jjaegge (jjaegge) wrote in bloodclaim,

Help! Looking for fic.

This story starts with Xander as a stripper in New Orleans. He is very popular but disillusioned with life. He is accomplished in magic and uses it to not always good purposes. One instance; he takes a guys back to his place, thinking he is a prostitute of some kind, instead Xander robs him and magically erases his memory. Spike finds him later and works,his way into Xander's emotionally closed off self. They end up buying a house and starting there own version of a detective agency. Later that are contacted by the scoobies as the detective agency and asked for help. At this point they have gathered westley and I think oz into their group. They help the scoobies and solve the problem. The story ends with Xander being turned by spike many years down the road.
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