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Title: Adventures in The DewySystem Part 3
Warnings: All Human AU.
Pairing: (W/X)
Rating: T to be safe, but nothing exciting really going on here.
Beta: Spike_1790. Any mistakes found are a result of my ineptitude not an over site by the beta.
Author: New_Unchanged
Status:Complete 3/3

Synopsis: What happens when two people from different backgrounds meet, even though they hate each other, and fall completely in love? Can their love overcome their differences

Prompt: y Angels: Xander works at a library. William (or Spike, if that's your preference) uses his love of literature to cover for his crush on Xander. Xander's completely oblivious until one of his co workers points it out.

Not Heavily inspired by a love story I read. Lin http://www.lovepanky.com/love-couch/story-love-stories/when-two-worlds-meet-true-romantic-love-story

Adventures in The Dewey Decimal System: Part 3

They were in love. They were invincible. Or, at least that’s what they thought
            Bo were they wrong, and at the end of the next semester reality was going to com crashing down on them. It was the day of their big final exam. Xander wa waiting in the library two hours before they were due for their exam. Willia was meeting him to study. Xander had hurried to the library and was thinking h was going to be late. He was happy to note William wasn’t there. Xander sat a a computer and tried to outline his notes so he could stay organized whil studying with William. He knew William would be worried about the exam eve though he had more knowledge of Early American literature than Xander though could be possible.

          It’s funny Xander had never studied for an exam for his life, yet here he was sitting at the library because he knew its what his boyfriend would want.
Xander found himself doing a lot of things just because he knew it would make William happy. Xander couldn’t think of a time in his life he was so joyously happy. Xander spent most of his time away from William thinking about him. William had become the center of his life, but it wasn’t chaffing and
claustrophobic like other relationships.

Xander realized he was letting his mind wander. He tend to let that happen while thinking of William. He realized that a half hour had passed and William hadn’t shown for their study date. William was late, William had never been late tomeet Xander at any other point of their relationship. Even though Xander had only been dating William for six months he knew enough about William to hazard a guess that William had most likely never been late in his entire life.

Xander decided to leave the library and go back to his dorm so he could grab his phone and call William or his room mate. He was getting really worried. Upon leaving the library Xander saw a large group of his classmates standing around the Student Union.

“Hey guys, Whats going on? Why are you all hanging out here?”
           “There’s been an accident!”Some guy named Tim replied.
           “What?  Who? Where?” Xander exclaimed.
            “Twoguys from the English department… a truck…. someone…. the guy driving… has died.&rdquo Tim said solemnly.
            “OurEnglish class?” Xander asked as his stomach dropped.
            “Yes, our English class!” 

             Xander’s heart stopped an his mind went numb. He raced to the English Department office Everyone from class wa heading over to the hospital. Xander was able to get a ride with a classmat because he knew he’d never be able to drive himself there and make it in on piece.  Xander couldn’t fight back the tears that trickled out of hi eyes. He prayed to every god he knew and a few he didn’t know the names of tha William would be okay.

           Then he realized. If something went wrong, William would never know. Xander never told him that he loved him. Was he going to be okay? Was it too late? He couldn’t believe this was happening. He seemed so much larger than life… and now… “Where was he?” Silently He mouthed her prayers earnestly, fervently. They were shown into the hospital room. Nobody had died. Their classmate Liam lay all bandaged up with a broken rib and a badly wounded leg. Their friends clustered around his bed. Liam looked at Xander and winked  knowing that he wasn’t there to check on him.
            “William’ just gone to the orthopedic section. He’s waiting to consult th physiotherapist, something about his knee,” Liam said with a reassuring tone.
            Xande went looking for him beyond the radiology section and turned towards th orthopedics. And then he saw him. William was sitting there all by himself in  the reception area on a bench. No great harm done, just badly bruised Whe William saw Xander The relief that washed over the two of them was palatable They were both speechless. Words couldn’t touch how they felt. They bot realized what they almost lost. Xander didn’t feel self-conscious. Xander
babbled endlessly before he said the four most important words he would ever say. “William, I love you.” He jus felt like he had come home, and then he felt William chastely, but oh s tenderly, kiss the top of his head.

nbsp;         “I love you. I love your heart beat,” Xander told him looking down at the hospital floor. William was silent for a long time until Xander looked up into his eyes. 
            An then William whispered, “And I love you more than you’ll ever know.”


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