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FIC: Hell Takes a Spa Day, pt.2 (S/X, Adults only)

Title:. Hell Takes A Spa Day (ORIGINAL S/X) Post NFA

Warnings: Hum/Vamp. Romance. Au, Some DOM/sub/ /humor. Bad/profane language, graphic/explicit M/M sex. Re-established relationship.

Pairing: (S/X)
Rating: NC17
Authors: Salustra & Naughty_Fae

Status: COMPLETE in 2 parts. Part 2 5596 words

Comments: Comment if you want to, it's nice to know somebody's reading it.

Disclaimer: Written for: Fall_For_S/X. We do not own any characters, products or services depicted in this story. The plot is ours. Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel The Series characters are OOC and we cite section 107 of the US copyright clause on 'fair use' to be found HERE No profit made.

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Summary The LA battle's over and there's not much left. When Xander finds a horrifically injured Spike, it looks like he's going to get his heart broken again..........

Part 2

In the end they decided to hedge their bets on the lodge having human accommodations by spending some of their money to buy an RV with necroglass windows and Aasha knew a powerful demon who owed her a favor and the vehicle was shielded against both Willow and Wolfram and Hart. The pretty Jag that Spike had gotten as a getaway car was towed along behind. The RV was stocked with provisions, fresh stuff taken on at the last town before reaching the lodge itself. It was down a back road that was near invisible to the unaided human eye but perfectly clear to vampires.

The lodge itself was a relic from another era. It was built of local stone, laid perfectly one on the other so no mortar was needed. The inside was finished with adobe, giving the whole thing the air, oddly, of a Spanish mission. As they entered, a female clad in white robes approached them. She had a serene air and an almost ageless face. She looked at Xander a long moment. "You realize the waters cannot heal your eye or any of your scars?" Her tone was very gentle.

She had a tranquility about her that was infectious and Xander nodded, as a rule these days he almost forgot about his eye except when something happened to remind him of it. Something or someone coming up on his blind side or mention of it as now. "I know," he gave a tight smile, "I've gotten used to the way I am, it's Spike.." he shot a glance at the vampire, clearing his throat, "we're here for Spike." His aches and pains didn't bother him much except when it was damp or the wind changed direction. In fact his legacies from fighting on the Hellmouth bothered him quite a lot, he just didn't mention them.

She nodded. "I can sense his need, but he is vampire. I just wanted to make sure you were not also here expecting a miracle. All are welcome but we don't wish to offer false hope. If nothing else, the hot water will be good for aches and pains. We can give you a room, but we are not set to accommodate non-vampires. There are no restrooms and no kitchens here. I noted your large vehicle as you drove in so I assume you can take care of that. So, for your chamber, one bed or two?" She was still looking to Xander, as the apparently non-ill person, to answer the question.

Xander cast Spike a glance, he was almost tempted to say two just to see the look on Spike's face, but decided it would be too cruel . "One," he answered clearly, "definitely one." He cracked a wide smile.

"Of course." She looked at Spike. "Your consort?"

Spike chuckled. "That's as good a term as any, we haven't formalized it. But best say that, don't want anyone else approaching him."

She smiled in understanding. "It will be done. Come this way."

They were guided down to a room. It was spartan and clean. The bed was sturdy with a huge thick comfortable mattress, and there were some recessed shelves, a wardrobe, a dresser and a small table. She pulled a book from the shelf and handed it to them. "This tells you the process. You'll have a few hours to prepare before we come to take you to the waters."

They sat down together and went through the book. The process was straightforward. They had to shower first, a lukewarm to cool one, to clean off all the dirt and body oil before going into the waters. There were two springs that co-existed, each thought to flow through from a micro-portal from a hell dimension. One was cold and one was hot. They were to wear only the provided robes and slippers down to the springs, and set them aside to soak. They needed to drink at least once from the cold spring and again as often as they felt the need or wanted to. A session should be at least four hours, after which they'd be helped back to their room, wrapped in robes, helped to dry and into bed. The waters brought deep sleep. Between soak sessions they would bring blood and other potions.

"So, off to the showers then?" Spike said with a little wicked gleam in his eyes.

The gleam was good to see, the libido and desire were willing even if the body was weak. The truth was they'd done little in the past weeks but cuddle and nice as that was.............. Xander pushed his erotic thoughts firmly into a box marked for the future and shut the lid.

