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The Fable

TITLE: The Fable

Paring: Spander
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Bad language and M/M sexual situations.
Disclaimer: The Bee owns none of the characters used
in this story.

Summary: A new take on the old fable of Rumpelstiltskin.
Xander is held in the tower prison of the evil King Liam and has
been ordered to spin a roomful of straw to gold. Can he do
it? Is there someone who can help?

Other than pointing out grammatical errors, comments are greatly appreciated.
Thanks to Naughty Fae for the pre-read and encouragement

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"What did you say?"

"I said, STRIP. NOW!'

Spike rolled his eyes in disgust. "Look, Xander, my pet, I know you are intoxicated on the
allure of the amazing sex we had and you are anxious to do it again. In fact I must admit that
I am not adverse to the idea of a repeat, however, with so much going on and the time short I
do believe that...."

"Oh for goodness sake, Spike, just shut the fuck up and drop trou. Listen, I took Queen
Drusilla's statement to mean that your shame was something about your cursed body so, I
need to get a really good look at you. That way we can figure this out. So, let's go, pal,
get out of those clothes."

Spike made no immediate move to comply to Xander' orders despite the snapping
fingers, commanding voice and expectant expression.

"I think I'd rather not."

Xander was a bit taken aback at how a grotesque, viscous monster could look so pitiful
and decided compassion might be a better tact. "Spike, I know you are ashamed of the way
you look but that is the whole point. Something about your deformity is the key to
unlocking your destiny, saving my life and changing the course of history for your kingdom
and your people. Now isn't that just a tad more important than your squeamishness at
being closely examined?

Spike growled and muttered curses toward the logical rational boy he had aligned himself
with. Reluctantly,he admitted that there was no refuting the simple facts Xander presented
and, like a sun dial, the shifting position of the strip of light that came in through the slots in
the wall confirmed that the hours were continually marching on.


But when Spike began to pull his shirt over his head, Xander suddenly stopped him.
"Wait!" Grabbing Spike by the forearms, he guided the man-beast over to the furthest
section of the small, round tower room where the maximum amount of illumination was
still present.

Once he had Spike standing in the spotlight, Xander crossed his arms, nodded his head and
took on the serious expression of the castle gynecologist on harem day. "Okay, start undressing."

With a huff, Spike tried to convince himself that this was strictly business and he again
grabbed the hem of his old, worn, linen shirt as he began to lift and again, Xander shouted. "Wait!"

"Oh for the love of.... Now what?" Spike peeked over the wrinkled, bunched neck of
his garment to see what the hell Xander wanted this time and when he did, he was shocked
by the evil grin and the lecherous look in the gleaming, dark eyes.

"Do it slowly." Xander whispered harshly

Spike gulped as the cold chill of embarrassment and fear that had engulfed him started to
melt and a warm heat began to glow in his nether regions. It was accompanied by a
squiggly feeling in the pit of his stomach and the understanding that there was no doubt
that he would comply.

Subtly, Spike stepped his feet to a wider stance and he gave his hips a slight sway. He waited
for the laughter or mocking but none was forthcoming and his self-confidence grew.
The outdated shirt that was a too-tight leftover from his human days clung stubbornly to his
body as he turned and twisted in order to work it upwards, over and off his head in a manner
he thought clumsy and awkward. From the sounds of appreciation, Xander apparently disagreed.

Much to the contrary, Xander watched intently as his cursed prince did what appeared to be
a royal strip tease. The ugliness of the humped and bent back was no competition for the
flex and play of the muscles on Spike's chest and forearms as the shirt was finally discarded
to the floor.

Xander licked his lips. His breathing and heart rate sped up and his palms began to itch.
His own erection was already at half mast and rising quickly. With the blood supply in his
body already rerouting itself away from his brain, Xander couldn't think about
danger, inappropriateness or even logic. All he could do was stare bug eyed and
fascinated at the man who was engaging in an act almost as intimate as the sex they
had shared the night before.

Xander grinned evilly. When he spoke his voice was soft and breathless with desire
and anticipation. "Yeah. That's right. Very good. Now, kick off your boots and then
let's start on those rascally pants, yeah?"

A full head to toe shiver ran through Spike's body as he realized the effect he was having on
his boy. The want and desire in Xander's voice and the expression on his face were not
contrived or faked just to achieve the objective and there was no hint of disgust. He really
did want him.

Spike was wanted. He was accepted. He was.... was it possible?

Spike flinched and nearly doubled over as the demon within him threatened to claw his way
out. The Dibbuk tried to shoot a constant stream of self-doubt and vile accusations against
the boy directly to Spike's mind . It was a much used and always successful practice that
kept Spike under control and squelched any growing threat to his existence caused by
Spike's desire for love and companionship.

But this time, it didn't work. This time, bolstered by the power of Xander's honesty
and innocence, Spike knew Drusilla was right. This boy would save him. And even if all
of this went south and Spike died tomorrow, he would die a whole man. He would die
loved and free of the demon inside him. He wasn't sure how that would happen, or when
that would happen. Only that it would.

