak as they approached. When they would pass beneath him, he would
launch himself, grabbing and jerking the unsuspecting handsome riders from their saddles
before tumbling to the ground together.

After that, Spike wasn't sure of the intricate details be but he knew that somehow, between
his dick and their ass, he would reach a volcanic completion and ecstatically spill his seed
onto the forest floor.

In most of his idle imaginings however, he pretended that he was not ugly or repulsive and
that a man of goodness and honor would appear in the enchanted forest to would find him,
fall in love with him and sweep him away. Those were the fantasies that Spike liked best
but the ones the demon inside him protested vehemently. Those were the ones Spike knew
were the most outlandish and unlikely.

But, no matter what the scenario, instinctively there was one thing he and his pecker knew
for sure and that was that he should be on top. He should be the poker and not the pokee.

Because of that and because the action seemed to be moving at a rapid pace, Spike gave a
grunt and shifted. Xander's strength was no match for the demon-possessed man and
Spike pushed and lunged rolling them and causing them both to up-end, flip and rearrange
until their positions were reversed. When they landed, Spike's internal gage 'pinged'
and registered that this was a much more acceptable situation and if the huge grin on
Xander's face was any indication, the boy whole heartedly agreed.

"Oh, yes, Spike. Damn. You're so strong. You got me. I guess I'm at your mercy."

Xander soft, trusting words sent a shockwave coursing through Spike's body. It confounded
his mind, warmed his heart and inflamed his blood. It caused a rush of urgency into his
already hard cock which fed into Spike's feeling of power and control which was something
that even the demon inside him seemed to co-sign.

Pinning Xander's wrists to the floor, Spike growled as he snuffled in the crook of the boy's
neck scenting the skin and the underlying blood that raced through the pulsing veins. His
lips and fangs brushed over the side of Xander's neck and jaw line as he fought the urge to
bite into a snack much sweeter than any fruit nectar he had ever known. "I'm going to have
you Xander. I will penetrate you and leave my seed within you. You will belong to me
and never another. Do you understand? You will give me what no other man will ever have."

Xander's back arched upwards off the floor. His ineffectual eyes drifted closed and he
sighed happily. He chose to disregard the fact that his precarious situation pretty
much guaranteed that he would never be with another man. "Yes. I.. I understand.
No other man. Ever. Always yours. Only yours."

As he lay confined and helpless on the hard, stone floor, Xander made no effort to
extricate himself from the weight of the smaller man who held him in place. The ragged
tattered shirt that Xander wore was twisted and askew across his chest and he swore the
sound of his pounding heart must be echoing throughout the halls entire castle. Xander
wasn't totally clueless. Spike was talking about penetration. That meant pain. Would that
also mean pleasure? The concept terrified and thrilled Xander even as he tried to imagine
what the hell it would involve while the muscles in his butt cheeks squeezed together protectively.

Pressed flat onto the hard floor Xander now welcomed the sensation of cold and damp as
it brought some slight relief to his hot, smoldering body. While the pitch black room robbed
him of his ability to see, it gave no deterrent to his other senses. It seemed as if his entire
being was absorbing everything about Spike and Xander wondered if possibly his
companion really was some sort of a mystical creature after all and if he had cast a magic
spell on Xander's mind and pecker.

In the bigger picture, Xander decided that it didn't matter. Whether it be magic or luck, the
heart wants what the crotch wants. And Xander wanted Spike. This time as he squirmed
and twisted, it was an attempt to get naked and available. He grunted as he freed his right
hand and shoved against Spike's chest. "My britches. Your britches. Shoes. Off. Get
off me, Spike. I need..."

In understanding and agreement, Spike flopped off to the side and both men rapidly
fumbled about in the darkness as they rid themselves of the fabric that served as a
barrier between them. When all of the garments had been discarded, Spike rolled over
onto his side next to his boy who was now spread-eagle and nervously waiting. The
opaque darkness that enveloped them no longer seemed like a curse to him. Instead, it
was freeing. It allowed Xander to lie unashamed in his nudity.

Spike examined the boy's beauty as he reached down and gripped his own rock-hard
erection. Gently and lightly he stroked himself as he placed his other palm flat on
Xander's chest. "You are so amazing. Your body is perfect. Strong and handsome."

