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You know they're doin' it
Title: Adventures in The Dewy Decimal System Warnings:… 
17th-Jan-2013 06:24 pm
Title: Adventures in The Dewy Decimal System

Warnings: All Human AU.

Pairing: (W/X)

Rating: T to be safe, but nothing exciting really going on here.

Beta'd: Spike_1790. Any mistakes found are a result of my ineptitude not an over site by the beta.

Author: New_Unchanged

Status: WIP. Part one of three

Synopsis: What happens when two people from different backgrounds meet, even though they hate each other, and fall completely in love? Can their love overcome their differences

Prompt: By Angels: Xander works at a library. William (or Spike, if that's your preference) uses his love of literature to cover for his crush on Xander. Xander's completely oblivious until one of his co workers points it out.

Note: Heavily inspired by a love story I read. Link= http://www.lovepanky.com/love-couch/story-love-stories/when-two-worlds-meet-true-romantic-love-story  

Title: Adventures With the Dewey Decimal System

Synopsis: What happens when two people from different backgrounds meet, even though they hate each other, and fall completely in love? Can their love overcome their differences?

Prompt: By Angels: Xander works at a library. William (or Spike, if that's your preference) uses his love of literature to cover for his crush on Xander. Xander's completely oblivious until one of his co workers points it out.

Note: Heavily inspired by a love story I read. Link= http://www.lovepanky.com/love-couch/story-love-stories/when-two-worlds-meet-true-romantic-love-story

nbsp;          William first saw the exquisite male specimen standing in front of him in the school library. The man was working in the college’s library either as part of an internship or a student work program. William thought he looked like a decadent chocolate dessert waiting to be eaten: tall, dark, broad and handsome, surrounded by the greatest literary works of the 19th and 20th century. There was nothing hotter than a man who knew his way around a good book.

nbsp;          William had thought he was going to have another reason to hang out in the stacks at the library in between his classes, but as it turned out he didn’t have to stalk the hunky stranger- the pseudo librarian was also in a few of his post graduate literature class. At first William thought the gods were smiling on him, letting him get close to the object of his lust, but then the stupid git opened his mouth.

nbsp;          Xander, as it turns out the man’s name was, had to be the antithesis of everything William thought a proper literary post grad should be, but unfortunately that didn’t matter. W and X were close enough in the alphabet to make Xander William’s almost constant partner in class. It turned out that Xander didn’t think too highly of William either. 

nbsp;          They were supposed to be talking about the significance of cheese to the plot of the novel Restless, by Joss Whedon. William prepared notes and an in depth plot analysis. Xander hadn’t even bought the book yet.

nbsp;          “What do you mean you didn’t do the reading”, William said in an exasperated tone.

nbsp;          “Dude, who actually does the required reading?” Xander replied.

nbsp;          “LITERATURE MAJORS YOU Sodding coot!”  William exclaimed, “It’s kind of our reason d’etre here. We read books and then we pick them apart and analyze them. It’s implied you actually like reading when you sign up for the degree program!”

nbsp;          “Whoever told you that in order to succeed in a literary theory graduate degree you have to actually read must have been a teacher or an under-achiever. Do you realize that I am taking a full course load and professors are oblivious to the fact that other professors require us to work for their classes too? If I actually did all the required reading for these classes I wouldn’t have time for some of my more favorite pastimes- like having a social life,” Xander explained.

nbsp;          “That is by far the most infuriating thing I have ever heard. Why on earth would you pick this major if you don’t actually enjoy reading?”

nbsp;          “I never said I didn’t enjoy reading. I love to read and I could wax philosophically on a number of different works from the cannon. That withstanding, I don’t have to love every piece of classic literature some old professor deemed was important for me to read and analyze. Secondly I am not working on this degree to get a career analyzing literature forever. I picked this program because I promised my grandpa I would get my degree before he died, and anyone skilled in the finer arts of bullshit can do the work required to get their degree.”

nbsp;          “That is the laziest and most cavalier reason for entering a program ever! I joined this program because I have a deep love of the English language, a love of the way the masters crafted that language into works of art. It annoys me that to you it’s just a game.”

nbsp;          “Aw, William I didn’t mean to annoy you”, Xander sneered, “Want to know what else is going to be annoying for you? Correcting all those teenagers who order larges form the Starbucks you work at after graduation- no matter how hard you try you will never get them to call it a venti.”

nbsp;          That’s the way it went for them most of the semester. Xander thought William was a snooty bookworm out of touch with reality, and William thought Xander was a lazy cad whom coasted by on his wit and charisma. It annoyed William that he found Xander so attractive. Xander invaded his thoughts in classes even when they weren’t working together and during his study time in the library sometimes William would just watch Xander working and often drift off into his fantasy world. Just thinking about him made him both impossibly angry and impossible hard. It wasn’t until the end of the semester until William saw something about Xander other than his looks.