They undressed each other with smiles and the gentle touches of men who know each other well. Hands drifted into secret places that made each moan and mouths tangled in gentle, passionate kisses, but neither lost sight of why they were there. The robes they eventually slipped into were soft, finished below the knee and tied with a belt. They were, as to be expected, a perfect fit. The flip flops they pushed their feet into were made of a strange straw-like material, very comfortable.

It was a short walk to the showers. The hall was wide, and the walls were painted with lovely pastoral scenes, obviously meant to promote a feeling of peace and harmony. They joined other vampires making their way to the same destination. There was something wrong and uneasy about seeing so many sick and injured vampires being helped along, either by white robed women with serene faces and gentle voices, or able bodied vampires or an assortment of other demon helpers. He was the only human but he didn't feel out of place as he and Spike walked slowly, side by side. Their shoulders brushed companionably and almost without realizing it, Xander took Spike's hand. The waters had to help the alternative was too harrowing to contemplate.

The showers are ultra modern, gleaming chrome and dark, old marble strangely at odds with the ancient mystical feel and appearance of the rest of the place. The stalls were large, obviously meant for two people.

Spike moved into one of the stalls with Xander. A basket with all sorts of toiletries was already there, as well as loofas and natural sponges and so forth. Spike got the water to a companionable warmth instead of the hot steamy level he made their showers or baths at home. They'd have heat soon enough. The liquid soap was unfamiliar but some sort of organic concoction redolent of desert flowers. He lathered one of the sponges and started soaping a protesting Xander's body. He might be weak damnit but he could still do this for the man he loved.

Xander almost wept at Spike's insistence in bathing him. It wasn't that he didn't love the feel of the vampire's almost femininely fine boned hands on him or the touch of slender fingers as he maneuvered the sponge, he did, God knows he did, but it took him such an effort. He wanted to bathe Spike, run his sponge over the pale, cool skin and he'd learned to ignore the prominent bones with a cheerful pretence. "Let me Spike," he coaxed reaching for the sponge, "I want to bathe you." His protest fell on deaf ears and Spike ran his sponge over his skin and Xander obeyed commands to move this way and that, raise and lower his arms and stand under the warm spray to be rinsed off. He took the sponge from Spike and lathered it up and using an arm to support the tired vampire bathed him with gentle efficiency. Murmuring words of endearment and encouragement into his ear, nuzzling the silky blond hair.

Spike kept working, purring softly despite his tiredness. They hadn't been able to really make love, not really. Hand jobs or the occasional very gentle frottage. This was the closest he could get to being his old self with Xander and he treasured it. He finally let Xander's hand take the sponge when he'd gotten every inch of Xander's skin and he let Xander hold him, support him, as he ever so tenderly began to bathe him in return. He kept putting and now he nuzzled Xander's neck, whispering to him, "My boy, you've no idea how much you mean to me."

Xander pulled his head back and gazed at him with his one good eye and swallowed around the sudden lump in his throat. "You always were a romantic old vamp." He whispered softly. "I'll always be your boy Spike, even when I'm ninety. You mean more to me than my own life. My life began with you and it goes on with you, I have no life without you. You are my world." He gave a brief one shouldered shrug.

They finished up and got dried and back into the robes, making the short walk down to the springs. They were given long-handled metal scoops to get the cold water as they lay comfortably in the hot mineral water. Spike and Xander settled in comfortably, wedged along some rocks that seemed to have been smoothed to act as chaise lounges. The heat of the water seeped into them. Everyone was naked, and the springs themselves were milky white with minerals so once underneath it wasn't too uncomfortable to simply lay about naked and soak. Spike almost wallowed in the hedonistic luxury of the heat penetrating to his core. He was draped over Xander, purring, half-asleep.

Xander lounged back against the rocks, his eye half closed and his fingers sifting lazily through Spike's damp hair, the silky strands rubbing against his fingers. Spike's purr was making him relaxed and sleepy as the vampire's thin frame draped over him. The others in the pool were all in the same state of drowsy relaxation and there was no issue with being naked in the milky water. He closed his eye, Spike's soft purr made his frail frame shudder against Xander's solid body. The noise of a soft splash made Xander open his eye to see that they had been joined by a new and remarkably healthy looking occupant. He lounged back against the edge of the pool almost opposite Xander.