Xander chuckled nervously at the compliment. "King Liam seems to own even the moon
and stars and he has banished them from this tower. You can't know what you can't see."

"I have already proven that I can see in the dark but even if I couldn't, I don't need the sun
to shine for my heart to tell my eyes what I know to be true. Besides, Liam holds no sway
or authority over my feelings. He cannot blind me to you."

Xander's lips parted at the earnest, soft-spoken words. His flesh tingled as Spike's long,
bony fingers trailed down through the slight spattering of hair on Xander's chest and he
jerked in shock at the surprising jolt that shot through him when Spike pinched and twisted
a puckered, raised nipple. "Ow. Ow. Damn. That hurts. But good. Everything you do
to me feels good. Do you know everything, Spike? About the pleasures of the flesh?"

Spike shrugged. "I know some. What I don't know perhaps we can discover together." As
he spoke, Spike's palm pressed against his boy's stomach while his thumb brushed down
into Xander's thick pubic nest of curls.

In response to the meanderings of Spike's hands, Xander's legs spread wide apart and his feet
slid up resting flat on the cold, straw-dusty floor. His firm erection bobbed in hopes that
Spike would lend a hand. When he didn't, Xander took on the task himself, an activity he
was very familiar with. He gripped his steel-hard cock and squeezed. The more his
hand moved, the more inflamed his flesh became as he ached for that one unknown, unnamed
act that would send his brain and body soaring higher than the forest hawk.

His whole body felt charged and overheated. Frantically, Xander masturbated himself as
he concentrated on every inch of flesh that came into contact with Spike's cool, knowing
fingers. While Spike watched his boy flog himself, Spike growled ominously as his
own neglected cock protested the lack of participation. "Oh, the things I want to do to you."

Xander whimpered. He no longer cared or considered the questionable species of
his companion. His only immediate fear was the precipice his urgency had driven him to.
His nuts grew full and tight as his need for release threatened to shame him with a
premature expulsion of manly juices. He knew he should stop. Part of him wanted
to stop. Part of him didn't.

"Yes! Yes!! I feel the same. You are more beautiful to me than any man who has crossed
my path in my village. You are wonderful. I want to be yours, Spike. Quickly. Now.
Now, before I.... Oh, shit! Arrrg!"

As hard as he had tried, and he hadn't tried too hard, Xander could not prevent his passion
from spilling over the weakened damn of his self-control. His body went rigid and the cock
in his hands jumped, twitched and began discharging spurt after spurt of thick, stringy fluid
while a warm euphoric sensation washed through his body and shut down his brain.
"Ohhhh, yeahhhhh."

Spike's presence in the room was momentarily forgotten. The fact that Xander was confined
in a prison cell fell away as he soared in the pleasure of a self-supplied orgasm that rattled
his bones and sang through his blood. It was fast and it was hard and when the fog
finally cleared, it was a bit of a disappointment. He had hoped for more. Different.
Other. "Spike, I'm..." Awkwardly, the rest of Xander's apology was cut short by a
yawn and he braced for a string of curses and verbal chastations.

Spike chuckled evilly. "That was lovely, my pet. It was just what you needed."

Xander's cheeks blushed in shame. "Yeah, but you didn't..."

"Not yet, I didn't, but you are young and healthy. You needed to take the edge off your
urgency and I needed something wet. You have solved both our problems." Spike swiped
his hand through the gooey mess that puddled on Xander's belly. It was a move that
shocked Xander with its implication and he was suddenly wide awake again.

"But, I can't. Not so soon. It won't.... Oh, wait a minute. Maybe..." Xander grinned
when, much to his surprise, his tired, softening, sensitive dick halted in mid-deflate and
promised an impossible comeback. Thrilled, Xander flopped over onto his side and he
pressed himself chest to belly against Spike. He threw his arm over Spike's shoulder and
pulled him close, tipping his face and hoping that Spike could see well enough to read the
sign. Spike did and he pressed their lips in a soft kiss that quickly grew in heat and intensity.

"Mmmm" Xander's lips parted and Spike growled into his mouth as his tongue dove in.
Spike's thick, solid cock pushed painfully against Xander's hip joint while his own
pecker struggled to boomerang back full readiness. In an effort to get as close as
possible, Xander flung his leg around Spike's waist and dug his heel against the indentation
of the small of Spike's back.

