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Title: Adventures in The Dewy Decimal System Part 2

Warnings: All Human AU.

Pairing: (W/X)

Rating: T to be safe, but nothing exciting really going on here.

Beta'd: Spike_1790. Any mistakes found are a result of my ineptitude not an over site by the beta.

Author: New_Unchanged

Status: WIP. Part one of thre

Synopsis: What happens when two people from different backgrounds meet, even though they hate each other, and fall completely in love? Can their love overcome their differences

Prompt: y Angels: Xander works at a library. William (or Spike, if that's your preference) uses his love of literature to cover for his crush on Xander. Xander's completely oblivious until one of his co workers points it out.

Note Heavily inspired by a love story I read. Link http://www.lovepanky.com/love-couch/story-love-stories/when-two-worlds-meet-true-romantic-love-story 

As Xander warmed up to William in class, William gained the confidence to pursue his quest outside of class. Given that the two were finally getting along and even seemed to have a decent amount of things in common, William decided that he was going to try and court Xander, or at least get him to agree to going on a date.

William took action the week before finals, cornering Xander in the stacks of the school library. He tried his best to be suave and dashing but instead came across a bit creepy. Xander was shelving a stack of poetry books when William cornered hm. William decided he was going to try and charm him with his wit. With all his confidence, William tapped Xander on the shoulder and said what he though was a witty and charming pick up line exuding his confidence.  Instead he barely mumbled what Xander thought was the campest line he ever heard

“I see you have a book of John Donne’s poetry. Why don’t we get metaphysical later?” William said while shifting his feet nervously.

A little slow on the up take Xander replied, “I find Donne a little itchy, plus I already had my flea bath this month.”

William wasn’t really sure how to proceed; he wasn’t expecting his pick up line to fall flat. Xander bringing up the poem “The Flea” was plunging his mind into the gutter, what with all the references to sucking and co-mingling. He furrowed his brow and dove into his second attempt.

Picking up one of the poetry books Xander was putting away William winked and said, “Will you be the Tropic of Cancer to my Delta of Venus?” When Xander just cringed William moved on to the next book; “Hmm, Joyce. I can make you say “yes I said yes I will Yes.”

Xander snorted. “He should have just called that book one long sentence about hand jobs.”

William visibly relaxed. “No that’s Horatio Alger story — namely, Ragged Dick and Struggling Upward.” 

“You’re so charming. Are you sure you don’t have a rapidly aging picture hidden in an attic somewhere,” Xander replied with a smirk.

“You’re so fine even James Wood couldn’t find something to criticize,” William leered.

“Know where I can contact Sherlock Holmes, because I would seriously like to solve the mystery of how to get to your heart?”

“Speaking of honest book titles, someone should have renamed that series ‘Drugs Make You Smarter’. Rubbish!”

“So you’re not a big Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fan. Hmm, what about the Bronte sisters?”

“Might as well call those ‘All the Good Ones are Taken by Crazy Chits.”

“Well in that case anything by Eaton Ellis should be ‘Yuppe Chainsaw Massacre” then,” Xander retorted.

William could have kept up the literary banter all night, but unfortunately the head librarian walked by and gave them a pointed look.

“Listen William, I have work to do, is there anything I you needed?”

“Actually, do you want to grab a cuppa after work?” William asked and then held his breath.

“Sounds like a plan, I meet you at the Espresso Pump after I get out. I can’t promise how long I’ll stay out- I’ve had a full day of classes and I apologize if I zone out. I might be tired”. Xander babbled on for bit, but William didn’t care. He was ecstatic Xander agreed to go on a date with him.

With a huge smile on his face William picked up the last book Xander had in his hand, a copy of Keats poetry, and walked away saying; “Forgive me if I wander a little this evening, for I have been all day employed in a very abstract Poem and I am in deep love with you – two things which must excuse me.”

