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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
Scared to Touch : Spike/Xander : R 
26th-Aug-2014 04:24 pm
Soft malec
Author: skargasm
Title: → Scared to Touch
Rating: → R
Pairing/s: → Spike/Xander
Summary: → Catching Xander doing yoga leads to a much needed conversation.
Warnings: → None
Word Count: → 1767
Prompt:: → Prompt: #423: Chakra @ tamingthemuse
Author's Notes: → Long time since I've written Spike and Xander but with fall_for_sx, it's time for me to get their voices back in my head! theladymerlin and I are hoping to finish Refuge as our contribution to Fall.
Scared to Touch
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