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Part 66 Swan Lake

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Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Xander has PTSD after rescuing one too many slayers. Spike is recovering (sort of) after the battle with W&H. Fate may have it they eventually find each other - she's funny that way.

Spoilers: Sometime in season five AtS – and possibly late seven BtVS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

Part 66

The time in Spain was a bit of a rollercoaster in their roles as Master Vampire and Mate, Childer of the Immortal, and as William and Alexander Aurelius Athenatos, businessmen in their own right.

Their first task was to find the accommodation Natalia had kindly secured for them, a serviced suite in the, Borne Apartments Barcelona – Decimonica in the rather swanky section of Barcelona, Eixample. It was a new building, as shiny inside as it was out, their minimalist living space softened only by muted lighting and strategically placed rugs. On the upside it was convenient to the business district and all modes of transport, and sported a plethora of luxury appliances and enormous comfortable bed; access to a well equipped (practically unused) gym and 25m swimming pool; and had its own pretty balcony overlooking a park.

They swiftly packed away clothes and established any other necessities that needed to be purchased on their first foray into the city, then set about christening the bed. Or strictly speaking, Spike stripped his Mate in preparation for a much sought after shower and sent such a bolt of lust through the Mating link that Xander was instantly hard and all but threw his vampire onto the king sized. Spike gave a muffled “oomph” as he landed, grinned and tried to gauge his mate’s mood more accurately.

“Get the feelin’ you need ta be in charge tonight…‘m all yours.” He stretched fully, throwing his arms out and waggled an eyebrow, “Well? Have at it!”

Xander did just that, crawling up the length of his lover licking and nipping all the places he knew Spike to be most sensitive but avoiding the obvious erection. He varied the pace just enough to frustrate, and drew out his ministrations until the blonde was panting and in and out of game face struggling for control.

Spike felt a very slick finger enter him to the hilt and realized Xander must have taken the lube from their luggage before they entered the shower. He vamped out and growled a low, “In properly… You… Please!”

Xander withdrew his finger ran a lubed hand over his erection and with no more preparation, slammed into his partner until fully seated, stilled momentarily then began to move. Slow withdrawal and slide back in then faster as their mutual need demanded. Aware Spike was as close as he was to climax, he wrapped a fist around the vampire’s hardness and pumped in time with his thrusts. It was only moments later that Spike arched, cried out and came just as Xander bit down into Spike’s neck with his tiny incisors muffling the scream as Spike reciprocated and he filled the blonde with his warm spending before they both collapsed into a sated, sticky heap.

The next day was devoted to an exploration of the city, not only as tourists but to orientate themselves and assess the lay of the land, for business purposes and, as Spike so politely put it, to assess other worldly nature of Barcelona. They also had to follow up a blood supply lead Sahil had kindly provided, yet another of his many ‘cousins’, a fact that provoked a humorously grumbled “bloke’s got more bloody relatives than ol’ Queen Vikki!”

Xander enjoyed the wander around the old city, particularly as Spike peppered the experience with tales of his first time as a young man on the ‘Grand Tour’ and later as part of the four Scourge of Europe members. They wondered at the organic architecture of Gaudi, had lunch outside at a small café in the Placa Espanya and stopped for ‘dos cerveza por favor’ nearer the Barcelona bullring around siesta time (Xander sniggering at Spike’s apparent lisp – only to be told it was the *correct* pronunciation – not the bastardized American version).

As evening fell, there was a definite shift in their objective, now they prowled rather than walked and the streets chosen, though still in the old city, were far less frequented by tourists and shoppers and more by locals of both human and demon persuasion.

Their first encounter was a family of almost human looking Sneibass demons who were happily chittering to each other in their own language as they rounded the corner, but quickly switched to quieter regional Spanish when they saw the two men approaching. Spike sought out Xander’s hand and mumbled “peaceable” as they got closer, but need not have bothered as the obviously oldest of the Sneibass suddenly flung himself to his knees in supplication, dragging two other adults with him, and at the same time began to pay tribute in heavily accented English.

