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Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know  
4th-Mar-2013 11:50 am
Title: Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know. Based on the '50 Shades of Grey Trilogy.'

Warnings: Dark Romance. Vamp/Hum/Au. DOM/SUB/BDSM, graphic/explicit M/M sex.

Pairing: W/Alex. (S/X)

Rating: NC17+ (Score 2/3 ) This fic is NOT work/child safe

Unbeta'd: Pre-read by Bmblbee & Salustra

Author: Darker_Fae

Status: COMPLETE 152 + Epilogue Chapter 57: 3302 WORDS

Comments: Comment if you wish.

Disclaimer: The plot certainly isn't mine, I own nothing except this version of the story & any original characters & characterization. NOT to be archived please .

Summary: Naive, virginal and Gay Alexander Harris is drawn to William Aurelius. William Aurelius is drawn to Alexander. But who is really the moth and who the flame?

Complete Header/Banner HERE

Previous Chapters HERE

This story is dedicated to the memory of Robin Sachs (Ethan Rayne) 1951-2013

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