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Day 1 of February Song Fic a Day

uthor: New_Unchanged
itle: Bar Crawl
Chapter: Day 1 of 28, but not necessarily the same story.
airing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG 13, Nothing Exciting, but I use harsh language
Concrit: Comments only
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, the lyrics to the songs, or anything else.
Warnings/Squicks: M/M Paring, but this is a Spander Community so....
Summary: Based on the Following prompt from Lady Q: The Drunk E-mail or Sexting challenge: Write a story where either Xander or Spike become so drunk that they either accidently send a dirty e-mail or Sexting to the other.- lady q
revious chapters: None.
Notes: The Song used for this day  is All My Friends Say- By Luke Bryan
nbsp;Beta(s): Spike_1790
Challenge: Write a Songfic a day for the entire month of February. Based on a prompt from Lady Q: Write a story or a series of stories based on the 25 most played songs on your ipod. Songs can be shuffled or in order up to the writer.

I got smoke in my hair

My clothes thrown everywhere

Woke up in my rockin' chair

Holdin' a beer in my hand

Sportin' a neon tan

My stereo cranked up

I can't find my truck

How'd I get home from the club

Don't have a clue what went down

So I started callin' around

The shower was going in the bathroom, and Xander had no idea who was using it.Xander woke with the worst headache he had ever experienced. He was also pretty sure he was tied to the orange barcalounger in his parents basement. All he remembered was drinking at the Bronze. Obviously that explained the hangover, he must have drank enough to black out.

The shower turned off and Spike walked into Xanders main living area.
“Shit!” Xander exclaimed as memories of last night trickled back.

The night before...

Xander and the rest of the Scoobies decided to go to the Bronze that night for some drinks, dancing, bar sports, and even a little karaoke. You see Xander was busy doing the dance of the “ Brave Little Toaster” as he had the most horrible week. He lost his job on Wednesday because he was late to work after his father shook him down for rent in a drunken stupor. Anya left him on Friday because he was directionless and going nowhere. She thanked him for many orgasims and that brought him to the Bronze on Saturday with the girls.

Being with his bestest buddies shouldn’t feel like a hardship. Considering he spent most of his time trying to chase them down and get them to grace him with their presence, he had no idea why he was in such a foul mood being with them tonight. Oh yeah, maybe because they were so wrapped up in their college lifestyles to realize he was hurting. You know if you don’t cast a spell to interfere with everyone elses life, or if your ex doesn’t kill someone then you’re not worthy of being noticed.

Xander sighed, this wasn’t him. He wasn’t bitter guy. He just wished his friends were in tune with him as much as he tried to be in tune with them. He was glad Buffy was moving on from Angel with Riley, and she was glad Willow was recovering from her break up with OZ.  He was happy the girls were enjoying college, he was happy Tara and Willow had found each other, he was happy that everyone had good things going on in their lives but him.

Xander decided he didn’t want to spend his night glaring at the dance floor and drinking./ Getting arrested for drinking underage would so not help his week. He hauled a secretly relieved Riley off to play pool. Halfway before their first game Xander noticed Spike playing pool at a different table.

“Well if it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all” Xander thought to himself as he locked eyes with Spike. “Like I want fangless hanging around”.

Xander was surprised when he and Riley finished the game and Spike never came over. They started another and Xander started to think on the fact that he wasn’t even good enough for Spike to notice him.

His darker mood helped his pool skills he ended up winning the next two games. Riley didn’t seem to care very much. He appeared to enjoy the company and kept filling Xander’s glass with more beer.

And all my friends say

I started shootin' doubles

When you walked in

All my friends say

I went a little crazy

Seeing you with him

Xander was getting more and more pissed Spike was ignoring him. “the bleached menace thinks he’s so cool, just because he can play pool. That stupid creature of the night thing he has going doesn’t make him any better than me. He doesn’t want to acknowledge me after I let him crash at my place that’s fine with me.” Xander thought, “I am great company, and if he doesn’t see that, then I will show him.”
“You know I’ve had enough pool.” Riley remarked, “You look like you’re going to use that cue as a weapon. Let’s do something else before you break that over someones head”.
“Sure, there are dart boards over there”, Xander explained as he pointed with his cue across the room. “Don’t worry they aren’t steel tips.” Xander game a reassuring and goofy smile to show Riley he was okay.
The two guys walked to the dart boards and passed right by Spike and his friend. Spike raised his eyebrows at the pair of mortals but didn’t say anything to Xander or otherwise acknowledge that he had any clue who Xander was.

