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The Fable

TITLE: The Fable

Paring: Spander
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Bad language and M/M sexual situations.
Disclaimer: The Bee owns none of the characters used
in this story.

Summary: A new take on the old fable of Rumpelstiltskin.
Xander is held in the tower prison of the evil King Liam and has
been ordered to spin a roomful of straw to gold. Can he do
it? Is there someone who can help?

Other than pointing out grammatical errors, comments are greatly appreciated.
Thanks to Naughty Fae for the pre-read and encouragement

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William was overcome with emotion and delight as he charged forward with his arms open
wide "Oz! My friend! Willow! Tara! Welcome! All of you WELCOME! Come in! Come in!"

The entourage from the enchanted forest was the most incredible thing anyone, including
Xander had ever seen. Although the King had specifically held court with all of the castle
staff and advised them against showing any prejudice or shock toward the special guests,
the collective gasps and ogling were understandable and forgiven.

One by one the wagons and riders crossed over the drawbridge like a caravan of gypsies
as the servants of the King's court waved and tossed rose petals beneath the horses hooves
while the pages ran ahead showing them the way.

Once the strange party was settled in, the rest of the afternoon was spent in celebration.

Introductions were made and while Oz clomped off to enjoy his reunion with William and get
to know Xander, the fairies and wood nymphs shared tea with the Queen as if they were
old friends.

The visitors toured the castle and the grounds while the servants hustled about to see to
the honored guest's every need no matter how unusual and it didn't take long before
everyone noticed Andrew's delight in catering to Oz.

When the group first arrived, the young page blushed hotly at the pan's nudity as he
humbly offered his services as royal mane brusher or tail clipper. The grooming was
a suggestion Oz eagerly accepted. It had been ages since anyone had pampered him
and, although Andrew was a human, Oz didn't find the page entirely unattractive.

By early evening, it was time to get down to business and discuss the real reason the
entourage from the enchanted forest had been summoned. King William collected every
one in to the throne room where he sat on the edge of the dais as he addressed them.
"I appreciate you all coming here. When Queen Drusilla came to us and described her
dream, our hearts soared. It was the answer to our prayers. I know asking you to leave
your homes and come all this way was an incredible hardship for you and whether or not
you are successful, you will always have our undying gratitude. There was no one else we
could turn to. For so long, I was one of you and I know the things you can do in nature.
Xander and I just pray that you will..."

King William's voice cracked and he lowered his head, overcome with hope and
emotion. Lovingly, Xander reached over to interlock his fingers with the King's and
he squeezed as he finished the thought for his lover. "We know you will do what you can
and that is all we could ask of you."

Willow's gossamer wings fluttered. She smiled as several of the twinkling, colorful
fairies landed on her shoulders and nested in her thick, long red hair. The air their wings
stirred was scented with lavender and the sound of tinkling bells.

At less than five feet tall Willow was tiny next to the humans but huge in comparison to
the fairies and therefore, she stood as their spokesperson. "Oh, Spike, of course we will
help. You are still one of us. We miss you in the forest and we are delighted to give you
what you need and want. Aren't we?" In response, the cluster of tiny figures bounced and
sang in a chorus of happy, tinny voices. Their movement fluffed her hair and tickled her neck.

Xander scooted over so that his leg pressed up against his King's while his inter-twined
fingers gripped William's nervously. "So, how do we do this? Will said I wouldn't have
to actually touch Dru or..."

"Hey! Just because I don't have a dingle doesn't make me diseased!" The Queen huffed
and flipped her long black hair over her shoulder. She adjusted the crown on her head and
stuck her tongue out at Xander.

Before the mood could turn ugly, Willow laughed and interceded. "No, no. It's simple really.
It is like a butterfly or a bumblebee that pollinates the flowers. It is nature more than magic
and it is our gift to our dear friend Spike, his sweet prince and the kingdom of the O'Connors."

With the potential disagreement defused, Willow gave a quick explanation of the procedure.
Her soft, gentle voice spouted orders like a royal drill sergeant. She decided who went where
and when. She left no stone unturned and no confusion in what she expected.

Finally, with everyone presumably ready, the group broke up to prepare but, at the last
moment, William took her aside. In a quiet whisper he made just one more request. It was
a codicil to their contract and something he hadn't discussed with anyone but the prince consort.

It was an additional bid that brought a smile to her lips and a slight nod of her head. It too would be done.

So, as everything was settled, Xander and William headed straight for their bedchamber.

Drusilla and Willow went to the room that had been set up next door and the fairies flew
about like fire flies just outside the adjoining windows. Oz and Andrew, who really had no
part in the event, slipped off to the courtyard together where their feet and hooves trotted
off towards the more secluded areas of fountains and shrubbery.

