key76 (key76) wrote in bloodclaim,

Looking for a story and one question....!!! Found!!!

Hi All!
Just found your site while I was looking for a BTVS Xander/Spike story. If anyone knows the story, I'd really appreciate the help! From what I remember, Xander goes to live with Spike in his underground home. Spike at one point has a garden made for Xander and gives him lessons in martial arts because he showed interest in them. I think Xander goes with Spike because of some spell that Willow does that goes really wrong but I'm not sure.
My question is, does anyone know if the stories that were on "Hidden Desires and Midnight Kisses" are archived anywhere else? I've tried the 3 links I had saved in my favorites and none of them work. No, the above story wasn't one of the ones I had saved sadly.

Thanks everyone! The story has been found! Link in the messages
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