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Chapter 35 Swan Lake 
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Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
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Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Xander has PTSD after rescuing one too many slayers. Spike is recovering (sort of) after the battle with W&H. Fate may have it they eventually find each other - she's funny that way.

Spoilers: Sometime in season five AtS – and possibly late seven BtVS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

Part 35

Spike took his time with the ‘bath’, stroking the warm, wet face towel rhythmically up and down over every inch of Xander’s arms and legs, taking extra care to avoid erotic regions. He bathed the strong somewhat tanned torso without touching nipples and deliberately navigating around the groin before encouraging his Consort onto his front and did the same with Xander’s back. The exception being toward the end as he let the towel covered fingers venture between the cheeks of the backside, evoking an encouraging groan.

Rolling Xander onto his back again, and pausing for a moment to admire his handiwork, he noted the closed eye and relaxed features, and wondered if he should continue despite the obvious evidence of the man’s arousal.

Xander registered the cessation of ministrations, surmised the cause and muttered, “’m awake… jus… don’t stop now… Pleee… Gahhh!” The last exclamation invoked by his manhood being engulfed tip to root by a cool mouth and active tongue.

Relaxing the back of his throat, Spike bypassed his gag reflex and sucked with all his might. The response was a satisfying arching off the bed, and on the third slide past and a mere fingertip stroke over Xander’s scrotum, his lover came hard with a strangled cry.

Drinking down the liquid warmth until every last drop had been spent, the blonde lifted off, flicking his tongue over the tip as he released completely. He chuckled to himself as the limp member gave a valiant twitch of interest then slid up the brunette’s body to claim his mouth. They kissed languidly, both aware of the combined taste and sharing the notion that, here in each other’s arms, all was right in their world.

Some time later Spike woke to the sound of the room phone. Half inclined to ignore it, he gave up the notion in preference to having Xander sleep on. Grabbing the receiver he answered with a quick, “Yes, William here. Hold on a tick.” After which he grabbed one of the complimentary bathrobes, flung it around himself and made his way into the sitting room. “Sorry about that. Yes?”

The young male voice on the other end of the phone was a bit of a relief – at least it wasn’t the police or hospital, or worse, Giles. The accent had a hint of American, “Hello Mr Aurelius, this is Johann at reception. I have a young lady here who says she has an urgent package to deliver in person. Shall I send her up?”

“Does she have a name?” There was a muffle question in the background as Spike angled his head to hold the receiver against his shoulder and hurriedly tied the belt of the bathrobe.

“A Miss Henrietta Marathi.” There was a short pause as something else was said in the background, “My apologies Sir… She said you know her as Hattie.”

“Oh. Yes, yes of course, send her right up.”

“Thank you, Sir. Also, I have several messages for you here at the desk. I will send our reception clerk Amilie with Miss Marathi and your mail directly. Good day, Sir.”

Hatti arrived minutes later, by which time Spike was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt though still barefooted. He opened the door to the pretty, part demon woman and invited her in politely.

“Thank you Herr Aurelius.”

“Please, call me William.”

“Herr William… I brought you the supplies you came for last night.” She held a shoebox sized package out for Spike to take and continued talking as he took it and placed it on the small table further into the room, ushering the girl through as she continued to what he surmised was a well practiced speech. “I… um… Our family is so very grateful for your intervention and assistance with our attackers. You and your Consort were both so very brave and um… wonderful.” She smiled shyly at the vampire, took a deep breath and continued, “We are deeply grateful for what you did for us, indeed for many other demon families also. Father has sent word of your heroism to our communities across Europe and asked that I inform you that he would be gratified if you would allow our family to provide you with your blood whenever you visit Zurich. I… um… I would be happy to help out, because you and Alexander saved my mother and sister too and well we… Is there anything I can do?” The last statement was almost a plea.

Spike smiled at the rushed monologue, musing that the girl might just give Willow of old a run for her money if pushed. He took pity on the pretty female, “Not really Pet. Your lasting friendship is more than enough. How are your father and brother?”

“Father is coming home this afternoon, cousin Jean has some bruising but will be fine. Leopold will take longer, but our own physician is seeing to him. He suffered a badly broken jaw, four broken ribs and internal bleeding, but has regained consciousness, so we are happy he will recover fully in time. I… um… How is Herr Alexander?”

“He’ll be fine pet. Rest is the main thing, bit of Master’s blood and a first class surgeon will do the trick I reckon.”

“Oh… It is well he is your Consort… I… um… I had best return home. Would you wish me to deliver more supplies on Saturday?”

“That would be lovely, pet. Before you go, I wonder if you would ask your father if he knows how to contact Master Marcus? Seems as the mice are playin’ while the cat’s away. I’d like to sort that before we leave for Florence, and if I were in his position I’d like to know what was happening at home.”

The girl frowned for a moment then pulled a smart phone from her shoulder bag. “I think my mother will know. If you please, I will call her now.”

