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The Fable 
8th-Jan-2013 05:22 am
TITLE: The Fable

Paring: Spander
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Bad language and M/M sexual situations.
Disclaimer: The Bee owns none of the characters used
in this story.

Summary: A new take on the old fable of Rumpelstiltskin.
Xander is held in the tower prison of the evil King Liam and has
been ordered to spin a roomful of straw to gold. Can he do
it? Is there someone who can help?

Other than pointing out grammatical errors, comments are greatly appreciated.
Thanks to Naughty Fae for the pre-read and encouragement

Link to previous chapters HERE


"Your Highness! Your Highness!" The familiar voice shouted at the same time the door to
the royal bedchamber was unceremoniously flung wide open.

"Damn, Andrew. What is it this time? You really must stop rushing in here with
nonsense excuses just to try and catch Prince Alexander and I in bed." King William
gently moved away from the handsome young prince who still slept peacefully next to him.
He pushed down the layers of soft sheepskins that warmed the wide, luxurious bed and
he scooted himself to a sitting position as he waited for the annoying page to deliver his

Andrew's face was flushed with excitement and his chest rose and fell as he sucked in and
blew out great heaving breaths of air. He was bouncing on his feet as his arms flailed
wildly. His eyes were huge and it was obvious to King William that the boy, who lived in
a perpetual state of chaos and high drama, was even more frenzied than usual.

Giving a weak effort at appearing offended, Andrew put his small fists on his hips and he
huffed. "It is nearly daybreak and I am here on much more critical matters than something
as childish as trying to see Prince Xander's whoopsie. Just because he has a
wonderfully amazing man-part... Not that I have ever seen it. Okay, yes, I admit I have
but only from a distance when he was swimming and bathing in the royal pond. Oh, and the
time I accidentally caught him changing his trousers after his fencing lesson. Oh, yeah and
there was the time I had to help him dress when the horse stepped on his foot and he
needed assistance. I mean I tried not to look but his legs were wide apart and his trousers
were stretched tightly over his royal stones and the outline of his....."

"ANDREW! Stop that infernal babbling! You have exactly one minute to tell me why you
are here or I swear I will have your hide tanned till you can't sit down." William hissed
his warning in a low tone that he hoped would not awaken his consort but in one that
conveyed his annoyance with the horny, hormonal young page.

The snap back to reality did little to squelch Andrew's excitement and he totally disregarded
his King's threat. A huge grin spread all over the page's face and his clear blue eyes sparkled
as he ran over to the huge lead glass windows. "They're here! They're here, your
Highness. Well, almost here. The scouts have returned just minutes ago to report that
the escorted party from the enchanted forest has crossed the boundaries from the Sunny
Valley. They plan to set up camp in the glen near the castle by late this morning."

William leapt to his feet as he instantly came fully awake and all irritation with the silly boy
was forgotten. This was the day he and his lover had waited so long for. This was the day
the entire Kingdom had waited for, although they didn't know it yet, and suddenly the
memories of all that had happened rushed back to him.

The next chapter of their story began immediately after the evil King Liam had been cursed
and turned to stone to decorate the courtyard as a fountain. King William had been crowned
as the rightful monarch much to the delight and celebration of the kingdom's entire
population. Taxes were lowered, lands were given and prisoners were freed. Crops grew
on the farms for the marketplace and cattle and sheep got fat as a new prosperity was seen by all.

When the new regime was established, William wasted no time in the reorganization of the
court. Everyone who had been loyal to the old crown was dismissed without prejudice.
The scores of worthless Ladies and Lords who did nothing but serve as castle decoration
while suckling from the teat of the hardworking taxpayers were banished. They were
each offered a small hut with ten acres of land to farm, a sack of seed, five chickens and
a hearty 'good luck' pat on the back before their access to the castle was irrevocably revoked.

When Prince Alexander's parents came for the coronation, they were offered a new cottage on
the estate grounds of the castle but they refused. Their cottage in the Sunny Dale was their
home and they were reluctant to make such a drastic change at this time in their lives. In
respect and consideration, King William made arrangement for a small monthly stipend be
sent to the tavern for Tony as well as the employment of a boy from the village who
would supply the meat and wood for their comfort.

In truth, King William saw it as a small effort and cost which was much preferable to the
in-laws moving in. A thought which always caused a shudder to run up his spine.

Some of the hard core who refused to acknowledge the new monarchy such as Guard Riley
Finn had to be banished. A total exile from any land owned by King William on the threat
of death if caught in the crime of trespass. It was a drastic but necessary edict.

Sir Rupert of Giles was a quandary. King William was in favor of removing the mage's
head from his shoulders as the only assurance against the shaman's use of magic to create
chaos or evil against the castle. Xander, who was of a gentler soul and a more innocent
heart begged the King to spare the man's life. Against his better judgement, and in an effort
to appease his consort, William secured the mage within the castle dungeon where, in less
than one cycle of the full moon, William's doubts were proved valid.