Xander loved Spike with every fibre of his being and no creature on earth was as beautiful as his vampire. Generally he was oblivious to the attractiveness of other men around him, he didn't notice them, certainly not to the extent that the vampire did. He'd learned long ago that Spike's teasing and harmless flirting was just that, harmless though he did find it amusing that on the rare occasion he said he found someone attractive, Spike would sulk. However the male demon opposite, for by a process of simple logic he guessed that was what he was, was beyond attractive. No creature on earth or anywhere else had the right to be as attractive as he was. His hair was raven wing black with a satin sheen, his jaw was strong, the proportions of his face exact, his nose fine and straight and beneath perfectly sculptured black eyebrows he had the most penetrating and stunning pair of blue eyes. Darker and more vivid than Spike's framed with dark lashes. From what he could see, his chest was well defined, chiseled muscle. He was lightly tanned, which if he'd been thinking would have told Xander he was probably not a vampire.

Xander stared. The demon's mouth, which was blessed with enticing lips drew back into a smile, revealing the whitest most even teeth Xander had ever seen not soaking in a glass. He wasn't in love, never that, but boy was the guy hot.

And he was pushing across the pool towards them. Crap! Apparently the move was unusual enough to draw the casual attention of about half the occupants of the spring. He settled a few feet away from them. "Well aren't you a handsome couple he said," and his voice was liquid sex. Really almost literally. "I noticed you from across the pool."

Spike opened a sleepy eye. "Who's your friend?" He slurred the question at Xander.

"Ah, how rude of me," the demon interjected. "People call me Mode. Odd name but I've heard odder in the demon world." He extended a hand towards the two of them. "And the two of you are?"

Xander blinked the air sucked from his lungs, he shifted closer to Spike a pure reaction to the demon's presence although he seemed anything but threatening. He pushed his hand out feeling oddly cautions and yet excited, Mode took it. "I'm Alexander and this is Spike." He gestured toward the sleepy vampire. Mode kept hold of his hand drawing his thumb lazily over his knuckles.

"Ah, Spike, I've heard of you," Mode said. Spike acknowledged that with a sleepy nod and drifted back to sleep. Mode looked back over at Xander. "I seem to have disturbed you. I suppose I should go back over to the other size and wait for Zeb. She'll be cross if I'm not there to witness her grand entrance. She comes every decade or so to soak, says it keeps her looking young. Perhaps we can talk later?"

Xander's brow creased a little, not that he was adverse to talking to the hot demon but he wondered what they had to discuss. "Sure," he nodded, "women, earth or hell its all about the looks," he quipped casually.

Mode flashed that brilliant, soul-melting smile. "Exactly. You know what I mean. I'll see you later, it's a promise." He kissed Xander's knuckles before letting go of his hand and swimming back across the pool.

The attendants came soon after to take Xander and Spike back to the room so they never did get to see Zeb's entrance. But Spike was sleeping deeply and easily for the first time in ages and he did seem to look a little better.

For a long time Xander watched Spike sleep. He was relaxed and peaceful and looked a little better. He didn't want to disturb him and he really needed to take a leak and get something to eat. There was a meat feast pizza in the RV with his name on it. Spike looked like he'd sleep for hours yet. He leaned over the sleeping vampire and brushed his lips across his cool forehead and crept out of their room, shutting the door behind him. He made his way quickly to where they'd been told to leave the RV.

Once inside he took a leak and washed his hands,thinking about how much better Spike looked. He retrieved the pizza from the fridge, wrestled with the packaging and put it on a plate and into the microwave-oven combination. Here things ground to a halt and he sent the next eight minutes working out how the oven part of the microwave worked and the length of time needed to cook the pizza. He worked it out and programmed the oven. Pleased with himself he turned to set himself a place at the table and.............shrieked, loud long and entirely too much like a girl. "Arghhh, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God." he clutched his tee clad chest dramatically, his pulse racing and heart pounding.

Mode smiled in amusement from directly behind him. "Ahhh no, not quite. Did I scare you?" He spoke with way too much glee.

"You," Xander pointed and gasped, "collar, bell."

Mode pursed his lips and drew his eyes up him slowly."Ohh kinky. Though I'm not usually the one wearing the collar. I have a little proposition for you, and sadly not the one I am now thinking about after that collar remark. I'm in the position to solve some of your worst problems, to make your life and the unlife of your lover so much better and it would cost you so very very little." He laid his hand gently on Xander's chest. "Just your soul. But in return I can heal your Spike better than new, and give you back your eye and heal all your little hurts. Let you really enjoy things. He really is exceptionally lovely and I can see how deeply you two are in love. It's what inspired me to make this offer."

Xander folded his arms over his chest, such a shame such a handsome demon too. "No deal, Spike'll do just fine with the waters and I'm okay with the way I am."