Before Xander could question the hesitation in Spike's compliance, a slow, wide, grin took
over the rigid, bony face and both men felt the snap and shift of static in the air. Xander
giggled. He briskly rubbed his palms together and every hair on his body rose. "All righty
now. How about those pants."

Spike's trousers were the same ones he had worn for the last twelve years. They were snug
and several inches too short from his pubescent growth spurt while he lived in the
enchanted forest. At first, in an attempt to maintain what he knew as normal, he would
remove his clothing daily, wash them in the lake and hang them on a tree to dry. After a
time, it shifted from a daily to a weekly ritual and then a monthly. At some point he
stopped washing them all together and he took them off only when he swam naked in the
cold waters of the lakes and streams in the moonlight. He had no one to maintain an
appearance for and considering how gross and disgusting his face and body were, what
did his clothing matter?

Consequently, the trousers had turned to rags probably in need of discarding but from
Xander's pink cheeks and rapidly rising and falling chest, it was clear that the pants real
deterrent was that they were a barrier to a hidden prize and their physical value was moot.

Spike toed off his left boot and kicked it to the side. He owned no socks as they
had disintegrated nearly a decade ago. He repeated the act with his right shoe and now
stood barefoot while Xander's face tipped downward. Although Xander was trying to
remain focused on their mission of pin-point and identify possible names, his attention
span was short and getting shorter. "Okay. Um, yeah. Well, nice feet. I mean REALLY
nice feet. Long, slender......"

Spike wriggled his toes which got an immediate reaction form Xander who pointed at the
two row of flexing digits. "Oh, yeah! Look at them little piggies go. Um, just one thing
I'm noticing here. Did you know that you have six toes on each foot?"

Spike snorted. "Of course I know that. They're my feet."

Xander glanced up into Spike's eyes. "So, is that a big source of shame for you? You
cringe when someone sees your feet? I mean, let's face it, after the little piggy cries wee
wee wee all the way home, you still have a porker left."

Spike rested his fists on his hips. "No shame there, Xan. I pen the pigs, as you call them,
in my boots and I don't give them a second thought."

Xander shrugged. "Yeah, okay. Apparently no name-the-shame there so, now we're down
to the pants. Let's go buddy. You show me yours and I might show you mine."

Spike smiled easily. Although there was a playfulness in Xander's voice, the burning heat in
his dark eyes and the huge tent in the front of his own trousers was proof that his interest was
a tad more than clinical.

For Spike, the nervous shaking in his soft, delicate hands was gone, replaced by a calm
self-assurance as he reached for the braided, hemp belt that held the pants at his waist.
Slowly, his nimble fingers untwisted the knot separating the two ends that now fell apart.
The action opened a peek-a-boo gap at the top of his trousers which revealed a flash
of surprisingly dark skin.

It took only a second for Xander to realize what that glimpse was. "Oh sweet sirens of the
deep!" It was the head of Spike's dick! It was fat, fleshy and apparently trying to get a
glimpse of Xander through the port hole of the trousers. Xander was startled although for
the life of him he couldn't imagine why. After all, that thing had been inside him and the
whole reason for Spike disrobing was to get a look at it and yet, the reality of seeing the
whole thing in its fully erect form was so intimate that it was all he could do not to look away.

And WHOOSH the trousers hit the floor.

Immediately, Xander slapped his hands over his eyes. Luckily he spread his fingers wide
enough that he could easily see between them. "Oh, wow. Its so big!"

With the initial shock absorbed, Xander's hands drifted down to his sides and he leaned
forward. "No wonder if felt like a cannon up my ass. Its HUGE!" Xander reached out
and poked it with his finger causing it to bounce and sway in response. "And besides being
so long, it so FAT! I wouldn't a thought. I mean you really ain't that big a guy to have a
dick this size. Even when I touched it in the dark, I couldn't tell it was so... um,... What's
the word I'm looking for?"

"I... Wha...?" Spike was apparently also grappling for the right terms to use in this
bizarre situation. Luckily, Xander wasn't.

"Girthy! That's it! It's GIRTHY!" With his nose just an inch away, and his fingers dancing
all up and down the length from the base of hairy curls to the hidden slit, Xander continued
to scrutinize the odd body part.

As much as Spike was enjoying the inspection, he still had one or two functioning brain cells
and knew their time was ticking. "Xander. You really need to..."

"The foreskin!"


"Your foreskin. I think that is what makes it so strange and wonderful. Look at all this
extra flippy-flop." Xander had wrapped his fist around Spike's firm, heavy erection and
in demonstration, began to slide his hand up and down moving the glove of rubbery flesh
over the steel rod repeatedly. "Look. I can push it up over the head but there is still plenty
of skin left to twist and turn on the shaft! It's amazing!"

Spike cocked his hips forward and his face down to watch as his boy slowly, methodically
and expertly began to flog the bishop. Concerns about the time and the urgency to solve
the puzzle gradually melted away as Xander's playful manipulation created a wonderful,
euphoric sensation that swamped Spike's body.