After only thirty days, on a cold and unnaturally dark night the magician made his move
against the crown. The sky was heavily overcast, blocking out all sight of the stars and
even the moon refused the slightest shred of illumination. It was a night choked with
an undefined feeling of doom, dread and foreboding.

Upon drawing the short straw, Elmo was given the task of delivering the evening gruel to
the prisoners. With a flaming torch in one hand and the wooden pale of foul soup in the
other, the now loyal guard had waited while his accompanying page, Toby, opened the cell door.

The next few moments were a series of chaotic, tumultuous, and comic reactions. When the
door swung inward, Elmo was stunned to find the cell seemingly empty. In shock, he
dropped the bucket causing the sour smelling gruel to slop out and spill onto the horse hair mat.

Immediately, a fat rat stumbled out from under the wet bedding. Although gagging and
coughing from being soaked in the gruel, the rodent's tiny feet skittered as he rapidly darted
for the threshold that led to freedom.

With an ear-piercing scream, Toby began dancing on bare feet in shear terror that the rat may
run up his leg and bite him on his budding, untested manhood. In his frantic attempt to avoid
the vermin, the young page floundered, tripped and fell with his bony ass landing squarely on
the rat's head, killing the rodent instantly. Later, on closer examination, the rat was found to
have had blue eyes, and a familiar scar on its back.

Obviously, using the last of his magics, the mage, Sir Giles had turned himself into a rodent
with a plan to escape. It was clearly an ill-conceived idea that had not counted on Toby's
phobia or lack of coordination.

William was relieved and delighted.

Although accidental, Toby's squelching of the traitor's plan was hailed as heroic and rewarded
by King William with a promotion while Elmo was given Riley's old job of head guard
despite his eunuch status.

And now a full year had passed. A year since William had returned to the castle of his birth.
A year since Xander had been locked in the tower room to spin the straw to gold.
Twelve months since they had fallen in love, broken the curse of the demon, regained the
throne and righted the kingdom of the O'Connor's.

And together they ruled.

Side by side.

Two thrones now sat in the King's reception room and all the subjects of the land knew that
the royal consort, Prince Alexander governed as his majesty's right hand. Together they had
it all. They had power and happiness, love and passion and yet something was missing.

Family. Children. Heirs.

It was the one thing that William and Alexander, could not have. Although Drusilla remained
in the name-only position of Queen of the castle, neither the King nor the Prince Consort
would lay with her to conceive. Their love, loyalty and fidelity were to each other alone
and even if they had considered such a sacrifice, both men knew their bodies would
not cooperate. Andrew's repeated offer to serve as a royal fluffer was rebuffed.

It was a disturbing situation and one that even stirred murmurs of concern in the villages,
taverns and marketplaces among the King's subjects. It was a quandary that appeared to
have no solution until, one evening, as the two royal men rolled with each other in the throes
of erect passion, the Queen had burst into their bedchamber.

Ignoring their obvious activities, she plopped down on the side of their bed and squealed. "I
have had a dream. A vision. Oh, my dear kittens, we shall have two! An heir and a spare to
fill my belly! A future for the Kingdom. Two who will share the crown when you have gone on."

Xander scowled. He stopped stroking his lover's rumpled foreskin and he rolled over onto
his side cupping his hands over his own proud, hard manhood. They had been only
seconds away from the insertion of the King's royal dick into the Prince's winking,
waiting, wrinkled entrance and the Drusillus-interruptus was greatly resented. "Damn, Dru.
Ever heard of knocking?"

Surprisingly, William who was actually less concerned with the exposure of his erect,
purple, throbbing cock than hearing what she had to say sat up in the bed, stark naked.
Queen Drusilla might be crazy as a shit-house rat, but her prophetic dreams had altered their
lives often enough that William was never one to discount them. "How, pet? How is that possible?"

For the next hour, Drusilla sang. Her hair swayed and her full nightdress billowed around
her ankles as her bare feet padded against the woven rugs that warmed the floor. With her
head tipped back and her eyes closed, she danced around the room as she spoke of stars
and dreams and mystical magical musings that had Xander sighing in exasperation while
his hard-on went limp and soft. He was clearly annoyed.

William's reaction was attentive and interpretive. He knew that somewhere, in the midst of all
of the seemingly random mutterings, flowed the waterfall of truth and revelation.

Suddenly, he sprang from the bed to land on his feet as his brain assembled the pieces of
the puzzle into an amazing picture. "Of course! YES! Oh, Dru, you brilliant, batty queen, you!"

Every hair on Xander's body bristled at the sparkle in his lover's eyes and he rose to his
knees. With his feet wide apart on the bed, Xander flaccid penis swayed, all but
forgotten between his thighs. "What? Will, what is it? What the fuck does it mean? What
the fuck is she talking about?"

