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Chapter 9

Author: marie_macgivens
Title: Moonlight

Chapter: Chapter 9 >revised<

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating:N/C 17

Disclaimer:not mine just playing with em

Warnings non-con, torture, language, angst, m/m, violence

Xander goes away for the summer and comes back with different ideas. While finding out things are not like he left them.Some friends are not as he thought they where while some enemies aren't as bad as they made out

A/N: Still no beta =( and a little rusty but hopeful so read on and as always let me know what you think!

Everything was suddenly still in the shop it was as if the room its self was holding its breath. Nobody moved for a moment then finally with a low growl Xander tossed Buffy’s hand away from himself.

Clutching her quickly bruising arm to her chest Buffy stayed where she was shaking her head from side to side as if dazed. Xander made his way over to the shivering vamp huddled on the stairs behind Dawn and Diana. The dog Diana had brought stood stiffly on guard beside the group watching the room with hard eyes.

“Come on let’s get out of here.” Xander said as he gathered the cold form under his arm. They had almost made it past where Buffy knelt when she raised her head and looked over at them


It was just barely a whisper full of confusion Buffy looked from person to person still dazed


Buffy whispered again this time a little louder.

Dawn froze slowly she turned to look at her sister.


All she could see was a streak of red as Willow hurtled past to throw herself down next to the kneeling slayer.

“OH! Buffy are you ok, here let me help. XANDER! How could you do something like this! What’s the matter with you?” Willow continued to rant at Xander and coo at Buffy until she had managed to get Buffy to her feet and headed out the door “Come on Buffy I’ll get you home ok? I know a good spell that will have you fixed right up.”

Xander just shook his head as he watched the display tighting his arm around Spike he again started for the door.

“Stop right there.”

Xander sighed; “Not now Giles.”

“Yes Bloody well now! I want to know what’s going on this instant!” With that Giles, tossed his glasses on top of the desk to stock over to the group. He didn’t even make half a dozen steps when Xander whirled around hackles raised.

“WHY?” he roared “Why the hell do you need to know now?! You haven’t given a good golly damn all Freaking summer! What? What? Was it just because your poor chosen one bit off more that she could chew this time? I guess you think I should have just let her go ahead and break my arm? After all I’m just the Zeppo right? Just cannon fodder right?” With each question Xander advanced on the Watcher. Each question drove the Watcher back like a blow.

“What do you mean this time… Buffy wouldn’t have… You’re not… Your eyes …” Giles stumbled over his words shaking his head looking pale and in shock.

“You didn’t know?” it was said very softly “You really didn’t know”

Dawn stepped around Xander whose hackles where still up but slowly calming. Giles shook his head before letting it drop into his hands as he stumbled into the desk almost falling into his chair beginning to noticeably shake.

“I don’t know…I… My head is about to bloody burst!”

“Oh! Giles!”

Anya rushed forward placing her arm around the shivering man.

Diana stepped forward “If I may?”

She reached out placing her hands over Giles head “Have you often been having headaches, confusion, and blackouts?”

Anya nodded “How did you…?”

“Hmm” Diana’s hands began glowing softly “Yes, I thought so. You have a nasty little spell on you Mr. Giles; it’s a mix of several spells really. I think…yes... There that should help a bit.”
Gradually as the tremors eased Diana peeked over her shoulder towards Spike, who was still behind

“Could you make some a pot of tea with a little something in it for Mr. Giles; if you please?”

“Can’t luv, the Watcher has to ask for it.” Spike replied as he rested his head against Xander’s back worn down by the night’s events already.

“Of course and why would anyone think Spike would be even the least bit helpful without making a body pay for it is beyond me: Bad Spike.” Giles said without even looking up the scorn plain in his voice.

As soon as Giles had finished Spike went down convulsing painfully, hands clutched tight to his head. Xander caught him before Spike hit the ground cradling suffering form to himself rocking slightly.

“Spike! Oh God! What happened? Is it the chip? Why’s it zappin him he didn’t even hurt anybody?!” Xander said

Dawn knelt down with them placing a hand on Xander’s shoulder “We told you She re-programmed it. They all have command words and phrases for it now.” Dawn gently passed the other hand over Spikes hair in a practiced move.

With this Xander’s head whipped around towards the older man: eyes flaring, teeth bared an inhuman snarl ripped from his throat. “What!”

Only a soft whine Spike kept him from launching himself across the room “Xan….please? Please Xan?”

Spike croaked weakly nudging against the hand closest to his face. In answerer Xander harshly bit in to the skin of his wrist pressing the now bleeding flesh to the pale lips allowing the Hyena to push through even more giving the blood a boost of power. Spike took only a mouthful before trying to pull away.

“Come on Blondie take more than that I’m alright; that little bit won’t help much.” Xander soothed while keeping one eye on the stunned Watcher.

Spike shuddered a bit before relaxing back in to Xander beginning to work softly at the wound. “That’s it” Xander breathed as he growled out a low chuffing almost purr.

At this Giles surged unsteadily to his feet “Xander what are you doing get away from…!” That was as far as he made it when the dog Diana had brought with her stepped in front of the downed pair head low fur stiff. Black smoke curled up from under its paws and between the curled lips, amber eyes glowed brightly as it seemed to grow in size now all most as large as a small pony.

“ Oh I wouldn’t if I were you, I really wouldn’t” Diana stated quietly to the Watcher.

“What? Is that? Is that what I think it is?” Giles gasped falling back into his chair.

“What Giles you don’t like my present to Spike?” Xander said almost cruelly “And yes it is.”
Xander nuzzled the top of Spike’s head as he gently removed the healing wrist from the now pink tinted mouth.

“Leave it to you pet, to get me a real Hellhound” Spikes voice was still rough but stronger.

Xander leaned down brushing his lips against Spike’s ear “I’m fixing that thrice damned chip as soon as we get home.” He said quietly

Spikes eyes flared wide he jerked back slightly staring stunned at the man in front of him.

Meanwhile Diana had stepped closer to Giles making slight motions with her hands fingers weaving patters smoothly. “Mr. Giles If you could please look this way just one moment, that’s right, yes.” She began swaying just a calm small motion quickly the Watchers eyes lost their focus. Diana raised her hands still weaving their pattern touching over Giles heart, ears, eyes, mouth, and finally head

“As he once was
So again shall he be
Free of mind
Free of heart
Free of will
As he once was so now
Again he shall be
As I will so mote it be.”

Giles gulped in a large breath rocking back blinking slowly he looked around the room.

“Good lord, is that a Hellhound?”

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