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Xander - Sold

This was posted on Seeking Spike by Thessy, has yet to be found and sounds like a good read. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Hello ;)

I'm looking for a specific fic. It was about Xander. His father sold him to another man or just gave him away, I don't remember if he did it willingly or not. There was a scene when Xander and his "new owner" were washing a car that this man bought for him, all of sudden Giles showed up and Xander hid in the house. This man was older than Xander, had a sister, and was really rich. I remember that he helped Xander go to school again, bought him new clothes, jet ski. He had friends that were a slave/Master couple. Giles, Buffy and Willow tried to rescue Xander. There was also a scene when Xander was driving on his jet ski, and after he was finished he jumped all wet on his master, who was sleeping in the bed. If anyone remembers this story or has a link, please can you post it here. thanks in advance.

I know this might not be a Spander story so if this is not supposed to be posted here feel free to delete it.
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