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CoSoRanOb Spander Ficathon Masterlist

It has gone midnight over here in England, so it's officially (my birthday) ficathon day. :o)

spikyllama wrote for mandylynn4 - Black and Blue (And the Yellow we Don't Talk About)
mandylynn4 wrote for afteriwake - STILL BEING WRITTEN
afteriwake wrote for altyronsmaker
altyronsmaker wrote for amejisuto - Filling The Emptiness
amejisuto wrote for twilightsfic - Everlasting Love (completed multi-chapter fic)
twilightsfic wrote for jadelennox - Never Piss Off A Librarian
jadelennox wrote for bunnyohare - Green Thumb
bunnyohare wrote for sin_of_pride - LATE FIC
sin_of_pride wrote for umbralillium - Not All Are Champions
umbralillium wrote for morrigushout - Grief
morrigushout wrote for moosesal - Rollo's Gift
moosesal wrote for kyrieane - Your Love Coming Down Like Rain
kyrieane wrote for fanbot - Tin Soldier
fanbot wrote for kat8cha - Abducted
kat8cha wrote for piratepurple - Indigo
piratepurple wrote for dancetomato - Dreaming the Future
dancetomato wrote for suki_blue - POSTPONED UNTIL MONDAY
suki_blue wrote for mirasol - Forever Sunday
mirasol wrote for brynspikess - Happy At Home
brynspikess wrote for winter_rogue - Choppy Waters (1/2)
winter_rogue wrote for werewindle - Somnium
werewindle wrote for willowschild - Care of a Consort
willowschild wrote for cityphonelines - Snoring and More
cityphonelines wrote for chocgood84 - Historical Events
chocgood84 wrote for troponin - Ruby Raindrops and Burgundy Secrets
troponin wrote for joolzmp7 - LATE FIC
joolzmp7 wrote for nashmaveric - One Stormy Night
nashmaveric wrote for mythdefied - Test Drive: The Buyer and Test Drive: The Merchandise
morrigushout wrote for cleeaz - Thunder - Back-up fic
cleeaz wrote for crazydiamondsue - A Thing Or Two
_beetle_ wrote a backup fic for tabaqui Vertigo
tabaqui wrote for darkhavens - The Golden Wren
darkhavens wrote for kitty_poker1 - Birthday Blues
kitty_poker1 wrote for txrabbit - When Friends Collide
txrabbit wrote for _beetle_ - Dyed
_beetle_ wrote for _sharvie_ - Taken
_sharvie_ wrote for walta - For the Love of My Brother 1/15
walta wrote for spikewil - POSTPONED UNTIL MONDAY
spikewil wrote for gryvon - Finally Found It
gryvon wrote for savoytruffle - Redefinition
savoytruffle wrote for xandervampsgirl - Waking Up
xandervampsgirl wrote for reremouse - Headboards
reremouse wrote for tjgoldstein - Comics, Cosmetics And Coconut Slick
tjgoldstein wrote for 1001cranes - LATE FIC
1001cranes wrote for faith_harris - Entertain Me
faith_harris wrote for frk_werewolf
frk_werewolf wrote for spikyllama - The Wish Effect

Please put raw links (no HTML) to posted fic in comments, along with the title of the fic, and I will update the list regularly.

Thanks for playing!
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