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A Fairytale Story 
1st-Feb-2013 09:52 pm
Title: A Fairytale Story Prologue/11
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: William/Xander
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!
Summary: A classic fairy tale, with swordplay, giants, an evil prince, a handsome hero, and yes, some kissing
Warnings/Spoilers: Human Verse. Out of Character.
Note: (A Spander adaptation of the movie ‘The Princess Bride’) Uses actual dialogue from the movie Please don’t sue!
Beta’d by: Whichclothes
Note 2: Chapters vary in length.
2nd-Feb-2013 03:03 pm (UTC)
You have just made my week!
2nd-Feb-2013 04:47 pm (UTC)
Yay! I saw your post on spanderfiles and I had just gotten this story finished beta'd at the beginning of the week. I was going to wait until Monday to post but thought since someone was really wanting the movie turned to Spander I had to post early! *hugs*
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