"Oh, baby." Spike's hands drifted down. He pressed his forefingers into the creases between
his thighs and balls and he pushed to squish his nuts within their sac. Suddenly, an
outrageous thought popped into Spike's mind and he wondered if he dare to ask. Maybe
he could. Maybe he shouldn't. Oh, what the hell. "Lick me."

Xander had been so intently staring at the marvelous instrument before him that he was
unaware of the profound effect he was having on his cursed prince. When Spike gave the
strange order in the quiet, husky voice, the boy looked up and was stunned to see the
unabashed heat and passion that boiled in those hooded, yellow eyes.

It was a rush of power and power is an incredible aphrodisiac. Xander knew that despite
the fact he was on his knees before a deadly monster, it was he who was dominating this act
and that shocking revelation had his own cock hard as a rock.

When Spike saw the twinkle in the dark eyes staring up at him and knew that the answer
would not be 'no'. Gently, he placed one hand on the top of Xander's head before grabbing
a fist full of hair to hold him in place. Spike then wrapped his thumb and forefinger around
the base of his own cock and aimed the fleshy, fore skinned creature towards Xander's mouth.
"I said I want you to lick me."

Xander batted his eyes demurely. "Yes, Prince William. I am your humble servant and will
do as you command."

Spike gasped at the unexpected manner in which he had been addressed. It felt good. It
felt REALLY good. It felt like respect and no one on earth but Xander could have said it
and lived. "Yessss. Yes, my boy. You have permission to lick my royal cock."

Xander chuckled as his pink full lips parted and his wet, glistening tongue darted
out. Experimentally, the tip licked lightly over the side of the shaft and his taste buds
sizzled as both men moaned in unison.

Xander was floored by the heady smell and exotic taste of the thick, rubbery skin.
It overwhelmed him and yet it seemed the most natural thing in the world to do. Quickly,
he scooted forward on his knees and slapped his tongue flat against the root of the cock.
From there, he slurped and slathered the whole way up to the hooded head. The taste
and sensory overload were astounding. He couldn't get enough and everything about the
oral contact with the fat, meaty cock shot bolts of pleasure through Xander's body straight
down to his own neglected dick.

With no further coaxing, Xander shoved Spike's hand away and he swallowed down as much
as he could wedge into his mouth. The act was awkward, clumsy and indelicate.
Saliva dribbled from the corners of Xander's mouth and several times he gagged when
the dick hit the back of his throat. A stray pubic hair got stuck on his tonsil and another
between his teeth but that only added to the thrill. What the boy lacked in skill or technique,
he more than made up for in tenacity and enthusiasm as he gobbled away at the happy hound.

"Oh, FUCK!" Spike's claws grabbed into Xander's hair and scalp as the monster held on
to prevent his bent, wobbly legs from giving out from under him. He had thought that there
was nothing better than the butt fuck he had enjoyed last night but Spike knew now that
there were all sorts of magic's and spells his pet could offer him.

Spike also knew that even if the curse were lifted from him and he were to live the rest of
his years with a King's harem at his disposal, he would never want anyone but this
wonderful boy. "Yes. Xander. Yes. That feels so... Right there. Oh. Oh. Do that
again. Yes."

Xander's head continued to bob up and down. His nose was tickled by the soft, crisp curls
of Spike's nest while his own hair brushed sensually over and across Spike's belly. His left
hand held Spike's dick at a convenient angle for sucking while Xander's right hand
covertly reached for his own, throbbing cock.

Before long, the rhythm was set. Spike's hips rocked back and forth in time to the slide
of Xander's lips while his hand matched the movement with perfect synchronization. It was
a dance of pure pleasure and bliss accompanied by the humming of a tune whose words
made no logical sense.

Within minutes, the cadence picked up speed. The sucking went deeper and tighter
while Xander's fist pumped himself faster with shorter, choppier strokes. Spike squatted
slightly on his bowed, wide-spread legs as a high-pitched whine escaped his lips. It was
almost that of his sonic call when in bat form.

Xander too could feel the on-coming surge of pleasure and pain as his dick grew harder and
his balls drew snug. He wanted to stop sucking. He wanted to sit back on his heels and focus
on nothing but his own orgasm with no distraction and yet he knew Spike was also close.
As he struggled with the quandary, the problem was resolved when, with a grunt and jerk,
Spike's cock twitched and began flooding Xander's mouth and throat with what seemed
like buckets of salty, cool cum. It was bitter and stringy. It was terrible and terribly good.

It was a shock and Xander struggled to swallow, spit or drown. It poured from his mouth
and as it blended with his own saliva, it splattered onto his hand and cock. It took only a
second for Xander to realize that it offered the perfect lubrication for a magnificent
finish. Releasing the deflating dick from his mouth, Xander spit another blob of cum
onto the head of his own dick and he raced for the finish line.

With his claw-like hands still resting on his boy's head, Spike watched with fascination
as Xander stroked himself to an explosive climax.

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