The servants had followed William's detailed instructions to the tee and the King's bedroom
was staged to perfection. The heavy, purple drapes were drawn and the room was lit dimly
with dozens of candles. A crackling fire offered warmth against the damp cold of the
English night and the cool, crisp, clean linen sheets were sprinkled with fragrant red rose petals.

Gently, William tugged the silk robe over his lover's head and tossed it to the floor before
quickly undressing himself. He ran his palms over his consort's firm chest and felt a
slight shudder run through his body. Taking both Xander's hands, William walked
backwards until his legs felt the edge of their bed.

"Are you still nervous, my prince?" William whispered into his lover's ear as they slid
naked beneath the bed covers. "Oh, I see not." The answer came as William's hand
skimmed down Xander's body and was pleased to find the boy's erection already firm, rigid
and waiting.

"The sight of your naked form always enflames me, my King." Xander closed his eyes at
the familiar touch of love. When William's lips pressed down on his, Xander's body reacted
as it always did. The fire in his loins ignited, his back arched upwards and the surface of his
skin felt like a million raw nerve endings all sparking at once. His legs spread and his
hands reached up to grab and hold onto the iron bars of the bed frame.

Without breaking the kiss, William threw his leg over and he straddled his consort. Humping
his ass slowly, William rotated his hips to rub his ball sac over Xander's hard cock tickling
the sensitive hot shaft with his bristly pubic hair. Intermittently, when William tipped
forward just right, the wrinkled, rubbery head of the King's cock would brush against Xander's belly.

Much to the prince consort's delight, the thick flesh of Spike's foreskin was the one attribute
of the demon that had remained after his transformation. That and one extra toe.

When the kiss finally broke to afford for oxygen, William nibbled the young man's neck and
ear lobe. "I love you, my Prince. My handsome, wonderful boy.

Xander giggled and squirmed. "You are still my Rumpelforeskin."

William pulled back in mock outrage before pouncing and digging his bony fingers into
Xander ribs as he tickled the boy mercilessly. "Why you insolent little pup! How dare you
insult the royal cock!"

"Ahhh! Stop! Stop! T'was no insult, your majesty! T'is a magnificent foreskin. T'is a flesh
of destiny. Of regal standing, proud enough to wear a crown on it's own lovely mushroom head."

Xander's silly joking statement caught William so off guard that he ceased his tickling torture
and he blinked as he silently resolved to speak to the royal blacksmith about forging just such
a tiny crown with which he and his consort could play.

In response to William's hesitation, Xander softly placed his large warm hand on his
King's cheek. "My Lord. Remember why we are here. Our love is our commitment to
each other but this time it is for our kingdom, our subjects and the future of the monarchy.
It is so important."

William gave a short nod of his head and returned all of his focus to the serious task at hand.

Both men were in unspoken agreement. There was no need for any further foreplay.
Their bodies were firm and healthy and ready. Their balls were heavy with the promise of
robust sperm that wiggled and swam in two pools of fertile semen waiting to blend together
into one fruitful soup.

In the backs of their minds they were reminded of all the people, both human and not, who
were impatiently waiting for what the King and his consort had to offer. It was a big task
and an overwhelming responsibility.

This coupling was about what the sex and passion could provide and there was no more time
for sweet kisses and nibbled ears. Neither man wanted to whisper gentle words of comfort
or compassion. This was about volume. About spilling as much combined royal seed as
possible and the King and his consort were confident they were up for the task.

From then on, they were harsh. They pushed on each other as the rough, woodcutter's
hands grappled and gripped at the slim, muscular body on top of him while the soft, regal
palms prodded and shoved the bigger man into position.

And so it began in earnest.

William grunted as he nudged and Xander complied by pulling his knees up tightly towards
his chest. "Oh, fuck. Yes, Spike. You are still my Spike. My lover. My savior. My cum
is as common as the dry straw of the fields but you can spin it into the golden hair of a child."

William felt the powerful memory of their first coupling surge through his veins. He had been
a beast. An ugly monster and his boy was the epitome of purity and innocence who had so
freely and lovingly given himself. It had changed their lives. It had shifted the tides of
their world.

"What is that?" Xander watched as William grabbed something from a wooden bowl by
their bedside.

William's eyes sparkled mischievously. "It is a gift brought by Oz from the forest. It is the
sap of an aloe plant. It is lighter than the animal fat we use and slicker than the oil pressed
of the olives. Feel it, my love. Feel it."

As William spoke, two of his fingers slid smoothly into his consort's body. It glistened on
the outside ring of muscle and it coated and wet the interior of his lover's channel in
preparation. Following his King's lead, Xander dipped his hand in the cool, soothing oil and
he wrapped his fist around the thick excessive skin on William's cock.