You know I don't remember a thing

But they say I sure was raisin' some cain

I was a rock star, party hard

Gettin' over you comeback kid

Hey I musta did

What all my friends say

Yeah, yeah, yeah

nbsp; Xander continued to impress Riley with his prowess at bar sports. Honestly, Xander thought handing Riley his ass would make him feel better, but Riley wasn’t who was bothering Xander.
The two went back to their group and Xander surrendered his hostage back to his girlfriends hands. Buffy and Riley went to dance and whisper about Xander behind his back. Xander watched Spike.
Spike was like a lithe cat. He owned the pool table and even though Xander had beat Riley he knew Spike was truly a master at the game.  Spike arched his back as he made his shots and Xander noted how his jeans slung low even though they were impossibly tight over his ass. Spike’s friend sure as hell was admiring the view.
“ Figures no matter where he goes he has people fawning over him. Spike can keep a girlfriend for almost 200 years” Xander fumed, “Even guys are drawn to him.” Why was he obsessing? He didn’t even like Spike. Why was he admiring Spike’s ass? He didn’t like guys. Well, not as far as the occasional glances and thoughts about other guys. The health books said it was normal, it was okay to admire and wonder what fruit off the other tree tasted like. It’s not like he was gay or anything. “Great, now I’m making excuses to myself’.
“Xander, are you okay honey” Willow asked, drawing Xander out of his reverie.
“Yeah Wills, I’m fine”.
“Well Tara and I are worried about you.” Willow stated. “It’s not good to spend the night sitting here by yourself.” Great his friends noticed something was wrong,enough to talk about him enough behind his back.  It’s a good thing Spike wasn’t hanging out with the group . Xander knew he wouldn’t hold back. Still, he couldn’t help but think it was better than being fussed about behind his back.
Buffy and Riley rejoined the group after their dance was over. “Let’s do some Kareoke!” Buffy suggested.
“Sure Buff, but I am going to need to refresh my drink. There is no way I am getting up there untill I am much looser.”
“Xander, is that such a good idea. Remember my beer experience?” Buffy worried.
“Yeah, you’re forgeting, I was a bartender.”
“For like a week.” Willow shouted. She was silenced by Xander’s sharp look.
“My incapability to hold a job aside, I also have that who runs in my family alchol lovers thing going on.”
“All the more reason you shouldn’t be trying to get drunk.”
“Enough! I am a grown man.” Xander said as he thumped off to the bar.

Once he was at the bar he realized he had spent a lot of his cash already and only had enough for a drink and a shot. He drank the shot at the bar and walked back to the group with his beer. He passed Spike and his friend again sitting at a table making fun of the kareoke singers.

I found my billfold

I cried oh no, no

Good time Charlie got me

Now I'm broke

But it was worth actin' like a fool

Yeah, girl, I must really showed you

I was Elvis rockin'

On the bar

Workin' the crowd

Pourin' out my heart

That was how Xander would up on a stage singing a slightly slurred version of Dashboard Confessionals “Am I Missing”. That is also how he wound up cornering Spike after stumbling off stage and giving him a sloppy wet kiss before passing out.

Back to Today...

“Oh god Spike, I am so sorry about kissing you. I didn’t try any other funny business. I know you can’t really fight me off because the chip”
“Listen Whelp, if I didn’t want the kiss it wouldn’t have happened, even with the chip IO can still fight the slayer’s doughnut boy off me. We didn’t do anything. I just got you back to your place so the other little kiddies wouldn’t have to fuss about you”
“God this is so embarrassing”
“Relax, the other scoobies didn’t catch anything after your little solo. You dignity is saved- whatever’s left anyway”
“Don’t mention it I owed you one for putting me up, plus I got a comfy bed amd a shower out of the deal”
“ So, if we didn’t do anything why am I tied to a chair”.
“Didn’t want you to choke on your own vomit, plus I like my partners a little more responsive”.
“Oh thank god!”
“Don’t thank him, I’m the one who got  you home. Thank him after I’m done with you.
“What do you mean, done with me?”
“I said I like my partners more responsive. You’re plenty responsive now ducks.” Spike grinned demonically, “Plus there’s the fact you sent this to my cell last night”.

<Hey baby, I can’t wait to have you inside me. I want to pull you towards me as we kiss passionately and then move down to kissing your neck and bite down.>

It was official Xander would never drink again.


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