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Notice of Posting a new COMPLETE Spander epic. Details and preview chapter.

'Portrait of Evil' (S/X NC17) is very loosely based on an extended, altered and very twisted interpretation of 'The Portrait Of Dorian Grey' by Oscar Wilde. A dark vampire/human 'romance', regular readers are asked to read and take heed of the warnings associated with this piece of fiction. Not suitable for reading at work or near children, lightly illustrated.

Posting will Begin on Saturday 9th November and daily thereafter until complete. It will be posted to the following ONLY: Darker_Fae's Journal (FLOCKED), Eternal_Spander, Nekid_Spike, Darker_Vault, Basementofdoom (MEMBER LOCKED). A LINK will be posted on Bloodclaim to A03.

Under the cut are a full header, banner and Author notes. Please note they will ONLY appear with this post and chapter one.

A random, full NC17 chapter is presented for you to read and decide if you want to invest time reading this story.

TITLE:A Portrait Of Evil. S/X Dark Romance/Gothic type horror (Loosely based on an expanded, altered and very twisted version of The Picture (Portrait) of Dorian Grey)
Warnings: Vampire/Hu/Au/dark romance/Horror. Character death (permanent), D/s, restraint, correction, punishment, erotic pain. Graphic/explicit M/M sex & sexual acts/ rough sex, kink. Dubious Consent, mental coercion/manipulation, mild drug abuse, graphic mutilation, OOC. Lightly Illustrated. Set in the Victorian era. Geographically and historically researched. Dates/facts and events may have been altered to facilitate the story.

Copyright Disclaimer I do not own any characters, products or services depicted in this story which you recognize. Original characters/characterization/and this version are mine. Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel The Series characters are OOC and I cite section 107 of the US copyright clause on 'fair use' to be found HERE

The Portrait Of Dorian Grey is COPYRIGHT FREE
Principally this is a transformative work, for enjoyment only, has a selective audience and I make no profit.

Pairing: W/OCs (Brief, pre-Spander) W/A= (S/X)
Rating:NC17 (Individual chaps. PG-NC17)
Unbeta'd: Pre-read by Bmblbee & Salustra
Author: Darker_Fae
Status: COMPLETE Written in 47 longer chapters. Approx 145,000 words. Posted daily.
Comments: Comment if you wish, it's nice to know someone's reading.


AN: Chapter1 & 2 use actual dialogue from: 'Lies my Parent's Told Me' and 'Fool For Love.' (Not enough to infringe copyright). This fic does NOT contain Angel/Angelus as a character.

Summary What would become of William if Darla had discovered Drusilla with William in the alley and Liam was merely an artist?

NOTESThese will ONLY appear with this first chapter

Vampire Lore Governing This Story:

1. Vampires 'rise' a few hours after turning, buried or not and there is no 'fledgling' / Sire dependency.
2. Sunlight prickles the skin unpleasantly. Prolonged exposure causes weakness, disorientation and vulnerability to attack.
3. Religious artifacts and symbols (inc. Holy Water) are powerless unless made of silver. Exposure to silver has the same result as sunlight but more immediate.

Otherwise usual vampire lore applies.

Some Victorian Terminology Used:

Bawdy House-Public house frequented by whores/brothel.
Toffer- High class whore or kept woman
Toff- Wealthy gentleman
Tart - Street whore
Mary-Ann - Male prostitute
Molly House- All Male brothel where Uranian's (Homosexuals) met. (Think Gay Bar)
Mollies-Men dressed and acting like women, may or may not be Mary-Ann's
Crush -Large ball or party without formal invitation. All of a certain group, sect or social standing were expected to attend. Over two hundred or more guests, hence name.
Green Fairy -Absinthe
Fundament -Anus
Gamahuch(e), Gamahuched, Gamahuching -Oral sex
Frigging, friggged, frig - Male masturbation.
Shadwell- An area of East End London more infamous than
Whitechapel. Especially known for male prostitution. The Mary-Ann's had their own name 'Shadwell Renters'. (From which we get Rent Boy.)
Limehouse- An area near Shadwell on the Thames embankment. Famous for warehouses, docks, slipways, lime kilns and opium dens.
Battledoors- Battledore was the forerunner of shuttlecock. 'Battledoors' were the bats. In BDSM bat shaped 'paddles' made of thick shoe sole leather

Most of the clothing mentioned can be found HERE

East End London 1800-1900


"Take off your shoes, socks, coat, waistcoat and shirt."

Alex blinked at William where he lounged indolently back in the deep, leather winged chair, one leg thrown carelessly over the arm and regarding him with an intense gaze. He opened his mouth to speak, saw William's eyebrow arch and thought better of it. He removed his shoes, shoved in his socks and pushed them out of them out of the way under the table. He hesitated removing his sack coat.

