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Fic Search

I'm looking for a fic a I read over a year ago, most likely on Spanderfiles. I remember some details but I know I'm missing some too, and I really want to give it a re-read.

So here's what I remember (i think). Main plot Spike and Xander get sucked/pulled/pushed and or fall into a portal to another world/dimension. Where they end up is uninhabited by people (kind of desert island-y). Spike doesn't go poof in the sun, Xander doesn't age. And in the end even when their friends find them they choose to stay there. 

I think this takes place season 5 or 6 cause I'm pretty sure part of the story takes place in the Magic Box. 

Also I remember Xander building them a cabin to live in, and I think Xander gets hurt at some point and Spike's freaking out cause he doesn't wan't to be left all alone. 

Any help finding this fic would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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