"Tsk, tsk, very hasty. Though I do have to appreciate a man who doesn't take the first thing offered." Mode moved over to the sort-of-sofa and sat down, patting the cushion next to him. "You have to wait for your pizza anyway," he smiled, "Might as well see what I can offer." There was an edge of salacious promise to his tone that was so like Spike's that it was almost uncanny.

It was that which encouraged Xander to sit down beside him. "Okay go ahead," he prompted.

"Now close your eyes for a minute," he said, his voice pitching soft and low. "Remember for a moment Spike as you first saw him. You were offered up to him as bait and something struck you then. Struck him as well, though he's as loyal as they come, he wouldn't desert Dru even for a tasty lovely boy like yourself. I wouldn't have had that sort of self-control. Can you picture him as he was then, confident, powerful, master of all he surveyed? What would you give to have him back like that, Xander? Back with you and in your bed? Soul still intact, of course, he paid his price to get it. But otherwise everything he was then, a prowling panther?"

Xander's body shuddered at the memories that washed over him. He loved Spike the way he was but then, then there was a wild fierceness about him an animal magnetism that he'd felt on a visceral level that had pulled him in. It had paved the path for everything that had come since, started him lusting after and then loving Spike. He'd never had that, the truly untamed wild side of Spike. What would it be like to have that gentled by love, gentled by the soul? And didn't Spike deserve to have that back? Didn't he deserve to love with all that feral passion and have someone who returned it? Who would neither betray or desert him. To have a panther in his bed ................ He was tempted, sorely tempted. "How long? How long would you give us together?" He whispered.

"Well you have until you die. But your soul is forfeit in a year. And just to sweeten the pot, imagine if you not only had your eye back, your scar healed, but all the energy and stamina...especially sexual stamina... of the boy you were then. I can tell you I'm imagining it right now." He chuckled low. "The two of you are honestly one of the sexiest couples in the multiverse. It is a crying shame the Powers-That-Be-Useless couldn't bother themselves to grant more than getting you to Los Angeles and keeping him from dusting.......

Xander remembered those days of sexual confusion when looking at linoleum had made him hard and he chuckled too. Anya had called him a 'Viking in the sack'. He shuddered at it now, but he wasn't confused anymore and to have that with Spike, that would be sweet. And the demon was right, the Powers-That-Be had never put themselves out for them..."When I die, Spike and I.............We wouldn't be together?"

"You're mortal Xander. You grow old and die, you and Spike stop being together."

It was brutal and harsh and hit him like a ton of bricks, reality. Mode was telling the truth one day he'd be forced to leave Spike, it was the way of the world. You lived, you died and the in between stuff, that was what was important. For the time they had they could live a life like no other. Who knew what came after? There was a good chance they wouldn't be together anyway and even if he was in hell who's to say Spike wouldn't be there as well? It was just the shitty kind of stunt the powers-That- Be might pull. Life dangled before him bright and shiny, his body tightened and desire soared skyward at the thought of the passion and joy he and Spike could have, his soul suddenly seemed a small price to pay. The demon's words were seductive and powerful, his voice seven kinds of sin and Xander couldn't think of one reason not to get on the hell express. "A year, a year before you come for my soul? Not a day before?" He checked.

"Not a day before. And you might survive the loss of your soul and live many years after. Some do. Drinking demon or vampire blood usually helps with that. I believe you know how good that can feel. The little explosion of bliss inside your skull if you take it directly from them. Don't misunderstand, I'm doing this for the most selfish of reasons. I want to show up those stick-up-the-ass Powers. I want to give him a better reward. But I can't just hand one over, no matter how much I want to. I need the contract, those are the rules. I won't cheat you, pretty Xander. I would like to see you very happy with your reward when you finally come to me." He stroked his finger in the air and Xander could feel a very soft touch on his cheek. "Take it. You want it, I can feel that you do. You could go back inside and be in the arms of a restored and passionate Spike in minutes. And you and he can do everything you've been dreaming of since he woke up, and more besides. I am jealous of you, Xander, truly I am. You are both something special. My area is lust and the two of you light up the darkness like little suns. Just say yes and it can all be yours again."

Heat rolled from the top of his head to his curling toes, it was tempting, so very tempting. Mode's voice was soft and as seductive as Spike's had ever been and he responded to it. He felt drugged, intoxicated. His nipples hardened, puckered of their of accord, nerves hummed. Lust and longing swept his body, how could he not lust after Spike and how much more was it made by their love? Lust on its own was blistering, mixed with love it became an explosive mix, a pyrotechnic display of how they felt about each other. Spike deserved this reward and only he could give it to him. He looked at Mode and felt his resistance ebbing away. "Okay, " he murmured quietly, " for Spike."

