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Couple of Xandercentric Drabbles (Spander) NC17

These were written for FFSX drabble tree. The words in bold are the promt from a previous drabble.

Title: Ring The Changes
Pairing: Spander
Rating : NC17
Warning: Explicit/Graphic M/M sex
Word Count: 428

You know, tonight on patrol he’s gonna find a way to get Harris alone. He has a feeling that after that… well, the long drought will be over. He rushed to get at Harris, pushing him into the dusty old chair in his crypt. His borrowed blood running hot and sick with the thought that he might change his mind and deny him..... decide he wants no part of him. Harris gives no help except to momentarily raise his hips so that he can tug his jeans and boxers out of the way.

His big, beautiful cock falls into Spike's hands, his mouth. He moans at the taste of him, the warmth and velvety feel of his skin, at the intoxicating scent of him. Spike nuzzles against his groin and balls wanting his scent on him, claiming Harris as his. He fists the root and his tongue traces the thick, throbbing veins as his lips flow up and down.

Harris's teeth grind when he sucks him with long, drawing pulls, moaning his bliss, his cock vibrating in Spike's throat. Spike savors his dirty talk, his moans of bliss and groans of pleasure, his growls of lust, telling him what he needs, what he wants. Telling him how good his mouth feels on him.

Pumping the thick root with his fist Spike milks him, his lips sealed and sucking on the plush crown pulling up his pre-cum to where he can lick it up with soft flutters of his raspy tongue. Harris's thighs bunch, his breath comes in fierce pants. Spike feels him coil and he double fists him, sucking with hollowed cheeks, his mouth working until it aches, his head bobbing and Harris's fingers twisted tightly into his pale hair, satin locks against roughened skin.

His spine straightens, he tugs his hair in tight fists as his head slams back onto the chair as he pushes deep and the first thick spurt explodes down the vampire's throat.

Spike moans, unable to move as his flavor ignites his senses and makes him want more. He swallows frantically, convulsively, his slender, cool hands rubbing and pulling on Harris's cock coaxing more of the creamy semen down his throat. His body quakes and he comes for long moments filling him until it runs from his mouth and dribbles down his chin.

Finished, Harris's hands move to his shoulders and he pushes him back. He looks up into his taut, expressionless face, eyes glittering in the semi light. He touches the puffy, pink, swollen lips with his thumb, spreading his glistening semen.....

Title: Little Sparks
Rating: NC17
Warning :BDSM Kink
Word Count: 500

All role-play of course but it still made his gut tighten and his cock spring to attention when Spike would walk back in whatever had taken his fancy that day. Few appreciated like Spike the part anticipation played in these scenes these games. The spiraling anticipation and need, the way the body tightened and hummed, the way nerves jumped and sizzled. Mind and body tortured by wicked excitement and anxiety in a potent, erotic cocktail. Sometimes he was a Master vampire with his pet (duh), sometimes a highwayman, a wicked pirate, cruel slaver, strict teacher or indulgent daddy. He loved them all.

"Tonight I have a special toy pet." Spike's voice came from behind him, dripping seven kinds of liquid sin and he turned his head, blinking above the wide leather gag, unable to see clearly but had Spike plugged something in? He turned back and leather lashes caressed his ass.

He jumped at the odd sensation, it didn't feel like leather more like finely spun soft metal.

"It's a Panther Whip pet, a very special cat-o-nine-tails. The tails are made out of fabric and fine copper thread."

Uhho.....He heard a click and hum of electricity. This time when the cat touched him his knees quivered and something like percolating bubbles skittered over his skin, making it sweep with heat and goose bumps, following the trail of the copper fronds..

Spike yanked it away and wild zings, needle points of pain zapped across his ass. He gasped rocking forward, his whole body tingling and buzzing.

Again the Panther's lashes touched his skin lower this time across the back of his thighs stinging with an amazing charge and crack, it felt like liquid heat poured across his skin.The Panther bit twice into his ass, incredible shocks doubled the burn from the blow and his breath caught. His legs and body started to shake. Spike nipped his skin with the whip as he moaned, violet sparks arcing between the tails and his body.

Ozone. A smell like a Summer storm filled the air. His body lit up, awash with erotic electric sensation. Nerves sizzled and fired, hairs stood on end and electric ants skittered and nipped. He needed to touch himself but the silken ropes restrained his hands, he needed to scream but the leather gag muffled his cries.

Spike whipped him again. His cock hardened and pulsed, aching his balls tightened and drew up. Violet sparks of pain and pleasure, snapped and crackled. The need to scream and scream rose in his chest, his body coiled and with one more blistering crack of pleasured pain he shattered, falling apart and sparking like the whip. Pyrotechnics of pleasure as liquid heat spurted from his core, sizzling heat to match that of the whip. His body jerked, convulsed in pure pleasure and Spike caught him as the world spun away and soft clouds of darkness engulfed him and he collapsed........

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