William watched, he could sense the boy's indecision and reluctance. It would be easy enough to make him remove his clothes but he didn't want to, not yet. He was certain of Alex entrapment but he didn't want to tip his hand and use force right off. He flowed to his feet and stepped close to him, invading his personal space and adding to his anxiety. He allowed the flicker of disappointment to shadow his expression and took a piece of the sleeve of Alex coat between his thumb and forefinger and tugged lightly. "We are alone," he said softly, "no-one will disturb us here. It disappoints me that you do not trust me enough to do as I say, I merely want to see your pretty body," he purred. He raised his hand and ran his fingertips lightly over Alex cheek, it echoed trembling in his core. "Can you do it, for me?" He murmured.

That was all it took. It was a small enough request and Alex shrugged his coat off his shoulders. William eased it down his arms and folded it on the table while Alex unbuttoned his waistcoat. William moved behind him and eased it off and placed it with his coat. His braces slid over his shoulders and dangled loosely either side of his hips. Alex trembling fingers pulled the tie tack loose and William undid his puff tie, his fingers grazing the bare skin of his neck and he smiled as Alex inhaled sharply, the boy was wound tight with anticipation and the scent of anxiety filled, swirled around his senses making him drool. He took the tack from Alex and placed it with the tie on the table. The boy's fingers shook as he undid the buttons of his shirt, William helped him tugging the tails loose from his trousers. He let Alex unbutton the shirt, it fell open and exposed the planes of his chest and flat abdomen. His muscles were long and lean, not as finely sculptured as William's.The vampire's eyes soaked up the sight, the lightly tanned skin and the smattering of dark hair. He gestured and Alex shrugged the shirt from his shoulders, William caught it and tossed it carelessly onto the table. His pale eyes swept over the boy and his skin tightened under William's obviously heated appraisal. "Very nice." The vampire muttered huskily.

Alex stood quietly gazing expectantly at the vampire. He crossed his arms defensively over his chest but William captured his wrists and pulled them down by his sides. "I want to see you pet." Alex let them dangle. William brushed the tips of his fingers over his shoulder to the hollow below his clavicle and grazed over his pectoral muscle to his nipple. His first instinct was to pull away from his touch, but he didn't. A tremor rolled through him all the way from his nipple to the pit of his stomach. It was disconcerting how he felt. His cock swelled, hardened at the blond's touch and his stomach muscles tensed. Being half dressed ought to make him embarrassed, especially given the heated, carnal way William was looking at him, but it didn't, it made him feel exhilarated. William had a sharp, ruthless, dominant edge that he found oddly exciting, it made his muscles tighten, nerve endings sizzle and bod quiver.

William pulled his hand back and Alex felt strangely bereft. "We're going to play a little pet, nothing serious or to worry about." His voice slid over him and embraced him in a silk cocoon.

He had the strangest urge to whimper, his brow creased."Play?"

"Yes." William ran the finger's of one hand into his hair and kneaded his scalp, it felt good. His other hand curled around his hip, "is that all right with you?"

Alex couldn't think straight when William touched him, his senses reeled under the feeling of spiraling pleasure. He nodded his response dumbly.

"I prefer verbal answers to my questions," William said softly. "Yes Sir will do for the moment, remember?"

A drop of ice water trailed down Alex spine and made him shiver. The vampire's voice was rapier -sharp no matter how softly he spoke. "Yes Sir." He answered hesitantly.

"That sounds very nice Pet," William gave a wry smile. "I have something for you." He picked up the square, deep box from the table.It was wooden and he raised the lid. It was white silk inside and Alex frowned not fully comprehending the contents nestled within.

Restraining cuffs.

Exquisitely hand crafted in supple tan and black leather. Two black, two dark tan, the tan with brass fixtures, buckle and two rings and the black with chrome fixtures, buckle and rings. The wider back leather about three inches wide, the thinner band that held the rings and buckles about two inches wide. All hand stitched with a soft inner leather lining padded with cotton.

William gestured with the box. "I had these made for you. Tan for your wrists and black for your ankles."

Alex eyes flicked up to William's unfathomable face."To what purpose?" He murmured.

William cocked his head slightly to one side and allowed his eyes to travel languidly over the boy, searing his skin with their heat, in no hurry to answer. "Now pet," the vampire spoke as if patiently speaking to a child, "we discussed this. You enjoy being restrained, the feeling of helplessness and freedom from responsibility it brings."

And there it was the spike in the boy's scent. Adrenaline laced desire, fear, excitement and the delightful flush of blood to his cheeks. The increased throb of the pulse at his throat...............

"Remember how it felt when I forced you to the wall and held your wrists?" William continued, his voice dropping to a hypnotic purr. "How good it felt to surrender and let me take charge?

