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Preview of NEW COMPLETE fic: Whitechapel - Serpent In The Garden

Starting on Monday 2nd September and for 7 days Salustra and I will be posting the FIRST in our jointly written historical crime/romance series WHITECHAPEL, The first story in the series is - Serpent In The Garden.

Details and brief, random extract under the cut.

TITLE:WHITECHAPEL - Serpent In The Garden. S/X The first story in the Whitechapel series. This story is pre-slash the overall series is SLASH.
Warnings: All human/au, historical/crime/romance OOC. Graphic violence and gore, M/M sexual content. First in a series of Whitechapel stories.
Copyright Disclaimer We do not own any characters, products or services depicted in this story. Original characters/characterization/ and this version are ours. Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel The Series characters are OOC and we cite section 107 of the US copyright clause on 'fair use' to be found HERE No profit made.
Pairing: S/X (W/A)
Rating:NC17 For violence and violent depictions/situations and sexual situations.
Unbeta'd: Double proof-read and pre-read by Bmblbee
Authors: Naughty_Fae & Salustra
Status: COMPLETE in 7 longer chapters. Posted daily until complete.

AN Set in 1889-90s London. Historically researched, some dates/facts have been knowingly changed to facilitate the story.
Comments: Concrit welcomed.


Summary Twelve months since the last Ripper murder and Whitechapel is once again rocked by the brutal slaying of a prostitute.

Random extract:

The small room at the rear of Darla's bawdy house was hot and tension filled. It was illuminated by gas mantles on the wall and a lamp set in the middle of the green baize card table. The air hung thick with the fog of cigar smoke, whisky and sweat. Five men sat around the table in their shirt sleeves studying their cards, the pot lay in the middle of the table. Alexander Harris suck out like a sore thumb. From the red bandana he wore around his neck, leather edged jacket and cowboy boots to the soft slouch hat pushed back on his dark head he was obviously American. He chewed on the end of a match and rocked his wooden chair back on two legs. His dark eyes flicked up from his cards to the faces of the four men watching him intently and back to his cards. A flush. 2, 3, 7, 9, jack of diamonds, not a bad hand, but not brilliant. Question was, was it good enough?

"Fer God's sake Harris!" A large man addressed him in exasperated tones."How much longer?"

Alex spit his match to the floor. "Now Ted, you know I gotta think things through a mite......"

Alex rocked onto all four legs of his chair. The front door of Darla's bawdy house opened with a bang. "Harris!" William called out. The gentlemen in the parlor all glanced up apprehensively, but when William didn't so much as look their direction they all relaxed.

A very smartly dressed blonde woman appeared at the top of the stairs. She settled her hands on her hips and her eyes flashed with anger. "Inspector Pratt, you cannot simply barge in here anytime you please!"

Pratt looked up at the woman. "Mrs. Long, your house continues to operate by my good will. So yes, I shall barge in as I please. Now where is your errant nephew?"

Darla Long sighed. "He's in the back playing at cards, as usual. Do try to have him back before sunrise. He gets very cross without a proper breakfast and a good day's sleep."

Pratt touched the brim of his hat and for the first time that evening he had a small grin and slight twinkle in his eye. He found Mrs.Long quite amusing at times. "I'll do my best, ma'am." He made his way to the backroom and clapped his hand on Harris' shoulder. The man was always at cards or drinking or both, it wasn't a healthy life. "Harris!" He said, too loudly for the small space. "I have need of you."

Alex cringed, he'd heard that before and why were the English always shouting? He looked up with a scowl. "I ain't deaf Inspector. Can't you see I'm busy?" He gestured to the table. "Can't it wait until tomorrow, or the day after would be better." Wasn't likely Pratt would bust him for playing cards - cheating maybe...........

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