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Day 12 of 28 Part 3 of the Brand New Series

Author: New_Unchanged
Title: Afterglow
Chapter: Day 12 of 28 of my Songfic Challenge, 3 of 5 of Brand New Series
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R one of the only sex scenes I will write.
Concrit: Comments only
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, the lyrics to the songs, or anything else.
Warnings: M/M Pairing, but this is a Spander Community so....
Summary: Make up sex
Notes: The Song used for this day is Sic Gloria Transit- Brand New. I didn’t add lyrics because it threw off the rhythm
Beta(s): None, I slacked off on vacation.

Challenge: Write a Songfic a day for the entire month of February. Based on a prompt from Lady   Q: Write a story or a series of stories based on the 25 most played songs on your ipod. Songs can be shuffled or in order up to the writer.

Author’s note: Originally written as a nonSpander story. Tweeked it.

So Spike, other than the fact that he’s an ass sometimes, and I love him deeply what is there to say?

How about his tongue is in my ear.

How about if we weren’t in a cemetery I’d be going at him as we speak.

How about even if he took his tongue out of my ear, I’d still probably be trying to fight off an erection.

Yeah I know he’s a bit of a dork, but look at him: his charming smirk, those eyes that give his every intention away, the eyebrows that always make him look naive and innocent-even when that’s the farthest thing from the truth, and that body…

Shit, I need to take a cold shower.

“I’m sure you think this is funny!”

“Yeah, I do” He says with a mischievous glint in his eye, “I love watching you squirm”.

“ It’s so glad you see the humor in all of this”, I averred, as I tried to give him a playful shove. He grabbed my wrist, and gently pushed me against the wall, and gave me a deep and salacious kiss.

“Later” he said looking into my eyes, showing me all of his animalistic desires. He let go of my wrists and walked out.

Forget a cold shower, I’m going to need a new pair of shorts.


After patrol I was on pins and needles. The girls know. Angel is here.

“At least we don’t have to worry about Spike losing his soul. not that Harris could give anyone a moment of perfect happiness.”

“You better watch your mouth ‘Gelus”. Spike sneered.

“Or what you’ll send the boy after me, it’s nice you waited until he was legal before you corrupted him”

Before Angel could see him coming, Spike’s fist connected with the side of his head. Once Angel was on the ground, Spike kicked him in the ribs. While Angel was gasping on the ground, Buffy and I went over to help him out.

“Because Buffy was so legal when you took your walk on the evil side of unlife?” Xander retorted.

“You’ve always been a wanker, and you bloody well always will be one!” Spike muttered as he stormed off.

“Spike’s right, just because he and I are now in a relationship doesn’t take away from the fact we’re still friends” Xander reasoned.

“Maybe I don’t want to be friends with the local LGBT.” Buffy replied.

“It doesn’t matter, what does anyone's sex life have to do with you?” Willow said in a shocked tone.

Buffy sighed, “it doesn’t I’m sorry. I just am having trouble believing Xander is gay. I mean you and Tara is one thing, but now all my friends are living alternative lifestyles.”

“Because slaying is normal and has the benefits of many stable relationships?”


“You know we’re supposed to be having raunchy, mind altering sex right now” Xander said while rubbing Spike’s shoulders "and I can guarantee you, that if you snap out of this mood, you will come out of that room a very happy, and lighter man!”

Without replying Spike stands up, and thrusts Xander  against the wall, so high, his feet don’t touch the ground. His lips press against Xander’s, and force his head back, Spike’s tongue separates Xander’s lips, and the kiss deepens. If he were on the ground his knees would have gone limp. Spike was in ecstasy..

When the kiss finally ends Spike looked Xander in the eyes, and backs me into our room. With one smooth movement, he had the brunette’s shirt off and the boy on the bed.

Xander looked up and started to lift off Spike’s shirt, slowly caressing Spike’s soft lightly colored skin. Spike’s muscles twitched as Xander’s fingers danced across Spike’s skin. When Xander reached Spike’s nipple He gave it a small twist and watched him shutter. Spike’s hands grabbed at his, and forced Xander to lift the rest of Spike’s shirt over his head. Spike  then moved slowly down the bed till he was sprawled out next to Xander. Spike’s hands maneuvered Xander’s zipper, and with a quick tug Xander’s pants, and Xander’s boxers were off exposing Xander’s desires. Xander’s clumsy hands stumble over the buttons on Spike’s pants, but soon they too are on the ground with Xander’s things.

Quickly Xander’s member was in Spike’s hand, he could feel his body move with Spike quick gestures.

The pleasure was surmounting, and Xander felt like he could explode. Quickly he moved on top of  Spike moving down his body until Xander reached his target. Xander caressed Spike slowly, and then replace Xander’s hand with his mouth. Instantly Spike’s hips bucked up, and Spike had his hand iin Xander’s hair setting a rhythm.

It’s not long before Xander tasted Spike’s sweet nectar on Xander’s tongue. Like Ice cream, I lick it all up.

Spilt, but not empty they entangled in lust to form a more perfect being. In an altered state of consciousness Xander felt everything from cooler shots of breath against his shoulder, to the humming of his own skin.

“H-how does th-that f-feel” Spike manages to make out through heavy and unneeded breaths.

“Spike, you have no Idea how fucking amazing this is,” Xander moaned.

That sets Spike into frenzy, as Spike pumps harder, and harder with more frequency.

“God I can feel that in my teeth, don’t stop” Xander screamed in pleasure.

“I love you so much, pet”, and that’s all it took.

They both come to a climax and share the same disjointed breathing.

“I love you too”, Xander whispered and they laid together.

There is static in the air, along with the scent of musk. Anyone who enters the room in the next month will feel their love in the air.

Slowly, softly, Xander’s breathing slows into the gentle pace of sleep, Spike’s body clings to Xander’s as naturally as Spike would a security blanket.

Xander let out a contented sigh, knowing that this is the way love should be.


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