Alex did remember and swayed in place his eyes shut for a moment. How good it felt not to have any resposability, how content he was just to feel the desire and need coursing through him and William's firm body flush against his own. He nodded, saw William's eyes frost and answered quickly. "Yes sir."

"Good boy." William praised quickly. "With these cuffs I can restrain your wrists and ankles and have my hands free, much more convenient," his voice was soft and coaxing. He waited a moment watching for the instant the boy hesitated and pounced. "Hold out your wrists Pet."

Alex held out his wrists, his eyes flicking nervously between watching William's slender fingers buckle the cuffs around his wrists and his expressionless face. He buckled one cuff around each wrist and checked the fit. He stood back to admire his handiwork. "You look very nice pet," he allowed himself a slightly smug smile, "very nice indeed. We shall not bother with the ankle cuffs tonight." He closed the lid and returned the box to the table and picked up the longer one. He stepped up to Alex and slowly raised the lid. Inside laid lengthwise on white silk was a collar, for all the world like a dog collar but it was not. It was a breathtaking handcrafted work of art in supple leather."I had it made for you at the same time as the cuffs," he murmured seductively, "they match."

Alex couldn't draw his eyes away from the contents of the box. The back leather was black about one and a half inches wide narrowing to about an inch at the center front. The strap holding the brass fixtures and buckle was the same tan as his cuffs. At the center front was an exquisite O ring in brass about two inches in diameter, positioned more to bottom than top. The ring was finely engraved with leaves and flowers. Stamped at the center on the black leather were the initials WA picked out in gold leaf. The same was repeated left and right of the ring on the tan leather.

It was hand stitched with the same soft lining as the cuffs and the fittings highly polished. It was beautiful and Alex stared at it and then his eyes lifted to William's impassive face. "A collar?" He queried softly. "Am I to be as a hound then?" It was a fair question and William's reaction alarmed him.

The blond's face darkened and his jaw tensed, the muscle twitched in his cheek and his eyes became as hard as flint. He plucked the collar from the box and tossed the box to the table. He held the collar stretched between his hands as he fought to reign in his temper and not frighten the boy. "This is not a hound's collar, nor is it my purpose to treat you as a hound." He ground out gruffly between tensed jaws. "This will become your most precious possession. This is a symbol that you are treasured and cherished above all others. That you are cared for and protected, it is my commitment to you and yours to me. It signifies that I accept responsibility for you and that you accept my dominion over you." He stepped closer his body pushed flush against the boy. "Your body, your will are mine," he breathed, his voice soothing, coaxing. "When you wear it, it signifies to everyone you belong to me. They will not approach nor speak to you without my consent, they will not touch you without my permission. " He cupped his cheek with one hand."You want to be mine don't you?" He sensed Alex doubt and let his hand fall away. He let disappointment mar his face and color his voice. "There are young men and women who would do violence to wear my collar with all it signifies. But it has come to you so easily, perhaps I misjudged you and you don't want it." He could force the collar on the boy but it was so much better if he accepted it willingly.

Alex stomach dropped. The idea of wearing a collar was alien to him, humiliating but the idea of belonging to someone he wanted that more than anything. His father had rejected him totally and although his uncle was kind and had, had affection for him, he always felt it was born out of a feeling of family duty. The same with Joyce, she loved him and was as kind and caring as any mother, but she was housekeeper and how much did she do just a her duty? William chose him wanted him not out of any sense of duty or obligation, of his own volition. He wanted to belong to him. As he had explained it the collar wasn't a sign of his humiliation, rather something to be proud of signifying how important he was in William's life. As the vampire turned he rest his hand on his arm. "It is beautiful," he whispered.

William faced him and Alex ran his fingertips over the supple leather and traced the A and the W.

"Will you accept my collar?" The vampire asked with quiet earnestness and bated breath.

Alex gave a tentative smile. "Yes sir."

William almost howled out his triumph, instead he settled for a wicked smile and held the collar toward Alex neck.

He couldn't help shying away from him as the collar got nearer.

William's eyes narrowed and he frowned. "Pet?"

Alex's cheeks heated and his scalp prickled. "I've ne........."

The blond raised an eyebrow and gazed at him for a moment and then began to speak in a smooth, even tone holding out the collar. "It's a simple leather collar with a O ring decoration. The initials W and A embossed in the leather and picked out in gold leaf symbolizing you and I. It fastens with a buckle and has no lock or attachment for a leash. I expect you to follow me because it pleases me that you do and you want to please me. You can unbuckle and remove it yourself at any time. The fixtures are polished brass and it has a padded lining for comfort." He finished and looked at the boy expectantly.

Alex bowed his head and leaned into William a little as he buckled the collar around his neck. He adjusted it so that the O ring was directly under his chin and made sure there was room for his little finger between the collar and the boy's skin.