Xander spent the last few hours at work contemplating William’s words, or Keats words that William spoke as it were. Xander was tempted to believe that William was flirting with him, and not just engaging in a verbal sparring match punning over book titles. His friends at the library seemed to agree that the coffee meeting was a date, and William was interested in Xander. He still was uncertain; was he retelling the exchange with a skewed perspective because it was tainted by his desires, or could William really have a thing for him?

nbsp;          It was Willow, Xander’s best friend, who finally convinced him to treat coffee like it was a date.

“Was that the William guy you were talking about? You two looked pretty snuggly in the stacks.”

“All we did was talk.”

“That’s it? You better get on with it I need my vicarious smoochies! I might resort to tying you two together if you don’t get on with it.”

“Well we kind of have this coffee date thing going on tonight.” Xander then explained the whole exchange and his thoughts on the matter and those of his co-workers.

“Sounds like you got yourself a date mister. You better hurry up and meet him so you can tell me all about it!”

“Sure thing Wills.”  Xander had a smile on his face reserved for his best friend.

“Oh, and Xan! Let me know if your date goes well so I can give William the shovel talk.”

With that, Xander left for his maybe date with a spring in his step and lightness in his heart. When he got to the Espresso Pump, William was pacing out front. After greetings were exchanged William promptly informed him that they were heading out.

“I thought we were getting coffee?” Xander whined.

“We did, or I did. Yours is in your hand. We need to hurry I have a lot planned and we’re burning precious time here.”

Xander sighed and allowed himself to be led away by his hand to god knows where.  Xander was surprised when they stopped in front of a used book store.

“I want to play a game, we’re going to go on a scavenger hunt of sorts.” This idea perked Xander up.

“Okay William, what are we looking for?”

nbsp;          “Well, first off we need to find a book that means something to us that we want to share with the other, then we are going to find the book with best title, next the oldest book in the store. When we tick all of these off our list you will get a reward.”

nbsp;          “Tell me what the reward is and I’ll get with the goose chasing”.

nbsp;          “No, you have to play the game first,” William said with an evil smile.

nbsp;          After about two hours in the musty store William had presented Xander with an original Detective Comic, from before DC started selling superhero stories. Xander found an old leather bound book for William to write in. They had discovered a gem of a novel called “The Lump in my Pants Means I Love You”, by EB Stuart. They also found a crumbling copy of Walt Whitman’s Blades of Grass.

nbsp;          “Well we accomplished everything on your list. Now get with the prize giving,” Xander said expectantly.

William leaned down and gave him a soft chase kiss. It was the perfect date.

nbsp;          The next day Xander had lunch with Willow and spilled the beans about what was possibly the most romantic and fun date of his life. He had to face a barrage of questions.

“He took you to a book store as a first date? Is that his idea of romance?”

“It was sweet and intimate. I have to say William is so refreshingly different than any other guy I’ve been with.”  Xander explained with a blush.

“Why are you grinning from ear to ear? He kissed you, didn’t he? Did he? Did he?” Willow pried.

“Yes it was the sweetest kiss ever- his lips are so soft!” Xander gushed.

nbsp;          “Did you...” Willow waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“Nope, he loves that book store and he wanted me to share it with him,” he replied, continuing to beam at her. He had never been so happy in his life. Everything about William was strange, different and exciting, waiting to be explored. William was so mysterious and yet, so loving and she couldn’t wait to spend more time with him.

William and Xander were as unlike as it could get. They were undeniably different. Their backgrounds, their upbringing, their culture, and their outlook towards life were all different. But though poles apart, it seemed like the magnetic laws were soon to start applying to them. The force of attraction was too strong to repel. They were soon quite inseparable.

Xander invited him to meet his mentor from high school, which was as close as William was ever going to get to meeting Xander's parents. William had Xander meet his father. While that didn’t go well, Xander and William decided they really didn’t care- they were going to make their own rules.

They were in love. They were invincible. Or, at least that’s what they thought.

Boy were they wrong, and two weeks before the end of the semester reality was going to come crashing down on them.


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