“High Master William the Bloody and esteemed Mate Alexander, Childer of the Immortal and keepers of the balance, humble greetings and welcome to our city. I, Elder Liberto, and we of the Sneibass clan, offer fealty and hospitality. How may we be of service?”

Xander was astounded at Spike’s easy response, and put it down to either years as a feared Master Vampire or, more probably, his aristocratic upbringing as his Mate replied in what Xander had come to refer to as his ‘original Oxford accent’, “We are honored to be in your Barcelona territory, and thank you for your gracious welcome. We extend our greetings to all your clan and would that you inform them of our presence in your fine city. My Mate and I are here on private business, but are happy to consult during our sojourn should it be needed. Please Sir, you may stand in our presence. We are here tonight merely to discern the lay of the land as it were.”

The pair scrambled to their feet but still kept their eyes lowered, “If you please, High Master William and Mate Alexander, it is most fortuitous you are present as we, and the demon community generally are currently facing the challenge of absorbing refugees from warring regions, just as is the case for our human counterparts. I hope I am not too bold in asking… but if you could see your way to make time to preside over an emergency meeting of the greater clan leaders of this region, it would be infinitely appreciated.”

Xander caught a flash of concern followed by resignation flowing through their link before Spike answered aloud, “It is well, send us the time and place, and should our schedule allow us to attend, we shall. We will also inform our Sire, the Immortal, of your struggles as he holds the wisdom of the ages and the ear of many international leaders. But for now, good Liberto, we must bid you adieu.”

Spike reached for his Mate’s hand, it was willingly given and the two strode past the group who began an excited and speedy exchange in their own tongue as they disappeared around the corner of the next block.

Xander was still a little confused by the encounter and grabbed Spike’s hand to ask in a low conspiratorial tone, “How did they know?”

“Know what pet?” Spike was focusing on weaving their way back to their

“How did they know we were… you know… who we are?”

“Magical signature Luv. Enough other worldly power comin’ off you ‘n me to let any demon in a five mile radius know who we are… who we belong to. Not to mention it’s fairly likely that news of our visit made its way here afore we even stepped onto the plane at Heathrow.”

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely Luv. You’re royalty as far as the demon community is concerned… Does come with some obligations mind.”

Xander’s eyes narrowed, “Such as?”

“Such as, we’ll need to pay our respects to the Masters of Catalonia and of Barcelona in the next few days or risk a repeat of the London fiasco. ‘S the thing about royalty pet, gotta play the polite, visitin’ dignitary card until somethin’ more is needed.”

Xander thought on this for a moment then mumbled, “’With great power comes great responsibility.’”

Spike recognized the reference, grumbled, “You an’ your bloody comics, but it’ll do for now… C’mon, race you home. Reckon’ you c’n keep up?”

They did indeed race home, Xander glad of his not so human status as Spike led him on a merry romp that included not a small amount of par quor as buildings were scaled, staircases leapt down and smaller obstacles hurdled. He arrived at the front of their building panting and laughing mere moments behind his partner, only to be silenced by a strong hand grabbing his wrist accompanied by a suddenly serious look from Spike and the mouthed word, “Company”.

An impossibly tall, black African figure in bedoin robes stepped from the shadows and bowed politely. “High Master William and Esteemed Mate Alexander, Childer of the Immortal, I am Prince Jahal Mohommed Benein, second son of His Highness Adaka Benein, late of the Tafar clan in the South Eastern Sahara. I come on behalf of the displaced clans and refugees with no alliance who have sought sanctuary in this city and its surrounds. I humbly request an audience to beg our case that you might stop the persecution of an already traumatized group of beings by the hand of the El Sodorna, Master of this City.”

Xander looked quizzically at his vampire, Spike returned the look with a pointed nod then spoke to the statuesque prince, “Might as well come up then. Can’t rightly have dialogue standin’ mid street.”