Wasting no time on wordy, lengthy explanations, or even internally chastising himself for
not thinking of the obvious, William jerked open the door of their bedchambers and he
shouted. "ELMO! WARREN! Prepare the horses! Wake up the royal guards! Organize
a party! You are going on a journey!!"

By dawn, the carefully chosen riders collected outside the castle walls. They had been given
the details of their destination while the King himself emphasized how critical the mission

Elmo, as head of the castle guard, would take point. Upon receiving his orders, he carefully
and securely tucked the rolled parchment that contained the King's request, within his shirt
for safe keeping and the entourage mounted up. They bid a last farewell and with a pledge
of loyalty and a promise of success, off they rode.

Together, William and Alexander waved and watched as the trusted guards steered their
horses toward the North and the nerve wracking waiting began.

Four long months passed and each day was tallied and counted. Each rise and setting of the
sun was marked as Andrew was sent to the upper most level of the castle to scan the horizon
for any sign of the riders. It was a ritual that took place irregardless of the wind or rain or
snow or ice and each day, twice a day, the bad news of no news was reported to the royal couple.

Sometimes, when Prince Alexander's hopes would begin to wane, Queen Drusilla would
bolster him with assurances' that her dreams were still strong and certain.

King William never lost hope. He knew his friends and the power they possessed. What to
any other normal human being would seem like a joke or an impossibility, to William
was perfectly rational and reasonable.

Then, finally, at the crack of dawn at the beginning of their eighteenth week, the long
awaited answer came. Arriving on the pink streaks and hues of daybreak, the far
distant movement of a cluster of riders and wagons sent the young page scrambling
down the several sets of narrow, winding steps to the residential level of the castle.
Just as his feet hit the last foyer, four advance guards reached the drawbridge.

As he shouted the good news at the top of his lungs, Andrew burst into the royal
bedchamber. "They're here! They're here, your Highness. Well, almost here. The scouts
have returned just moments ago to report that the escorted party from the enchanted forest
has crossed the boundaries from the valley. They should all set up camp in the glen near
the castle by late this morning."

William was thrilled. His face beamed and his blue eyes sparkled as he reached around and
gave a sharp smack to the bare cheek of Xander's butt. "Get up! Wake up! They have
returned home! Hurry! Hurry! We must prepare for their arrival!"

A naked Prince Alexander shot bolt upright in bed much to Andrew's delight and
immediately, both William and Xander were all arms and legs as they flew about the room.
They tripped over themselves and bumped repeatedly into each other in a comic cluster-fuck of activity.

As they dressed, William shouted orders to Andrew. "Have the welcoming committee
notified! Prepare the food and drink! Assemble the servants!"

Prince Alexander paused as he threw on the final layer of robes and he frowned. "Seems
like there is something we are forgetting."

King William frowned. "Food. Drinks. Welcome. Party. I don't know...."

Xander chuckled and he snapped his fingers. "What about Queen Drusilla? I think we
might need her for this."

William's mouth gaped open. "Good Lord! Of course, the Queen! Andrew! Find the
Queen's handmaidens! Tell them to wake her! Get her dressed! No! Get her undressed!
Get her ready! Give her wine! Get her lubricated!"

Xander scowled at the bizarre antics of his beloved and he placed a calming hand on the
King's shoulder. "Will, sweetheart, none of that is necessary. It isn't like we are actually
going to lay with her. Calm down. If you are too stressed, things might not...... work.
Besides, we aren't doing the ritual this very minute."

King William took a deep breath. His cheeks were pink and his fingers flexed repeatedly
with sizzling excitement and anticipation. "You're right of course. We must not be too
anxious. We wouldn't want to be so tense that our bodies.. fall short."

Xander nodded his agreement. Considering everything and everyone who had gotten involved
in this project, and all that was at stake for the future of the kingdom, failure was simply not
an option. "T'is so. We must fullfill our obligation. The world is counting on us."

"Okay. Okay." William rubbed the back of his neck and tried to relax. When it appeared
he would not pass out from the pressure of expectation and performance, Prince Alexander
took his royal lover by the hand and, in his haste, nearly jerked the King off his feet.

"Come on. Let's go." Together they rushed from the royal bedchamber with Andrew hot on
their heels. Without pause, they sped through the labyrinth of castle hallways past the rooms
and alcoves and finally arrived at the castle entrance just as the honored party of guests was
being escorted over the drawbridge.

When he saw them, William was overcome with emotion and delight. He forgot about his fear
of failure and the anxiety of potentially embarassing himself with a limp, uncooperative
cock as he charged forward with his arms open wide "Oz! My friend! Willow! Tara!
Welcome! All of you WELCOME! Come in! Come in!"
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