It was a position that worked perfectly into Spike's plan as he wedged his hand down
between them to take advantage of the way Xander's butt cheeks had pulled slightly open.
With a fast swipe, Spike used the sticky slop to coat and cover both his hand as well as the
tight, brown opening of his boy's body.

In response to the surprise touch, instinctively, Xander went tense. His pelvis arched away
as his dick joined his toes in a case of cold feet. "Wait, Spike..."

"Shhh. Trust me, pet. I can make us feel so good. Relax. Just relax." Spike crooked his
finger and flicked it back and forth over the puckered hole, feeling it responsively wink in curiosity.

Xander's eyes went wide. A shudder ran up his legs and spine while his cock snapped to
full attention. The sensation of a man fingering his butt hole was so odd and yet oddly
titillating that it left him speechless. Speechless until the tip of that finger slipped inside and wiggled.

Immediately, the muscles of his entrance slammed shut around the bony digit. "Whoa!"

But now it was Spike who was past the point on no return. The room was fogged with the
sour smell of boy's earlier release while the taste of hunger tickled his nose and mouth and it
was all he could do to keep his demon from screaming like a wild animal and ripping into
the boy's hot flesh. "Turn over! Get on your hands and knees."

Hesitantly, Xander complied to an order that carried no measure of polite request. He
shuffled around in the dark until he rested his hands and knees on the cold, stone floor. It
wasn't what he imagined in his soft romantic fantasies. He had hoped for strong arms to
hold him and sweet kisses to carry him to paradise. "Can't we do it face to face? I
thought maybe.... I could lift my legs and...." Xander's cheeks warmed as he tried to
express his most embarrassing intimate desires.

Spike grabbed both Xander's butt cheeks smearing them wet and cold as the boy was
positioned and prepped. "Next time, my love, I promise but, for now, this way will be
easier. Less painful." Spike's breathless, desperate tone signaled that the debate was over
and when he again shoved his finger into Xander's hole, all the objections and
concerns dissolved. Xander gave up all pretense of hesitation and denial. He liked it.
He liked it a lot.

The room was quiet save the whispered, unintelligible words they both muttered and the
deep, gasping breaths. Xander lowered his overheated face to rest on the damp, stone floor
and held his ass high in the air as a sacred offering. His stomach fluttered in fear and his
thighs trembled from holding the unnatural position while Spike's forefinger continued to
slide in and out.

When it slid out and didn't return, Xander lifted his head to object but before the words came
out, two fingers were shoved back in. "Ugh." It was more. It burned and it stretched his
opening uncomfortably as the fingers turned sideways, scissored and moved. "Fuck, Spike."

"Yeah, baby, I want to fuck too. I'm ready. Are you ready?" Spike didn't wait for an
answer. Instead, he jerked out his fingers and scooted closer on his knees until he was
situated between his boy's wide-spread legs. In an effort to calm the boy a bit, Spike
reached between and massaged the full, wrinkled flesh of Xander's ball-sac and gave
three strokes on his hard, erect dick.

"Oh, yeah." Xander's ass bobbed up and down as he pumped his cock back and forth in
the snuck enclosure of Spike's fist. "Ah. Ah."

"Oh, look at you. My bitch is in heat, aren't you, baby? Well this time, you don't cum until
I let you." And with a chuckle, Spike released Xander's cock. The humping stopped and
as Xander was about to vehemently protest the sudden neglect, he felt the press of the head
of Spike's cum-coated cock against the nervous, quivering opening. Before any objections
could again surface, Spike shoved and the head popped through the tight ring of muscle.

"Ow!" Xander froze. His back arched and his head snapped up and turned to look into
the darkness over his shoulder. The pain and burn were a shock and he wasn't sure he
wanted to go through with this. "Spike. It's big. I can't..."

But Spike was too far gone to stop. His sexual urge was boiling like a cauldron of bubbling
oil as his demon howled and slithered within him. He tried to hold back and be gentle but
his need was too great. His fingertips dug into Xander's hips as he secured the boy in place
and with une mighty thrust, Spike rammed himself home.

"AAHHH!!! No. Hurts. Spike, it hurts!" Xander's body went repelled as a white, blinding
flash of pain exploded within him. He shook his head while his hand reached around
and swatted at the man who was plundering his body. "Take it out. Take it out."

