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Help Needed 
28th-Dec-2016 08:14 pm
Hey guys, do you all remember Puppy Love? Well, I want to write a sequel, but I realize I wrote the first one on a series of prompts, off a prompt chart specifically, so I need help again.

I need another prompt chart, just like my first one, but this time I want twenty five prompts and five blank spots for me to put in my own prompts. Remember, I shuffle prompts around to suit the story best, but I do use the prompts, just not in ways that you imagine or expect usually. So, anyone want to make me a thirty count prompt chart? Twenty five you write, five you leave to me. Please comment or e-mail that you want to volunteer, you'll get first dibs on chapters as they're written instead of as they're posted, and you'll get continued contact with the author about how the story is going.

As for when this sequel will be situated, I don't know, the prompts will tell me, and the prompts may spread over centuries, so who knows, right?

So please, please please, help help help. hawk_soaring You helped me last time, do you want to help again?
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