There was a feeling of power now in the air, and all the hair on Xander's arms and the back of his neck stood up. Mode smiled, his smile a mix of beatific bliss and a carnal satisfaction that seemed impossible. "Now to seal it. No contracts on parchment signed in blood, just sealed with a kiss." Mode's hands were in Xander's hair before he could protest and pulled him in close. The taste was berries and honey and fire and smoke, and then Xander's body burned as demonic power flowed into him, and still Mode did not break the kiss. The air crackled and there was a boom of thunder and then Mode let him go. Xander blinked. Blinked, he realized, with two good eyes.

Xander continued to blink rapidly as his brain registered the information from both eyes and his field of depth was restored. He gaped at Mode, his mouth opening and closing but no words coming out. His aches and pains were gone, his body flowed with youthful vigor. He was sixteen again and his body hummed with life and pent up energy. Love for Spike surged like a tidal wave through him and the vampire didn't know what he was in for. He threw back his head and laughed, laughed for the pure joy of it all. He sobered a little and gazed at Mode, he actually felt gratitude and the kiss hadn't been half bad. "Thank you," he beamed at him never having imagined in his wildest dreams he'd ever be thanking a demon, except Spike of course.

Mode smiled back at Xander. "You are too kind. I got to kiss the prettiest boy today. Now go and get your vampire." He cupped Xander's cheek. "I envy you both."

Xander completely forgot about his pizza, but it was okay, Mode ate it.

Excitement zipped through his body and Xander scrambled out of the RV and ran back to the lodge and burst through the door of their room. "Spike, hey Spike, guess what....!"

Spike seemed to have guessed, as he pushed Xander to the wall in a blisteringly searing kiss. Xander could easily tell Mode had kept his word with Spike as well. The vampire was filled out, muscles rippling lightly beneath the skin. He was ever so slightly pink, like he'd just fed, and he was warm. Spike had still been abed before apparently, and all he had on was the robe, and that was unbelted and in peril of slipping off altogether. Spike's tongue plundered roughly inside of Xander's mouth, and then without waiting for reciprocation he pulled back, and grabbed the hem of Xander's shirt with both hands and ripped it away. "I think I know, a miracle. Don't care if it's sacrilegious or not, pet, but I'm going to fuck you and you'd best get out of those jeans now if you want to keep them." Spike's eyes glittered dangerously yellow as he gazed steadily at Xander.

Xander's breath stuttered to a halt as lust spiraled up from the liquid desire in his belly. Spike's kiss had bruised his lips and made a blistering attack on his senses and he swayed drunkenly. Exhilaration and desire exploded in his body and ignited the blood in his veins, In the moment he hesitated Spike ripped away his jeans and Xander's response was to twist his fingers tightly into the pale hair and yank Spike's mouth forward for a blistering assault of his own. Lips fused and they breathed each other's breath their scent swirled around them and mingled as their bodies strained to be one, pushing, pulling rubbing hard flesh together trying almost to meld into single body.

Spike's hands slid down under Xander's thighs and Xander anticipated Spike, wrapping his arms tight around Spike's neck and leaping up, wrapping his legs around the blond vampire's waist. Spike chuckled and nipped hard on Xander's shoulder. "Good boy." He wasted no time in getting him to the bed and lowering him down, using his strength to crawl them both well onto the bed. He'd paused only long enough to grab the lube, and now three fingers slathered in it were shoved roughly into Xander without preamble. "Going to fuck a Xander-shaped hole in this bed, pet," he growled softly into Xander's ear.

Xander's fingers splayed against the vampire's muscled back and dug into his satin, creamy skin. He pulled, he clawed trying to get Spike closer, his legs came up and ankles crossed behind his back, his heels digging into Spike's taut buttocks. He panted delirious with need and desire. "Do it Spike, do it." He encouraged with a husky voice warped with lust.

Spike purr-growled and slathered his cock with lube. He was hard and already weeping small pearls of pre-cum out of his need. His forearms slid under Xander's shoulder blades and his hands gripped his shoulders tightly as Spike lined up and pushed in just a little. Then with a savage roar he shoved deep into Xander, to the root, and without pause began a hand and fast pace in and out of him. His eyes were full gold now and his fangs had dropped. Xander could tell it was only the barest thread of Spike's control that kept him from using too much of his strength as he plunged in deep again and again.