The conversation that followed was much as the one they had been privy to in Rome, though it seemed the Scourge did not seem to have found a firm footing in Spain as yet, so the plight of refugees tended to be more akin to general xenophobia rather than violent attacks, though those too were increasing as the influx of desperate individuals and families of outsiders increased.

Spike listened attentively but kept his expression neutral, whilst Xander’s empathy toward the plight of those fleeing warzones was clearly apparent, oscillating from almost tearful as deaths and losses were described, to incensed as the treatment of the pitiful survivors, particularly children, was detailed.

Finally, Jahal fell silent and sat with his hands clasped tightly, his whole being clearly communicating his fear that he had perhaps shown his hand to the wrong people, or worse, the right ones who may not be able to help. The truth was, when his community had heard that the Immortal’s Mated Childer were coming to Barcelona, it was the first time in almost a year since arriving in their new country, that any glimmer of hope for the future could been forthcoming.

Xander looked expectantly at his lover as Spike stood, moved across the room and fixed a stiff drink for all three of them. Jahal politely took the proffered glass, only to sniff it and put it gently to one side. Xander sipped his, while Spike downed the shot of scotch, then fixed another and finally returned to his seat and began to speak. “My Mate and I are here on business of the human variety…” Jahal looked devastated and was about to rise, but was staid by Spike’s next statement, “… however, I know El Sordorno from a time when Franco ruled this country. He is a political survivor, an opportunist, and will be playing to the highest bidder no doubt. Let us make some inquiries and discuss this with our Sire. The matter may well be resolved without further escalating an already untenable situation, but will need some careful negotiations, no doubt.

“If you will leave this matter with us for forty eight hours, we will endeavor to have a way forward by then and keep you informed. Are you agreeable that we might meet again on Tuesday evening?”

Jahal leapt to his feet and with a blindingly beautiful, toothy smile, hitherto absent, dropped all protocol and shook each man’s hand enthusiastically, all the while half bowing and saying, “Thank you. The Ghods be praised! Thank you, I will be here, yes indeed. Tuesday, same time. Yes! Thank you.”

At Xander and Spike’s somewhat bemused looks, the statuesque African demon seemed to remember himself, sobered, bowed low and announced formally, “I shall take my leave of you High Master William and Most Esteemed Mate Alexander, may the Ghods bless you and your family.”

After the door closed behind their guest, Spike turned, took his lovely partner’s hand and led him to the bedroom. “Come on luv. What say we adjourn to bed? I reckon you need to be up ‘n ready for that midday meeting with the construction mob tomorrow so it’s an early start for yours truly too.”

Xander followed his lover without question, his mind now given over to the worry of the upcoming meeting as well as the problems of the refugees. Spike silently stripped the pliant Mate and eased him back into bed without a word. Finally settled, Spike as usual, plastered to the brunette’s side and enjoying the warmth, it was Xander who spoke first. “Do you think I’ll be OK tomorrow Spike? I mean, I’d hate to have these company bosses think I’m some sort of rich kid idiot or something.”

“Pet, you are one of the bosses! They’ll be all “Yessir” ‘n “Absolutely sir” swift as you like, an they’re used to all sorts in the role of backer I’ll wager.”

Xander’s response by way of a shrug and “Yeah But…”

“But nothing Luv. Now I know your experience in construction had hardly prepares you for the role of major investor on an inspection tour or whatever this is, but sweetheart... You have a fine mind and a clear understanding of building procedures, at least in the USA, and you’ve spent enough time looking at their proposals and architectural plans to drive me barmy.

“Now, I’ll sort the political situation with a bit of recon and a chat to Sire on the morrow, you’ll be marvelous at the meeting and we’ll face it all tomorrow. So come on Luv, put the worries away, better still, let me put them away for you.”

With that, Spike rolled on top of his lover and proceeded to kiss him within a passion Xander felt transfer instantly to his groin. Someone groaned, a small tube of slick produced by his vampire, and he soon forgot all about the outside world as the world that was Spike took over all his senses and the two made passionate love until collapsing into satisfied slumber shortly after midnight.


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