Spike's face screwed up as he strained to self-control. "Wait. Just wait. I won't move. In
a minute.... Wait just a minute. Relax. Please, baby, relax." Spike's cock was buried to the
hilt in a hot, hot body that was squeezing and milking him and the attempt Xander's body
was making at expulsion was having just the opposite effect on Spike. It was stimulating
and exciting the beast beyond reason.

As for Xander, he had felt like the air was punched out of him. His erection flagged at
the feeling of his ass being split open. He tried to focus on Spike's words. He strained to
relax and he demanded that his body accept the intruder. He again lowered his hot face
to rest against the cold floor and he concentrated on taking several deep, slow breaths of air.

After a moment, his efforts payed off. His hands unclenched and his jaw slightly slackened.
He still felt over-packed but the pain had fractionally eased. Experimentally, he moved
causing the cock within him to slide just an inch or so. Surprisingly, it still hurt but much
less so he did it again and this time, when the head of Spike's dick bumped something
deep inside, there was a strange jolt of pleasure served up with his pain. "Oh fuck!'

The reaction from Spike to the grip on his cock was equally explicative. He groaned
and again tightened his bruising grip on the boy's flesh. "That's good, baby. That's so
good. Hold on. Hold tight, baby, here we go." Spike took the reigns and a deep breath.
He drew his dick back and slid it forward into the searing, snug tunnel, pulling and pushing
the thick rubbery foreskin and shaft. As it did, his mouth gaped open at the unbelievable
level of pure physical pleasure the friction sent shooting from his toes to his frizzled brain.

It was the best sensation he had ever felt so he did it again and again. Quicker. Harder.
He closed his eyes, tipped his head back and set a hard fast rhythm that filled him with
a primitive bliss that thrilled both his demon soul and his human body. He hummed as his
cold blood warmed and sizzled. He knew he couldn't last long but he didn't care. This
was simply too wonderful to try to slow or control.

For Xander, it was also astounding. It was also frustrating as hell. He lifted, twisted
and grunted each time the huge cock slammed home but he couldn't repeat that initial
lightning bolt of pleasure. He leaned a bit in different angles raising his ass and arching
himself like a shameless stray dog on the market street all the while Spike muttered,
cursed and humped him from behind. Then, something happened. On the ninth or
tenth slide, the head of Spike's cock moved a tiny fraction and when it hilted, it nudged
that secret, sweet spot that sent sparks and white snaps behind Xander's eyes.

"Yes! Oh, Damn! FUCK ME!" The shock of how good it felt left him stunned but
only momentarily and in an instant he recovered. In an attempt to trigger it again, Xander
arched and tipped and wriggled within Spike's grip.

Spike had no clue as to what he had done to elicit the strong reaction but he strove to give
Xander exactly what he wanted. "Is that it? Is that what you want, baby? You like cock?
You like my cock in your ass? Show me what feels good, baby."

Xander was incoherent and breathless. "Deep. Deep. THERE! There!" His own dick
bounced untouched and all but forgotten while again and again the snaps of pure pleasure
zipped from that one heavenly spot within him directly to his bladder, cock and balls.

His knees trembled. His thighs strained from holding the position and his back hurt from
the weight leaning on it but every ache, pain and discomfort only added to the wonderful
full-body experience. He was ready to cum. He needed to cum. He was going to tumble
into another climax and there was no way he wanted to stop. Once more. Once more.
Once... "Oh, FUCKKK!" Xander's body locked up.

His muscles tightened as his orgasm was wrenched from him. Hot strings of pearly white
slime rose from his nuts and out the slit of his long, rigid cock while his back humped and
he hissed like a wild, feral cat.

Internally, the lining of Xander's channel rippled around Spike's cock. It clamped and
released. It rolled and gripped and played with him, tugging and twisting until Spike, too,
gave up his tenuous hold on control. Reluctantly, he allowed his orgasm to rush through
him blinding him as he gushed and filled his boy with a copious flood of cool thick sperm.

Together they stayed like that. Motionless as the steed of ecstasy galloped through them
leaving them trampled and limp. Finally after what seemed like forever, Spike's deflating
dick calmed. It had expelled its full load and it gently slid from the sore, abused and happy
hole on a wet squish before both men folded to the floor in a tangle of boneless arms and legs.
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