The first time he evoked a positive, if incredulous, response from William was in their stylistics class where they were asked to write an original essay, in the prose style of William Shakespeare. Xander turned out to have a cunning quick wit and could marvelously turn a phrase that the bard himself would be jealous of. 

Shall I compare thee to my monthly pay? Thou art cheaper and more desperate. Rough times do come our way, and we shall part ways at any rate.” Xander recited, “Just as good as ‘Sonnet 18’ if I do say so myself. What did you come up with something?”

“I wrote something, but it’s not very good. I wasn’t trying to be funny like you so I tried my hand at writing a real sonnet”, William explained reluctantly.

“Well share…turnabout is fair play”

Sighing William recited his poem, “My soul is wrapped in harsh repose, Midnight descends in raven colored clothes, But soft…Behold! A sunlight beam, Cutting a swath of glimmering gleam, My heart expands, Its grown a bulge in it, Inspired by your beauty, Effulgent”.

nbsp;          “Will, that’s not bad you have a real gift for poetry” Xander said as he stared it to William’s eyes a fraction to long. William must have been holding his breath because when Xander looked away he let it out with a longing sigh.

nbsp;          “It’s bloody awful, and I know it.”

nbsp;          “You’re British right? What are you doing in Southern California?”

nbsp;          “I moved with my father; he founded some school for gifted young women”, William snorted, “He had some dream of having ‘Giles Academy for the Chosen Girls’ but he ended up a private tutor for some rich girls and eventually a high school librarian”.

“Is that why you love literature so much?”
“No, I love literature because it’s an escape from all the shit I had to put up with growing up”.

“What do you mean?”

“I never really measured up to my father’s expectations of me. I wasn’t a manly man, I couldn’t fence, I couldn’t play football, and I had no desire to pass on my family name and sire a brood of children. Books let me escape to places where it didn’t matter whether I lived up to people’s expectations or not.”

ldquo;You make it sound like he disowned you for being bad at football or something?”

“No, he did that when he found out I was gay, but I digress.”

“I guess I can see why you got so bent out of shape when I was making light of the lit major.”

“I still can’t figure out what you’re planning on doing with your degree if you don’t want to get into the field of literary criticism and analysis.”

“I want to be a teacher. I had one who made the biggest difference in my life. I wasn’t popular is school, and I was picked on by the jocks and beat up frequently”, Xander explained softly. “I only had two friends, Jesse and Willow. When I came out of the closet Jesse couldn’t handle it and bailed on me. I guess he couldn’t accept that I was even more different than everyone else. Safe to say the fact that one of my only two friends abandoned me didn’t sit well. I was severely depressed and this one teacher helped me through a rough patch. He helped me see that other people’s limitations shouldn’t limit myself worth. It made me decide to want to get into teaching so that I can help other kids struggling to find themselves.”

William thought he had it bad for Xander before, he was positively smitten now that he knew the dark haired man had a brain to go with his pretty face. Now William’s thoughts drifted to Xander at every possible moment. William was even starting to dream of Xander. His broad shoulders, his milk chocolate eyes, and thick brown hair haunted William even when he thought he could get a reprieve in his sleep.

Xander was also learning to appreciate William’s finer points as well. He appreciated how passionate and fiercely intelligent the thin blond man was. William eviscerated the other speakers during their public speaking class debate. William had a way with words and wasn’t afraid to use them, he could clearly see how William, as a boy, must have used words as a shield and sword against his harsh environment, and even as an escape. Xander realized there was more to William than the wit and intellect when their class had to rewrite a classic story as a picture book and then read it to a group of kids.

William, as cold and academic as he seemed, came alive when he was around the children. He was warm and soft. He read the story with the skill of mother goose herself, pausing at the right parts, using voices for each character, and talking to the kids so they understood him, without talking down to them. Seeing the less serious side of William made Xander see what he had previously overlooked. William was quite handsome and even funny. Xander realized that he may or may not have a crush on William; although it didn’t matter given the fact that Xander still thought William assumed Xander was a mental inferior.

As Xander warmed up to William in class, William gained the confidence to pursue his quest outside of class. Given that the two were finally getting along and even seemed to have a decent amount of things in common William decided that he was going to try and court Xander or at least get him to agree to going on a date.

William took action the week before finals, cornering Xander in the stacks of the school library. He tried his best to be suave and dashing but instead came across a bit creepy.

18th-Jan-2013 05:07 am (UTC)
Great first chapter. I can't wait for part 2
19th-Jan-2013 12:43 am (UTC)
Will be up tomorrow or Sunday.
18th-Jan-2013 08:48 am (UTC)
Caused by your other fic I've read this too. I'm not so much into human AU but I liked this so far and if there will be more, I'll read more!
Well done and I enjoyed it.

19th-Jan-2013 12:45 am (UTC)
This was almost a Riley/ Xander story, but I felt bad because I took the prompt from Spander files.
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