“You do that luv. I’ll just look in on Alex, make sure he’s still resting.” With that he left the room to give Hatti some privacy and wandered into the bedroom.

Xander had remained asleep. He was breathing easily and though still far paler than normal, looked relaxed. Spike lovingly stroked a stray lock of brunette hair from the man’s forehead and tucked the duvet up over an exposed shoulder. Xander snuggled down without waking, so with a last look and satisfied sigh, Spike returned to the sitting room.

Hatti was speaking rapidly in her native demon tongue, frowned for a moment then seemed to agree to something, said what was obviously a quick farewell and turned to the Master vampire.

“Herr William, I have some details. The Canton Masters’ meeting is being held at the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic in Montreux, the Vaud Canton Master Paul is host. My mother thinks it is easiest to contact Master Marcus that way. The Vaud Master usually resides in Lausanne but exactly where is not known to us.”

“Thank you, Hatti, and also your mother. I will contact the Master and inform him of the situation here in his absence. If further action needs to be taken, I’m sure I can handle a few stray minions – at least put the wind up them until Master Marcus returns.”

“I will tell my parents, they are sure to be relieved… um… I really must go. Please give my blessings to Master Alexander. I will return on Saturday.” And with a polite nod she departed.

Spike looked at the box of blood. All he wanted to do was gorge himself on all the blood at hand then sleep for at least a day beside his recovering lover. His own needs had been put aside for the past twenty-four hours as he tended his wounded Consort. He had not eaten since before leaving the flat in Soho, had fed Xander more than once, consequently the minor injuries he sustained in the fracas were still very evident – particularly those on his torso, but also the raw bite marks on his neck and wrist.

He settled on heating a single serve of blood up in a mug and sipping it as he fired up his laptop and searched for the contact number of the Majestic Hotel. The call was short and sweet, he left a message with the reception for Master Marcus, and another for Master Paul – the latter as a courtesy. While not divulging details he did manage to stress the urgency of the matter he was ringing about in the hope that he would get some answers and/or action in the next few hours.

William quickly checked through his emails as he downed a second mug of blood then a third. He decided the one from Giles could wait for the time being. Messages from Monty, the Immortal and a follow up from Daniel his banker were read carefully and replied to after some pondering. All three were business matters that were interlinked, and the information contained timely and pertinent. He called Anton in Florence, but was put through to a rather officious PA whose only help consisted of “I will schedule you a call for tomorrow afternoon at three. Will that be all?”

Monty was his usual effusive self, though the call was taken on his mobile and a little rushed as he was on his way to meet his wife at the opera for her birthday. William carefully omitted any mention of the problems encountered the previous evening and promised to put any key financial questions in an email in the next day or so, concluding by wishing his wife a happy birthday and Alex and his best regards.

Spike then started to review documents included in Daniel’s email, and researching a few of the proposals further. He was unaware he had fallen asleep at the small desk until jolted from sleep by a call through the consort link, and accompanying quiet cry for him from the bedroom. He was at Xander’s bedside with preternatural speed.

“What is it luv? What’s wrong? Are you hurting?”

Xander opened his good eye to the image of an extremely worried vampire. “Spike! Oh… um no… well yes a bit… but…”

“But what Xan?”

“I need to pee.”

Spike looked at once immensely relieved and a little annoyed, “That all! Bloody hell pet, thought you were havin’ some sort of turn! Bloody near had me in a panic.” His look softened, “It’s alright pet. Long as you’re OK. Can you sit up for me?”

Xander struggled up as Spike threw back the bedcovers, and with an embarrassed “eep” on his part, the man found himself effortlessly lifted up into the arms of the vampire and carried to the bathroom where his legs were gently lowered to stand in front of the toilet.

Spike steadied him and hovered behind, one arm around his Consort’s waist, as though anticipating a collapse. Truth be told, Xander did feel a little light headed, but was also slightly put out that Spike was about to witness him urinating. “I think I can take it from here Spike.”

“Not bloody likely mate. I c’n feel you’re still on the shaky side. Besides, need to make sure everythin’s workin’ the way it should, no blood or infection.”

Xander sighed as the arm around his waist did not budge and simply got on with the task at hand. The relief of emptying his over full bladder was wonderful, and standing prompted another need. On finishing he shook off the drips then turned in Spike’s arms with a somewhat apologetic smile. “Umm… thanks. All working fine but Spike?”

“Yes pet?”

“I kind of need to have a sit down for the next part.”

Spike looked momentarily confused then realized the secondary need so assisted the man to sit. Xander looked up with a grateful smile adding, “You might want to leave the room for this bit… Could get a bit… you know… vampire sense of smell and all.”

Spike’s nose wrinkled in disgust at the very thought and he made a quick retreat commenting, “Call me when you’re finished luv, ‘n let’s hope that extractor fan’s a good one.”