Xander cried out as Spike powered into him, pain, lust, love neither really knew or cared, it didn't matter.The magic Mode had given them swirled and crackled in the air, this was truly the start of a new beginning. Xander moaned as he was stretched and filled to bearing over and over, scorched by the heat of Spike's lips as they sucked and tugged at the skin of his throat. It echoed deep in his melted core, his insides tightened, twisted, climbed with every rhythmic plunge Spike made into him. His greedy hands roamed over Spike's body, kneaded and stroked, searched for spots that made him growl, moan or groan.

Xander's body lit up, washed with sensation as his sweat slicked skin slipped and slid against Spike, his breath came in desperate ragged pants, his hips tilted and met Spike's thrusts, trying to take him deeper. His teeth rasped over Spike's skin, his powerful shoulders. The head of Spike's cock grazed over his sweet spot as his channel rippled and contracted on the hard column within him. Pyrotechnics erupted behind his eyes. His nails dug into Spike's surging hips and his teeth bit into the muscle of Spike's shoulder his blood trickling into his mouth.

Spike couldn't remember the last time he'd felt like this. Free, strong, full of fire and blood and lust. Whenever it was he had his Xander writhing under him, seemingly trying to bodily merge with him, giving back as good as he got. Spike slowed his strokes marginally now, working to his Xander's sweet spot as he himself drew close to his first orgasm in a long while. Then came the sensation of Xander's teeth in his shoulder. He growled and his head came up from Xander's throat.

"Oi! You bit me!" The he grinned wickedly. "What took you so long? But best be ready to take the fire when you play with matches, boy." He scraped his own fangs over Xander's shoulder, licking up blood with long flat strokes of his tongue.

Spike tightened his hold, their orgasms brewing like a perfect storm, blood to blood the feel of Spike's rough tongue against his oversensitive skin. Nerves sizzled and fried. Spike drove into him, nailed Xander to the mattress. Pleasure, crashed ebbed and flowed over and between them with each fierce drive, each hard fast plunge, heated words of sex and love, muttered oaths and curses stoked the fire of their desire. Spike swiveled his hips, lifted Xander's ass from the bed, their chests heaved for air.

Such intensity couldn't possibly last. It seemed to break over them both like a storm, almost at once, with Spike driving in slow hard thrusts as he spent himself inside Xander, and Xander coating his own belly with thick ropes of seed. Slowly, very slowly, they untangled, and Spike got up to pad off to the bathroom and fetch warm wet cloths to clean them both as he always used to. He settled in the bed, pulling Xander on top of him, and stroking his hair. It was apparently only then that his lust-addled brain registered what he'd been seeing. "Xander, your eye...?"

Xander drifted, enjoying the hum of his contented body and the pleasant ache of being well used. His eyes opened and he rested his chin on Spike's chest and gazed up at him with two eyes.. "Oh yeah," he tried to sound casual, "it's no big deal..." He felt Spike tense.

"Don't lie, Xander, this is too important. What did you do?" Spike's voice was less angry and more desperately worried.

Xander rolled to the side and lay with his warm palm tracing lazy patterns on his chest. "Don't be mad. it's okay really.You remember that demon at the pool, Mode. The good looking pleasant one?" Spike nodded dumbly. "We had a chat about this and that and what he said, it made a lot of sense. The Powers - That -Be haven't really done us any favors and I wanted it for you, you deserve it.............We deserve it."

Spike's face darkened. "What did you do, Xander?" he repeated slowly.

"I traded him my soul to have you restored, really restored back to before Buffy, The Initiative, Glory, The First. Like you were when I first saw you in The Bronze, when Angel offered me up to you in the school. A true Master vampire, but with your soul. And he threw me in too. I'm back like I was at sixteen,no scars, no injuries, two eyes and horny as hell." He tried a watery smile. Spike gaped at him. "What is a soul anyhow?" He shrugged "a conscience? I figure you can be my Jiminy Cricket although I figure you're more of a Bagheera type."

"Ohhhhh Xander." Spike pulled him close again and growled. "Can't let him have it. You'll go to hell." He wracked his brain, desperately. And then it flooded across. "Xander, you remember, we talked, maybe one day you might think of letting me turn you?"

Xander nodded. "Kinda betting on it." He frowned, then grinned broadly. "No soul to collect."

"Yes. Safe in heaven, let him go there and try to get it and I wish him luck."

Xander laughed. It was going to be fun being with the Big Bad, he could tell. In life or in unlife.

THE END (For now.)

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