He rubbed and massaged making sure that every inch of the girthy member from the root to
the slit was dripping and moist. As soon as William pulled his hand away, Xander lined the
head of the dick up to his welcoming hole. He did his best to relax his body so that the ring
of muscle would accept what was about to be inserted and he smiled. "I'm ready, my love."

The entry was fast and deep as William plunged, burying himself to the hilt. He paused for
only moment as his boy arched and whimpered from the sensation of being overstuffed
and splitting at the seams.

After a slight period of adjustment. William got down to business. It was the business
of procreation with a partner who could not conceive. It was moans and groans, cursing
and swearing. It was William frantically pistoning into his lover's body while Xander
thrust upwards as he took his own cock in his hand so briskly that, for a moment, he
feared friction burns.

The room was hot from the fire in the hearth and the heat in their loins. Their faces were
flushed and both their bodies were covered with a sheen of sweat. William's hands were
flat on the bed at the sides of Xander's head. The prince's feet were braced on his
lover's shoulder's which afforded him the cramped, buckled position of raising his ass
as high and accessable as possible.

Together, ignoring the mysitical creatures that listened to them from outside the windows
as well as next door, the two men rocked in a frantic, fusion of flesh and passion.

In less than five minutes, they each felt the warning signs. The tingle in their balls, the sharp
zip in their spines, the curling spasms in their toes. It was heavenly, erotic and hungry.

At the last second, William remembered their reason for this frantic coupling and he pulled
his cock out just as Xander's body went rigid. Simultaneously, they pumped and spilled
string after string of pearly, thick fluid to pool and puddle onto Xander's stomach.

Quickly, William sat back on his heels, his erection still poked outward in a state of
pre-deflation and the two of them watched in awe as the cloud of sparkling, fluttering
fairies swooped in to the room.

With the speed of a hummingbird, their wings beat rapidly against Xander's skin as he
squirmed and twitched. In an attempt to hold himself still, he gripped the bars of the
headboard above his head and fought the urge to swat at the mass of caressingly
delightful creatures. "Eep. Hee hee. Ack. It tickles! It tickles!"

And then, in a blink, they were gone, out the window and into the night as Xander's head
snapped in the direction they had flown. "Did they...? Are they...?'

William leapt from the bed and rushed to the open, stained glass panel just in time to see
the cluster of lights sweep into the room next door where, as it had been explained to the
royal couple, the fairies would brush their wispy wings over the Queen's belly and
magically pollinate the men's seed within her.

William grinned as he looked back over his shoulder at his debauched lover on the bed.
"They went to her. I saw them go to the Queen. I hope it works. Oz promised it would
work. I guess we just wait and see."

With an evil grin, William winked and waggled his eyebrows. "In the mean time why don't
we conjure up a bit of magic just for ourselves?"

"Whoop!" Xander shouted his approval as his Highness darted to the bed and pounced on
the royal consort for round two.

After that, time in the kingdom of the O'Connor's marched on as it does in all kingdoms.

As the spring time warmed the air and the sun again shone down on the land much within
the castle had changed.

Validation of the Queen's dream and the wood nymph's promise came in the dark of the
night when two, strong young infants were delivered of her. The first, blond, fair and pale
came with a strong cry followed, just minutes later by a dark haired babe who slid out
and proceeded to boot the first born in the butt causing a screech of outrage.

The royal lineage was assured and the kingdom rejoiced. A countrywide celebration was
held that extended even as far as the enchanted forest and Andrew, who had gone to live with
Oz cried with joy.

In addition, Willow made good on the request that was whispered to her. On the very night
of the birth of the two young royals, Elmo was awakened to the odd sensation of a tingling
and changing of his body. When he threw back his bedclothes, he was astounded to see that
he too had gained a pair of crowned jewels. His reward for his loyalty to the King. The
regrowth of his missing balls.

Immediately Elmo sprang from his bed, stuck his head out his window and shouted for all
the world to hear. "I gots NUTS! Praise King William! I gots NUTS!"

As for Queen Drusilla, she florished in her position as a mother. She dismissed the wet
nurses and nannies and she lovingly cared for the boys herself although it was understood
that the King and his consort were their true parents and the kingdom's only monarchs.

It was a new beginning for them all. It was years of peace, joy and prosperity for all who lived
in the kingdom of the O'Connor's. And, for generations to follow, the honored name
of Rumple Foreskin was a story oft told round the campfires, in the pubs and passed
from parent to child as a moral lesson that good will triumph over evil.

And King William and his consort, Prince Alexander lived happily ever after.

The end of another Bee story. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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