Xander was finished within minutes, and was standing, staring at his image in the mirror over the sink when Spike came back to get him.

“Penny for your thoughts luv...” Strong arms slid around his waist. It looked odd, as there was no image per se in the mirror, just the evidence of Spike’s grasp on Xander’s torso. Xander looked a little harder and fancied he could see an outline, a crystal like shimmer defining Spike’s body.

“I guess I’m just… I don’t know Spike. I look kind of the same, all with the wound having and no eye and a bit on the skinny side, which is all OK… but I feel totally different, inside I mean… I feel you, and I feel… complete somehow. And that’s definitely new. So’s the feeling when I do this.” He brushed his hand over Spike’s Consort mark on his neck, an act that sent a thrill through his whole system and caused his nether regions to respond. “And I can kind of see you… in the mirror. Not the whole picture… just a sort of trick of the light image. Is that normal?”

Spike looked hard at the glass, and he could indeed make out his own three-dimensional outline as though the light was bending around, reflecting some colors and allowing others through. It wasn’t exactly a reflection but it was certainly something new.

The vampire was wide eyed as he let go his hold on Xander, “Well bugger me.”

The brunette leaned against the bathroom bench and grinned, “Only if you ask nicely.”

Spike gave Xander a light slap on the bare backside with accompanying “Brat”, but continued to stare.

“So has it been like that since you’ve been all, you know, sunshine having?”

“No real idea pet. Must confess I haven’t really looked that I can recall, sort of got out of that habit a century and some ago. But I’d have a guess and say no. Might be to do with our consummating the Consort mating bond, sex and blood exchange… n’ you. Still ‘s not like I c’n do much with it, now is it. Just one of those things I guess.”

Just then the blonde noticed his partner wavering a little. “Enough of this, you’re goin’ back to bed and I’ll order up some food if you feel up to it.”

Xander sighed as he was lifted again and carried back to bed. A light dinner was ordered, Xander finishing the almost vegetarian meal by taking some painkillers then accepting Spike’s blood from the offered open wrist as the two sat in comfortable silence, bedroom television screening local news playing quietly in the background. Finally Xander’s head relaxed onto Spike’s shoulder and the vampire could tell the man was almost asleep. He eased his injured partner down until prone on the bed and stood with a smile as a satisfied sigh signaled Xander dropping off to sleep.

Spike too was feeling exhausted. The blood he had consumed was causing his body to feel heavy as it worked on his injuries, for full effect, his internal workings were screaming for him to rest. Added to that was a general lack of sleep in the last forty-eight hours. The travel, meetings, the fight, the worry over Xander, and pressing need to deal with matters both financial and vampire related were all contributing factors, as was (now he considered it in the still of the evening) the emotionally draining experience of sorting through the contents of the Aurelian vault.

A small number of exquisite pieces of furniture, paintings, glass and fine porcelain were easy, though some did bring up memories, as the majority had been placed there by him personally. Angelus and Darla had always preferred to keep their possessions close where they could be enjoyed, taking whatever they wanted, when they wanted it to keep them (particularly Darla) in the manner preferred.

For Drusilla the vault had always been an intriguing game, with a place and purpose she seemed to find incomprehensible. After Angelus left them and Darla shunned the two younger Aurelians, Spike had set up their Swiss account and associated vault. At the time Credit Suisse already had a number of demon clients, and as it happened, some of William’s human relatives also held accounts, so the arrangements were easy. Drusilla was quite incapable of comprehending the need or management of such things, though delighted in visiting the vault, always referring to the event as an adventure to “Aladdin’s Cave”, or “Blackbeard’s treasure”, and on occasion, “the Tower of London where we visit the naughty King”.

Spike had indulged her fanciful musings and dutifully deposited her favourite eclectic collection of things at each visit, often returning soon after to remove anything likely to perish or decay (or both), and remove anything Dru had lost interest in that was not of value.

In this most recent visit, he had foregone looking at everything contained in the boxes and trunks within the vault for the sake of expedience as he kept a close eye on the time for Xander’s sake. He had taken photographs of larger items and of the boxes he had opened, documented jewellery and small items of fiscal value. That was easy to deal with, more problematic were the occasional boxes containing personal mementos of the members of the Scourge of Europe. Too many memories, loss, guilt, shame and heartache were contained within. Despite having closed and pushed them aside in his sort, the emotional memory lane he dealt with now as a consequence made him all the more tired.

He knew he should ring Master Marcus again, but honestly did not have the energy, and though it was only just after ten at night, he heated and drank another packet of blood, cleaned his teeth and fell into bed.

Xander was sprawled on his back sound asleep and snoring slightly but seemed to sense Spike’s presence and rolled to one side, throwing his warm arm over Spike’s form in the process. Within seconds the vampire was asleep.
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Oh wow! I really do love in how much love the boys are and how they act with and around each other. Great update. So very enjoyable. You did a wonderful job again. Many many thanks. I love this story.
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