Alex skin tightened at his touch and as soon as the collar was fastened in place a tremor moved through him. A calm tranquility settled over his mind and his body relaxed. William felt it and a self-satisfied smile tugged at his lips. He raised his hand and stroked his dark hair. "This is really what you want, what you need isn't it pet?" He coaxed an affirmative reply with honey tones and soft caresses.

Alex made a small sound of agreement in the back of his throat and William ignored that his response was non verbal. His hand flowed down from Alex hair and his steely fingers grasped the boy's nape in a firm grip. "Walk with me." William led him almost dream-like to the center of the room and Alex followed his gaze upward. A heavy oak beam crossed the room lengthwise at this point that he hadn't noticed. Attached to it on a pulley system were two silver colored chains dangling above his head. The links were round, slender but strong and gleamed softly in the diffused luminescence from the gas lights. Strangely it concerned Alex more that he missed their presence than what they might be employed for. William reached above his head and pulled the chains down until they dangled by his waist. Each chain ended in a clip similar to those employed on the end of a dog leash.

Alex felt his stomach quiver.

"I'm going to attach one chain to each of the rings in your cuffs, does that worry you pet?" William asked conversationally.

It didn't until William asked him, his eyes flickered to his impassive face. He enjoyed being restrained by William's hands but cuffs and chains seemed so much more. Anxiety and indecision unfurled within him. William cocked his head to one side and regarded him with curiosity shining in the depths of his pale eyes. "Pet?"

"What are you going to do?" He whispered quietly and quickly added "Sir."

William exhaled. "Normally you wouldn't question me, you'd just gratefully accept whatever I did to you, but as it's your first time I'm inclined to indulge you." He stroked his hand down his arm, the nerves firing in its wake. "I intend to raise your arms above your head and stretch out your pretty body for my pleasure and scrutiny." He held his hand. "Is this a problem?" There was a mild challenge in the question.

Alex shook his head."No Sir." And honestly, it wasn't. William had pegged him right, he liked the helpless feeling and sense of freedom from responsibility being restrained gave him. "I'm a little nervous........ That's all."

"Right then," William released his hand and fastened the clips to the ring in each cuff, first the left and then the right, "let's start shall we?" It was a rhetorical question and he didn't expect a response.

He got none.

William moved over to the wall, there was a handle and William began to turn it. The chains rattled and grated as they were pulled through the pulley and begin to shorten. Slowly his wrists were pulled upward until they were raised high over his head. His arms and body strained upward from where the cuffs restrained his wrists, pulled taut, his spine stretched. His long, lean muscles rippling beneath his skin in the gas light. William stopped just before Alex was pulled onto tiptoe, his toes curling against the wooden floor. He engaged the braking mechanism on the chains and moved to inspect his boy standing behind him, knowing it would unnerve him.

Alex tugged experimentally on the chains, they rattled a little but didn't budge. Not that he really expected they would. The position didn't hurt but it was awkward, uncomfortable and almost impossible to turn and see William behind him, but he knew he was there.... just looking at him, appraising him. He could feel his carnal gaze heating his skin. His body wasn't bad, but it wasn't great and nothing like William's. He didn't much care for formal exercise or sporting activities but he swam, rode and played battledore occasionally. As a result his shoulders and upper arms were quite well developed, he was slender but this other muscles needed development and although his thighs were quite taut his backside tended to wobble a bit. He felt so exposed, so vulnerable.

The blond began to circle him slowly, not unlike a hungry shark. He trailed the fingertips of one hand over his skin as he moved with a feather light but deadly touch. Alex's skin tightened, his nipples pulled and puckered to dagger points. His lips parted and he breathed through his mouth, choppy panting breaths. He moaned involuntarily.

William stood in front of him and pulled his hand away then he lunged forward. One hand went to the back of Alex head, the other curled firmly around his hip. He held him steady for a blistering kiss, an assault on his senses. The vampire's tongue invaded his mouth and pinned down his own, pushed to the back of his throat. He explored his mouth, taking not asking or giving. A kiss of ownership and possession that left Alex giddy and breathless, drunk on his scent and taste, intoxicated by his lust. His breathing became uneven, his heart pounded and his cock pulsed. His skin misted with perspiration. His tongue tangled with William's and the press and rub of the vampire's hard erection rasped the material of his trousers against his own hardening cock and sparked a fire in his loins.

By the time William ended the kiss his lips were bruised and swollen, his breathing was shallow and ragged his cock pulsed to the rapid beat of his heart. The blond's hands moved to the buttons of his trousers. For the first time Alex felt a frisson of fear as slender fingers worked the buttons loose. "What are you going to?" He asked quickly.

"I told you," William responded, his eyes alight with a carnal glow, "I'm going to become better acquainted with your body," he murmured, his fingers hooking over the waistband of Alex trousers and slowly easing them over his hips...............

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