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|| Bloodclaim ||

You know they're doin' it

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~For the love of Spander~
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For everything Spander - Spike/Xander fic, artwork, icons, recs, fic searches and more!
As you can probably guess from the interests, this is a community for those of us who are obsessed by slashfic starring Spike and Xander of BtVS fame.

RECENT NEWS: There is now a Bloodclaim@Dreamwidth, which is being run on exactly the same rules as are listed below. The posts are delivered to my inbox just the same as the posts here, so I can keep an eye on everything that happens there, whether I'm refreshing my flist(s) or not.

If you don't have/dont want a DW journal, or you don't want to have to go over there to see what's being posted, then you can watch bloodclaim_dw - an rss feed that delivers BC@DW posts direct to your LJ flist.

Writers, if you cross-post between the two, a note in headers would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

If anyone is interested in beta-reading, please sign up here, using the template provided.

Take a moment to check out the many useful links available on The Bloodclaim Resources Page.

We also have a Spander Drabble Tree, which you can read, and add to if you wish - the rules are easy to follow and it's fun to do.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Acceptable Posts

1. S/X fic (behind lj cuts); links to S/X fic on other websites and/or journals. Please do not link to posts in f-locked journals or members-only communities.

2. S/X centered threesomes and moresomes are allowed so long as appropriate warnings are posted.

3. Questions/comments/recommendations concerning S/X fic.

4. S/X art - icons, manips, layouts, headers, friends only banners, cover art, etc - must be put behind lj cuts. The only allowed exceptions are icon posts, where two or three teaser icons can remain outside the cut so that people know whether or not they want to see the rest.

5. Fic searches, which should, of course, be S/X. If you sincerely believe that the fic you are looking for is Spander, but it turns out not to be, please delete your post as soon as someone lets you know. If they do not let you know politely, please let me know so I can teach them the error of their ways. btvs_inquiry is a fandom-wide fic search comm - join it, watch it, use it.

If you post a search for a fic that is blatantly not Spander, be prepared to lose your posting/commenting privileges for an amount of time to be determined by me.

We operate on the honour system here, but there are limits, people. Please play nicely with others and don't take advantage.

6. Beta requests for your S/X fic.

7. Research help - need to know which ep contained a certain scene? How long Spike stayed in the Basement of Doom? Ask here.

8. Any other S/X-related thing you can think of.

If you're not sure that your post fits any of these criteria, please email me and ask. Any non-relevant posts will be deleted at the mod's discretion.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


1. Make sure your work is clearly rated using either the US or UK system, or something simple like 'Adult', 'Teen' or 'All', so nobody reads, by mistake, something they shouldn't.

2. Warnings. These should be posted where appropriate, eg, for femmeslash, rape, graphic het, underage, kinks (daddy!kink, BDSM, etc), deathfics and anything else that you think might be someone else's squick. Also, in the case of artwork, you should at least put NSW (Not Safe for Work) when there is partial or full nudity.

3. As bloodclaim is now a very busy community, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep track of WiPs, so a link to previous chapters needs to be included in each new post. Adding your fic to your Memories immediately after posting makes this easy. Thanks!

4. Headers also help people keep track of which fic is which, and lets people know whether or not they want to read it. The list below suggests the sort of headers you might want to include in your fic posts:

        Pairing: Spike/Xander
        Concrit: by email please/in comments/no
        Previous chapters:
        Graphics: (size, and artist)

5. The only 'hell no!' rule I will make at the moment is about Spuffy. Anyone posting Spuffy or links to Spuffy, without first gaining my permission by email, will be shot on sight. This includes S/X/B. Just because Xander is in the bed too doesn't mean it's not Spuffy!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The buttons and rainbow banner below can be used by anyone who wants to link to the community. Credit for them goes to literati.

Other shareable bloodclaim graphics - icons and web buttons - can be found here. Please credit the artist where appropriate.

Community Mommy ;o)

Co-modded by txrabbit

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
While the name on this banner is mine, as creator and maintainer of bloodclaim, I truly believe that this award belongs to every member, watcher and lurker here.


Congratulations, everyone!
We won!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Spander - cos you know they're doin' it!

This community is affiliated with the community stop_plagiarism. Any suspect posts will be investigated and reported appropriately.

Please play nicely with your fellow authors and help keep bloodclaim a plagiarism-free zone by reporting any problems to me at the above email address. Thank you.


bloodclaim now has a sister community
for those people whose flists are being overwhelmed
by the number of posts made here.

The new community is called bc_updates

 Bloodclaim Updates

and will have one post a day listing and linking
to all posts made in bloodclaim
in the previous 24 hours or so.


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